5 World’s Most Wild and Beautiful Places

The world is full of mysteries. Nature has so many jaws dropping landscapes that indeed seem to be out of this world. Exploring the world doesn’t mean that we are talking about winding city streets, vibrant cafes, and beautiful museums, but it is something more than that, indeed not is human-made. Going deep into the wildlife and exploring something more than impressive is the thing that only true love can feel it. Nature is the home of limitless possibilities where what you can find, even no one can tell about.

But some places are still there that termed to be pure heaven on earth. We have selected here one of the five world’s most wild and beautiful places you really must see before die. Most of them are very famous but left somewhere untouched by a human due to the extreme living conditions there. Rugged mountains to pristine lakes, beautiful rainforests to secluded beaches, and gallops to wildlife centuries, there are much more to explore on. No one can handle the entire wild but beautiful places list quickly, but to find out the best one, indeed be miserable.

If you are ready to take a walk to the wild side, get prepared with electronic organizers for travel stay connected with the content and add up some more experience into your knowledge basket. So get started with some of the most unforgettable natural wonders of the world.

Seljalandsfoss, Island


If we talk about wild and beautiful places, Seljalandsfoss is the name that makes us impressed. Surrounded by incredible waterfall well situated on the southern coast, this gorgeous place offers a jaw-dropping scenery that no one can forget throughout life. The waterfalls here are usually fed by the melting water from the famed glacier-capped volcano, i.e., Eyjafjallajokull that keep it alive all the times.

Beautiful landscapes, beautiful ocean wildlife, and much more the untouched nature, it is quite enough to make everyone fall in love with this beautiful place.

The mighty waterfall cascades into a pretty meadow, uh….. That’s something creating a majestic view. Well…………. the counting doesn’t stop only here, there is much more to explore that we think we are ignoring now. Have you ever experienced to run behind the powerful waterfalls through a walking path? If not, book your tickets now and enjoy this beautiful and truly unique viewpoint.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

plitvice lakes

National parks are usually full of wildlife. But all of them are the proper package of natural beauty and wildlife? Surely not all. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia is considered to be one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Filled with pure wildlife, a variety of flora and fauna, cascading views and much more is there that will surely move your heart on your first visit only. This beautiful national park is a lovely blend of oak forests, meadows, and limestone rock formations look majestic in the early morning and evening hours.

Just imagine, walking around the lifeline of the forest while keeping your travel electronics organize and camera ready all the time is much necessary to catch the incredibly vivid blue lakes views. The term majestic is not just quite enough to put on the feelings of visitors. It’s just incredibly beautiful where you will love to spend your whole life in the untouched nature.

Algar de Benagil, Portugal


Going ahead with the other name in the list of 5 world’s most wild and beautiful places, Algar de Benagil, Portugal is the one who is well known for its untouched natural beauty and cascading landscape. Before embarking on this grand trip, it would only be wise for you to learn of the different types of visas and the other requirements.

It is filled with full-on wildlife and different types of plants, it is one of the most impressive sea caves in Europe. Due to majestic views and variety of creatures being found here Algar de Benagil is known to be the real gem on the Algarve coast.

One of the most common reasons why a very less number of people reach this beautiful place is that it is only accessible by the sea. Sun illuminating through the waters creates amazing effects that take away the heart of visitors. This cave is a real example of beautiful nature with full of life accessibility.

Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach, Australia


Have you ever heard the name of the Great Barrier Reef? Surely YES, as it is the same name almost, we all have read in our lower class geology books. Filled with diverse aquatic species including leatherback turtles, clown fishes, and variety of flora, Great Barrier Reef is the name that doesn’t require any special introduction to make it. It is one of the worlds’ most extensive coral reef systems that is created by the collaboration of more than 2,900 individual reefs and 900 island stretchings for more than 2,300 kilometers. The entire setup is supposed to be cover almost 344,400 square kilometers overall.

Aren’t the numbers surprising? If you don’t have yet surprised, let me introduce some more interesting facts against you. It is one of the world’s most massive most prominent single structures created by living organisms that we can saw from the outer space as well. Fully featured with artistic landscapes and breathtaking views, it is the place that is the home of a variety of plants and animals.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil border

iguazu falls

Adding up another name into the list, it is another modern natural wonders of the world that creates majestic views. Iguazu Falls is a chain of waterfalls that offers inspiring sights and makes everyone fall in love with it. If you love to explore the wild and beautiful places on earth, it is the one who will offer you visceral experience while feeling the power and noise of cascades. Chain of more than a hundred waterfalls well extended in nearly 3KM of the area is something that we can’t forget throughout our life.


So guys! These were one of the top 5 wild and beautiful places on the earth that you surely need to explore if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature from its closest. Filled with full-on life, these are the places where you can easily find out a wide variety of flora and fauna perfectly complementing each other.

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