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Armenia is one of the world’s oldest nations, which adds to the appeal for visitors. It is a tiny country with magnificent historical and cultural monuments as well as beautiful natural scenery. You can view mountainous landscapes, ancient buildings, and sample uncommon cuisine in Armenia.

How to connect with locals when traveling

A barrier between tourists and locals in Armenia is the language. The official language spoken there is Armenian, however that does not mean they cannot speak other languages as well. For example, if a tourist needs help during their trip to Armenia, they may be able to communicate with some locals using Russian or English. Young Armenians are interested in learning English and have basic or advanced knowledge of the language, while older people tend to use Russian more frequently.

Although you may not be able to speak with everyone, learning a few key Armenian phrases will allow you to connect with locals on a deeper level. If you’re short on time, consider bringing an English-Armenian dictionary. The most important thing to know about Armenians is that they are friendly, open-hearted people who are always willing to help travellers. So before visiting Armenia, be sure to know that you will always be welcome in this country.

If you’re hoping to save money on your next holiday in Armenia, there are some things you can do to cut down on expenses. Research where you’ll be able to find affordable yet tasty meals, and look into using cheaper forms of transportation. By planning ahead, you can make your Armenian vacation more budget-friendly.

What to eat 

So, let’s start with food. Armenian cuisine is full of a variety of delicious meals. There are several options where you may enjoy delectable and national cuisine at a reasonable price. Art Lunch and Fourchette Buffet are two excellent alternatives for this. For the best Armenian national cuisine experience, visit Yerevan Tavern. You can try all sorts of Armenian dishes here, complete with live traditional music. If you want to find a luxury restaurant that serves not only typical national dishes, but also cuisines from different countries, there are many options available. For example, the Sherep restaurant which is located in the heart of downtown offers Armenian, Italian, and Mexican traditional dishes. For example, in Yerevan there are places to eat like Dine Sky and El Garden. Dine Sky is an aerial restaurant where you can dine 55 meters in the air with a view of the city lights below.

Public Transport in Armenia 

Transport in Armenia is quite diverse and inexpensive when compared to other nations. Mini-bus, bus, trolleybus, marshrutka, and metro are some of the various forms of transportation available. Trolleybuses cost 50 AMD for a single ride. Others costs 100 AMD each trip. It’s difficult to travel by public transport during rush hours because people are rushing to work, university, and school. Armenian youngsters on public transport always give up their seats for older individuals. It’s a must-know assurance for everyone who will utilize public transportation.

If you need to get somewhere quickly and don’t feel comfortable taking public transport during rush hour, your best bet is to take a taxi. Just be sure to agree on a price with the driver beforehand; if you don’t, they’re likely to overcharge you. Another option while you’re in Armenia is the gg app, which provides safe transportation at an agreed-upon price that will appear on your device upon arrival. And if you’re looking for free travel hitchhiking also works in Armenia.

To-Do’s in Yerevan

If you’re short on time but still want to see Armenia, Yerevan is the perfect place for you. The city has many museums and beautiful buildings with unique architecture, as well as a mix of modern and classic styles in its streets. You may also pay a visit to the Yerevan History museum, which is less popular than the Armenian History museum or Matenadaran but nonetheless interesting. In this animated city model you’ll discover a representation of an ancient city. You can learn about the history and development of this region with sound effects playing in the background. Consider taking a walk around afterwards to see how much Yerevan has changed over time.

Nearby, you’ll discover another intriguing location in Yerevan’s center. The Master Vahan’s Garden is near the “Noy” wine factory, where the old Yerevan fortification once stood. Here, visitors are greeted by “the stone garden,” which was built using Master Vahan’s sculptures.

Armenia is a great place to visit throughout the year.

Armenia boasts a plethora of mountains and forests, making it the perfect destination for an active holiday. If you’re planning to hike or trek while in Armenia, one of the most important travel tips is finding new hiking destinations near Yerevan. A great option for hikers is Smbataberd Fortress–a historical fortress with steep slopes on three sides. During your hike, you will also get acquainted with Tsaghats Kar, a medieval monastery complex that isn’t far from Smbataberd fortress.

However, Armenia being a mountainous nation, it would be far more enjoyable to scale a mountain on vacation. You can simply select the mountain that is best for you depending on your hiking experience. Mount Azhdahak, for example, is one of the most popular destinations for trekking and hiking in Armenia. The extinct volcano Azhdahak has 3597 meters above sea level. A bowl-shaped glacial lake sits at the top of the peak, with transparent water tinted with frozen nitrogen dioxide gas.’

Armenia may be different for everyone. To discover the diversity, go to Armenia and enjoy every aspect of the nation. However, before you depart, consider reading through these Armenian travel instructions. We’ve attempted to collect the most essential ones in this article so that you may use them as a reference point on your trip. Remember these Armenia travel pointers so that your journey is less stressful and more pleasurable.

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