10 Airport Hacks to Know Before Your Next Flight


Traveling is an exciting and fun experience but it can become a struggle when you have to go through the airports. If it is your unlucky day you might get stuck in the long lines with the rude professionals. However, with a little research, you can make your journey faster and relaxed. Here we have top 10 airport hacks that you should know before getting on your next flight.

Have spare ziplock bag

You are allowed to take liquid bottles but in a ziplock bag. It is better to have separate bags with you so that you can quickly put your liquid items into the ziplock bag before you reach the security. Assure that you will follow the 3-1-1 rule for keeping the liquid items in the ziplock bag. An interesting hack that you should know is that you can take your 100 ml alcohol bottles in the flight by adjusting them in your bags.

Freeze the liquids

We all know that liquids are not allowed on the plane and keeping all the items in the ziplock bag might not be possible. If you are going on a long flight it would be the best to freeze all the liquid items that you have to take including the shampoo and bath soap that can be bought at emeraldspa.com. It will help you to easily manage the items in your bag and there will be no objections. The only issue you might have to deal with is that it might take some time to defrost the products.

Have a flight outfit ready

Most of the people have a misconception that they can fly in any outfit that they are wearing. However, if you are in a formal dress it might get hard for you to relax in the airplane. You do not know how long the flight might take or if it has been delayed how long you will have to wait at the airport. So it is better that you have a flight outfit ready. Having pajamas, period proof underwear Australia and a shirt in which you are comfortable will be perfect. You can even change at the airport if you have to meet someone special.

Keep an empty water bottle

Water is the basic essential but unfortunately, it is very expensive at the airport and you might not be planning to waste your money on the bottle of water. So in this situation having an empty water bottle in your bag is the perfect solution. Once you get past the security you can easily fill your bottle and you will not have to worry about buying one.

Pack all travel essentials in one bag

If you have a long flight you will need your toiletries and other products.

It is better that you pack all the travel essentials in the same bag that you can easily carry with you to the airport.

You will find it easy to manage your products and you will not have to open your main bag only get a soap or hand wash.

You will not have to worry that your luggage will be overweight when you will be carrying most of the products yourself.

US ESTA visa is a better option

If you are traveling to the US consider having the special ESTA visa. It is a special visa for the individuals that want to visit the US on a temporary basis like for a minor medical treatment, traveling or completing a small course. There are certain countries that are allowed to have an ESTA visa. You only have to prove that you are not planning to have a permanent residence in the US and they will approve the visa. You can check your US ESTA status online.

If it’s an international trip, it’s a no-brainer that a visa is a necessity. Getting your visa can take months. Thankfully, there are consulates, like theĀ Italian Consulate New York, where you can get an expedited visa appointment.

Snap a picture of your parking spot

You might have to leave your car at the airport if no one is there to drop you off. It is important that you capture a picture of the row and floor of the parking lot. In this way when you will return it will get easier for you to find your car and you will not have to waste your time in checking all the floors and rows for your car. Make sure that you properly lock your car before leaving and take the keys with you. If you have any recent issues with your locks, you can always contact a commercial locksmith to help you out so you can ease your worries away.

Take a nap on the airport

If you have a long journey there are chances that you will have to take the transfer flights. In this situation, it is better that you take a nap at the airport if you have to wait for a long time for your next flight. You can pay a small amount and take a warm shower at the airport, they will provide body wash and other items. After that, on the nap pods, you can take 4 hours sleep that would be enough to assure that you are fresh when you reach your destination. You can read more about Transit Travel Through USA

Ask for the free things

On the flights, there is no need to be shy while asking for free things. If it is your birthday, you are a newly wed couple going on a honeymoon or something else assure that you let the flight staff know. There are any free upgrades that you will easily get if it is possible for the flight attendants to give you. If you are going on a journey alone make sure that you ask for the free things because it is your right.

Fly red eye

There are some individuals that do not like the long lines or staying at the airport for long hours. It is better for them to book the flight after 10 pm. The biggest benefit is that you will not have to wait in the lines or deal with the crowd at the airport. You can easily sleep in the flight and when you reach your destination you will be fresh.

Make sure that you use these flight hacks. You will notice that your trip will become more exciting and fun.

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  1. Traveling is fun and exciting, but getting through the airport can be a hectic experience. Savvy travelers know how to handle the stress of passing through busy airports.

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