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Reading, the ancient large town in Berkshire, had its roots in the 8th Century. It was a trade center in the medieval era is an exemplification of its old history, but the Civil War affected this classy town a lot resulted in a loss of trade. 18th Century seemed to be a turning point in the history of reading due to the development in trade and iron works while 19th Century is famous for Great Western Railway and increase in the production of food and seeds. The Reading is now the uppermost economically developed town. The city’s name possibly came from the word “Readingas,” a tribe of Anglo-Saxons in Old English. Reading is visitor’s eye-catcher due to its culture and distinguished history of Anglo-Saxons, Normans, and many other tribes. It is a beneficial commercial center in Southern England and Thames Valley. The annual Reading festival which began in 1971 is very famous in the world. Reading also hosts many other popular festivals that are BEER Festival which started in 1994 and the WOMAD Festival. The culture of this area is worldwide famous. The Reading Museum opened in 1883 has galleries related to the unique history of Reading, art collections and galleries associated with Huntley and Palmers. The visitors should also avail the brilliant facility of Reading Taxi service which is very comfortable and cheap in this area.

 Reading Museum, Explore the history

reading musem

The Reading Museum opened in 1883, but the galleries were added in 1897. The galleries of Reading Museum are very famous and every gallery with its name representing a different aspect of the ancient town Reading. The Silchester Gallery presents many archeological discoveries from Calleva Atrebatum and various information on the old Roman life. The Bayeux Gallery comprises the details on the tribes Saxons and Vikings, Furthermore, the only copy of the famous Bayeux Tapestry. The Green Space featured the natural beauty of the area and geology. The Huntley & Palmers Gallery describes the history of biscuit-making factory-a prominent part of Reading’s economy in the past. The Windows Gallery exhibits the decorative artworks and Sculptures. The Victorian art gallery is named after John Madejski as” John Madejski Art Gallery.”  Reading Museum is free to visit but closed on Monday and Sunday from 2017.

Food at Blue Collar

Blue Collar street food is the most famous feature of Reading in charming Forbury Gardens. This food festival starts in September a lot of great food from native food to Italian food. There are also several stalls of hog roasts, ice cream, burgers and many more.  This food street is not only an attraction to the tourists of UK but also gives a great chance to local food producers of Reading. Blue Collar is not all about food, but it also has two bars as well as various types of games. If you visit the UK, you should attend this festival for tasting special foods and enjoying many other activities.

Reading Abbey

King Henry I, founded the Reading Abbey in 1121, this old place is trendy among the tourists all over the world due to its complex history and unique architecture. The area still has many remaining parts of the Abbey. The Abbey gateway joins the Reading crown court, and Forbury Gardens is one of those buildings which survived in dissolution. Abbey Mill situated south to the Abbey has its signs alongside the Holy Brook. In 2014, historians Philippa, John and Lindsay Mullaney tried to thoroughly understand this old place by a project known as Hidden Abbey Project.

Highclere Castle

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The architect Charles Barry designed this stunning castle in Jacobethan style. This castle covers the area around 30,000 square feet. It has 300 rooms. During World War I, Lady Almina opened this castle for injured people, and the house still has many thanking letters from people for her hospitality. Due to its height, the Castle has a feature of airplanes (people can use canvas chutes attach by iron rings to slide down) in case of emergency. The Castle possesses an open arcade for musicians to spread the music till ground floor. Tourists use to visit this castle and often stay there.

Basildon Park

John Carr designed the elegant Basildon Park in fashionable Palladian style in around 1783. The interior of the buildings is in dazzling neoclassical style. It is Grade I listed building located in the middle of two villages. The owner of this classy place is Nation Trust which takes good care of it, and we can hope that our future generation will able to see their ancestors place. During World War II, this house played its role very well as training center as well as prison. This place was used as filming set in great movie Pride & Prejudice 2005 and also in Marie-Antoinette 2006. The visitors of UK should visit this place.

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