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It was 2013 when I started this website as my personal blog. I was just writing random things I wanted to write about — heartaches, triumphs and victories, experiences, places I’ve been to, food I liked, etc. Putting my thoughts into words is my outlet to express how I feel. Also, it has always been my want to become a good writer, so I used this blog to serve as a platform to practice my writing.

Before 2015 ended, I listed down all my plans for the year 2016 and one of my main goals was to travel more often and blog about it. It was February 2016 when I finally had my first trip for the year and I blogged about the entire tour. I visited the northern part of the Philippines and it was such a priceless experience. I’ve been able to take a trip almost twice a month, either locally and internationally. When I found the joy in visiting different kinds of places, meeting people from different races and learning different things that books can’t teach, that’s when Vinz Ideas, a travel blog was born.

Why Focused on Asia?

My ultimate goal is to travel the world and blog everything about it, but for now I just want to focus on Asia by giving information, tips, advices and share personal experiences to help other travelers who wanted to discover Asia on a budget. Just like any other continent, Asia is home to some of the earliest architecture and ancient empires of the world and is full of fascinating historical sites, each with their own unique charm. When it comes to Asian food, the continent really comes alive through its cuisine. Food is taken very seriously and the long culinary history comes out in every dish. Even better, smaller portions and cheap prices make it possible to try several new items at each meal without busting your budget.

Asia is so unpredictable; simply walking outside of your hotel in Asia can sometimes turn into an impromptu adventure! With such a difference and variety in culture, language, customs, and religion, you won’t have to look far for interesting sights and photos. An afternoon walk may yield an experience or interaction that you’ll remember forever. Also, it’s cheaper to travel in Asia than other destinations like Europe or Caribbean. You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck as meals, drinks, accommodation, and activities cost a fraction of what they would in more expensive destinations. By levering the currency exchange, travelers can enjoy a higher level of luxury on a budget than they could elsewhere.

About the Author

Vinz Ideas Robin Vinz Salvador

I’m Robin Vinz Salvador from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines. I’m a full-time SEO Specialist during weekdays, part-time travel blogger during weeknights and full-time traveler during weekends. I really love to travel, but just like any other adventurer’s nightmare, I don’t have enough funds to travel the world. I came from a poor family for whom travel is a luxury. I graduated from college then worked in a corporate world. I wanted to travel, but I needed to prioritize the studies of my two younger sisters. I gave them the majority of my salary to help with their tuition fees and daily expenses. When they finally graduated from College I could now use my money to reward myself by fulfilling my ultimate goal to travel. Taking it one step at a time, I was able to travel in different places in my country and even traveled abroad to Singapore and Malaysia. I was able to get free travel offers from different organizations and companies around Asia.

What is the Purpose of Vinz Ideas?

Having experiencing these perks of being a traveler, I’ve realized how easy it is to travel despite of having limited budget. Also, I learned how some travel myth hindered us from fulfilling our travel goals. When I came up with these realizations, I promised myself to do my part to help other travelers by giving them information based on personal experiences of a fellow traveler. 

This blog aims to help other wanderers and travel enthusiasts to fire up their desire to travel the globe in whatever means they have. You don’t need tons of money to witness the beauty of this planet with your own naked eyes. All you need is passion, courage and hard work.


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