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Palawan, Philippines, is often described as one of the “Last Frontiers” in Asia because it’s a place that until recently was almost untouched by tourism.

Palawan is a small island in the Philippines and it’s one of the most popular destinations in the country. Travel media outlets consistently rank Palawan as one of the world’s best islands, and they’re not far off.

There are still hidden gems all over the island that carry that “Last Frontier” feel, and they’re just waiting for you to discover them. With a little digging, you can unearth some truly breathtaking views.

Want to learn more about Palawan Island? We’ve put together our ultimate guide for the most up-to-date and interesting destination in the Philippines.

How To Get To Palawan

Palawan is now a destination that takes advantage of its remote location. Palawan has stepped into the modern age by welcoming air and sea routes as well as improved communications.

Puerto Princesa is the only land transport hub, and it is also the capital of Palawan. This is where Filipinos arrive and depart from. Many international flights depart from this airport as well.

If you’re wondering how to get to Palawan from Manila, there is a number of airlines and various routes you can take. A flight will take around one hour and 15 minutes and flights in the Philippines are very cheap. You can often find good deals on flights if you book in advance. Many connections to Cebu International Airport and Davao International Airport are also available for Palawan.

Despite the long travel times and the frequent disruptions, these ferry lines provide an alternative if you have the time. Some people even prefer this option to flying because of the free transportation provided by these ferries.

How To Get Around Palawan

Palawan’s main island is long and thin. In fact, most of the places you might be interested in getting to are found along its coast, which can make it difficult to get around once you’re there.

We have options for everyone on the Zidisha Tours Bus. Options like venturing across the island in one of our ground transportation options facilitating transfers with guesthouses, or in more exotic ways such as traveling local style in the eye-catching Jeepney Trucks.

You can find boats to travel from one island to the other. There are also boats that will make a journey that crosses two or three islands.

What To Expect In Palawan

While Palawan is busier than ever, there are still many opportunities to enjoy it – aside from a few key destinations. Travel between towns can be unpredictable or slow so allow time for trips, and hotel services might come up short in terms of amenities or WiFi service due to poor infrastructure.

With the increasing number of foreign visitors invading their shores everyday, you will find that Filipinos are demonstrably friendly and eager to help. Locals are fluent in English and can be found anywhere.

In the northern parts of Puerto Princesa, ATM access can be limited. It’s best to carry some cash with you just in case.

The Best Time To Visit Palawan

Palawan is located in the Philippines’ southern region, which means it experiences a hot climate all year round. The country is also prone to experiencing very wet seasons, though, so travelers should be mindful of this fact before heading to the country.

The dry season typically runs from November to June and is the best time to visit Palawan. The weather is hot during this period, the water is clear, and the chance of rain is almost non-existent. This is also when prices are at their highest as it is peak season.

The rainy season lasts from July to the end of October, during which it’s not unusual to see frequent downpours. Although it is difficult to travel this time of year, be aware and plan ahead, as Palawan has occasionally been hit by fierce tropical cyclones. As you save money with a low occupancy rate and avoid crowds, this can be an interesting time for those looking for thrills in Palawan.

Where to stay in Palawan

The accommodation options for visitors to Palawan grow every year. With many choices of hotel, resorts, and guesthouses in the area, you are sure to find something that fits your budget and suits your needs. The only downside to staying here is it can get booked out in advance. That’s why it makes sense to see if you can score a reservation early! Here are some of the best places to stay on the island.

The best hotel in Puerto Princesa, Philippines – Hue Hotels and Resorts. Featuring modern rooms, spa facilities, and an outdoor pool.

If you find yourself in Coron, you’ll have a tough time finding a better place to stay than the Funny Lion. If you’re lucky enough to get hold of a room, your experience will be made complete with an infinity pool overlooking the islands and a rooftop bar.

Cauayan Island Resort in El Nido – This is the luxury offering of your typical paradise-like destination. It’s wonderfully secluded and only accessible by boat from the main town. It truly has everything you could imagine, including idyllic beaches and lots of other hidden delights.

Things To Do In Palawan

Cruise The Underground River

In the Philippines, one of the top things to do would be taking a cruise down the Underground River. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is just one of many in the world that’s discovered through Palawan, which has so much more than just this site to offer visitors.

You won’t want to miss Luzon’s famous Palawan Island, which is found just north of the National Park’s entrance. Just minutes from the city, this island has all kinds of exciting things to explore and see. Here, you can find towering limestone karsts as well as pristine jungle landscapes that make for a fun day trip!

Island Hopping

Seeing Palawan and all its breathtaking scenery is one of the many things that visitors can’t wait to do while they’re there. But without a wasted day it’s difficult to see them all. That’s why island hopping trips make so much sense, getting you right up close and personal with the Palawan landscape.

With El Nido and Coron being competition for the same locations, you can count on a whole new set of experiences and breathtaking photographs.

Boat tours are a great way to explore Palawan in Colombia. Organize your boat ride with a local company at some of the most beautiful and secluded locations on the island. You’ll be able to employ the expertise of locals during the tour, too!

Snorkeling And Diving

A perfect place to have water fun is Palawan. The island has clear, beautiful water and colorful coral reefs that provide excellent diving conditions. There are many tour operators that offer Scuba dives and snorkeling on any vacation or excursion out to Palawan.

Head to the city of Coron where during World War II, multiple Japanese ships were sunk by the American navy. The shipwrecks now act as artificial reefs where they attract a variety of marine life to explore.

Party In Palawan

As the island’s tourist scene grows and more backpackers come, a few destinations have become famous not just because of the natural scenery, but for their vibrant party scene. If you’re looking to enjoy Palawan nightlife, the best place to visit is El Nido. You can get there via land or by following the coastline where there are bars that stay open until early in the morning.

Places To Visit In Palawan

Princesa Puerto

Puerto Princesa is a good place to base yourself from if you’re planning on exploring the surrounding areas. There are lots of great sights to see around here too, such as the Underground River and ziplines at Ugong Rock.

Port Barton

Stop by Port Barton, the most under-developed destination in Palawan. It awakens a different side of you that may be familiar with a tropical island scene or simply doing nothing at all. It’s really just a small fishing village with spectacular scenery and some excellent island-hopping opportunities. But be warned, it’s rustic.

El Nido

Palawan is the most developed location on the island and one of its most popular. At El Nido, you’ll find tour companies, great hotels, and plenty of bars to combat getting bored. Choose from a variety of island hopping trips locally or north to pristine Nacpan Beach for a true taste of the tropical Philippines.


When visitors compare the other islands in Coron Palawan with El Nido, they will find that there is a great difference. However, both destinations have beautiful beaches and an array of places to visit.

Coron is a paradise for lovers of nature, with some pretty incredible natural features. It’s home to the locals and outsiders alike because you can find everything from stunning limestone cliffs and secluded beaches, to deep-water coral reefs and an abundance of aquatic life.

What To Eat In Palawan

If you are looking to experience what the Philippines is all about, head on over to Palawan. Here, you’ll be able to try some authentic national dishes. Try a local eatery if you want a buffet style meal that won’t make your stomach ache, or try the more upmarket restaurants found in higher-end hotels and resorts. Here are a few must-try dishes when visiting Palawan.

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