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The ideas and institutions of Europe have spread to every corner of the globe, from the classic rubble of Athens and Rome to castles in southern Spain. From Victorian London’s grandeur to Champagne’s vineyards, Europe’s ideas and institutions have traveled all over the world.

The second-largest country in Western Europe, with a population of around 100 million people, has over 200 places classified as World Heritage Sites. There are no less than 200 attractions to visit in Spain’s capital city alone. No other region on Earth has such a concentration of famous, art-and-architecture-laced cities. Barcelona, Granada, Venice, Palermo, Paris, and Avignon… between them Spain and France may easily fill a year’s worth of weekend getaways. 

And there are plenty more historic areas to explore at leisure: the Moorish towns of Andalucia in Spain; the Renaissance cities of northern Italy; the Loire Valley chateaux in France.

Europe isn’t all baguettes and bistros. The Alps– where mountaineering began– are home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, which you can view by hiking through Switzerland and Austria. In Norway, outside of peak season for tourist cruises, you’ll be able to find stunning landscapes that include towering fjords with very few people around. Lapland- located above the Arctic Circle- offers dog sledding adventures as well as a chance experience Sami culture and see the Ice Hotel (inspired by many others). Scotland has highlands blanketed in moorland, forest ,and craggy peaks; while Iceland is PV volvanoes galore.)

The balmy Mediterranean Sea bounds Southern Europe, and it was along the coasts of places like Tenerife, Malta, Ibiza, Mallorca, Corfu and Cyprus where package tourism made some its earliest mistakes – as well as started to learn from them. But there are interesting areas inland from these resort strips that warrant exploration.

Eastern European countries are catching up with their neighbors, and in the Euro zone, they’re benefiting from cheaper costs. Croatia is already well-known as an alternative to Greece because of its numerous Adriatic islands. Romania, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine have bears, wolves, and untamed rural areas; the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania feature ancient cities (and outstanding saunas). For 20 years now, Germany’s capital city Berlin has been reunited on the Soviet border, and it consistently ranks among the world’s favorite places.

Perhaps the best way to explore Europe is by rail. This continent boasts many small countries,meaning you can travel from busy metropolis to mountain top or beachside – and then onto an entirely new country – in a handful of hours. European citizens can take advantage of Inter-rail passes, while non-Europeans can use Eurail passes, granting access to 30 different countries. Many great journeys have begun with little more than these Rail passes. For UK residents specifically, Rail Europe has asses available for purchase which include fares, routes and other pertinent information

So, what are you waiting for? Begin preparing your European adventure right now…

The top 10 European travel experiences

Europe has enough to interest each visitor for a lifetime, from mountain ranges to turquoise seas and everything in between.

  1. Explore volcanic landscapes, Iceland – If you’re looking for a place with an abundance of natural beauty, geothermal activity, and adventure, look no further than Iceland. Reykjavik is the perfect starting point to explore all that this country has to offer – from soaking in the Blue Lagoon to taking a day trip outside of the city to see Geysir and Gulfoss. And if you’re up for a longer journey, there are countless volcanic treasures waiting to be discovered.
  2. Marvel at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain –The Moorish palace, which is the primary attraction in the Andalucian city, consists of multiple courtyards, pools, and chambers that are all beautiful. Although it can get crowded at times, a good guide will be able to show you less frequented areas.
  3. Cruise Norway’s fjords –The inlets along the Norwegian coast are beautiful and stretch far into the Arctic Circle. You can see them by taking a Hurtigruten ferry, which runs year-round from north to south and back again.
  4. Island hop, Greece –With over 6,000 Greek islands to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your needs. If you’re looking for romance, try Santorini; if you want ruins and gorges, go to Crete; if learning to sail is on your bucket list, head to the Ionian Islands; and if all you want is some taverna lounging, any of these islands will do!
  5. Roaming the Highlands, Scotland – Take binoculars to the UK’s most remote region for the country’s wildest wilderness and abundant species: see puffins (try the Stacks of Duncansby), golden eagles, otters in the rivers, dolphins offshore, and red squirrels in the woods.
  6. Cycling in France –This is a great destination for cyclists of all skill levels: professionals can tackle portions of the Tour de France (the climb up Mont Ventoux, perhaps), while more casual riders may ride along the Loire or Brittany’s seaside, stopping at several vin rouge stops on their journey.
  7. Meet bears and wolves, Romania – Big mammals are in abundance across the Carpathian Mountains. Go on a trek with a local guide to ensure that you have the best possible chance of seeing one.
  8. Hike round the Eiger, Switzerland – Don’t try to climb this towering peak; instead, explore it from the bottom up, stopping in Heidi-cute hamlets and wildflower meadows for the finest panoramic views. The excellent and efficient Swiss transportation system makes getting there a breeze.
  9. See Old Europe, Sicily, Italy –This Italian island has a unique feel to it, thanks to its active volcano, craggy coves, sunny beaches, top nosh and abundance of ancient ruins. Just be sure to steer clear in August when everyone from Italy is on vacation.
  10. Walk the South West Coast Path, England – England’s longest walking path is a thing of beauty, and it stretches 1,000 kilometers along the coast. Look for basking sharks cruising by in the summer.

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