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Bangkok is a city that embraces the odd, unusual, and ridiculous. Its positive energy and vibrant life are due to its residents’ everyday grind and hustle. It’s unlike any other place, with culture and so much to delight you. From the low-cost tuk-tuk, market stalls, fashionable buildings, and delectable cuisine to name a few things.

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There’s no doubt that Bangkok is an oriental heavyweight, beloved for its pulsating Soi’s, nightlife, food, and spa’s. And contrary to common belief, this ‘big smoke’ has plenty of greenery at its emails for those wanting a break from the noise. The views in Bangkok are not to be missed either – they offer unrivalled seclusion from the concrete jungle. Climb the Sky Bars at night and you’ll be rewarded with a sparkling metropolis twinkling in all its glory. There is no doubt that Thailand’s Land of Smiles will captivate your senses and your heart, with its vibrant colors and exotic tastes.

Time Zone

Indochina Time (ICT)

Best Time to Go

The locals of Thailand (of all ages) are always eager for Thai Buddhist New Year, or ‘Songkran.’ On April 13, the whole city shuts down for a three-day holiday. Then, people fill the streets to have what could possibly be described as the biggest water festival in existence!

If you’re ready for an adventure, don’t forget to pack your best water gun and brightest floral shirt! Then head over to Bangkok’s Silom neighborhood. The atmosphere there is electric and the roads are closed off so that barrels of water line the streets.

The most straightforward route is to take the BTS Skytrain (Silom or dark green line) and follow the sea of brightly patterned shirts. Once you exit the station, you’ll be met with some reassuringly friendly, splashy fun. If having water thrown on you out of nowhere in public doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then it’s probably best to steer clear of this country during dousing season!

FYI: The weather is HOT, HEAT, and HUMID right now. In fact, April is known for being the most scorching month of the year, so if you don’t like intense heat and humidity, you might want to avoid it. The very chilled Concert in the Park takes place every Sunday from 5:30 p.m. till 7 p.m., when the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra plays a two-hour set that includes beautiful Thai and Western music compositions. There will be plenty of well-known hits from the biggest movies, musicals, and pop band heroes. Take a blanket or folding chairs, as well as your favorite picnic supplies, to do as the locals do. You’ll be ready to relax in and enjoy the ambience.

November to February are generally the coldest months in Thailand, including Bangkok. If you’re traveling from Bangkok to the islands, though, be sure to check the weather ahead of time. While certain regions of northern Thailand are influenced by three distinct climates, other southern areas are limited by just two. These places have a reputation for receiving more rainfall than others.

Things to Know

Bangkok is a huge, busy metropolis with a population of over 10 million people and covers more than 50 districts, making it impossible to take in during a single visit. This is a town that thrives on itineraries since there’s so much to see and do. It’s also a city that loves perambulating feet— being ready to abandon the itinerary and throw away the schedule may be worth it.

Bangkok Soi’s are bustling areas full of surprises. Because they’re always changing, it’s important to be flexible if you want to experience everything they have to offer.

Get comfortable with the BTS Skytrain and MRT rail lines, as they will be essential to get around quickly; traffic can make getting anywhere a nightmare, especially during rush hour. Planning your transportation before arriving could save you time in an amazing city.

The city is a culinary paradise for people who enjoy exotic, hearty, and delicious cuisine. Do your taste a favor and start with the following favorites: Khao Soi, Pad Thai, Som Tam, Massaman Curry, Laab, Pak Boong, and Penang Curry. But it’s not just singles that might be worth your time. There are loads of them out there, too.Don’t be shocked if you develop an affection for genuine Thai cuisine because of the combination of distinct textures, tastes, and cultural influences.

In Thailand, people take pride in being respectful and polite. If you are greeted with the Wai (palms together at your chest accompanied by a slight bow of the head), it is customary to reciprocate in order to show warmth and appreciation. In Thailand, it is considered a crime to say anything that could be interpreted as an insult to the King or royal family. To play it safe, avoid any mention of them at all.

Tuk-Tuk: The tuk-tuk is a cherished cultural symbol and, even now, an effective mode of transportation in Bangkok’s tourist sector. It shouldn’t be difficult to flag one down, especially in the area around Siam Center. Prices will vary considerably; a 10-minute spin could set you back 300 baht or more. Sharpening your bargaining skills may be beneficial. Some hotels will have their own free Tuk-Tuk ready for visitors who want to go directly to the closest BTS/MRT station.

Neighborhoods to Know

Sukhumvit: Sukhumvit is Thailand’s longest road, which runs through trendy neighborhoods, malls, hotels, bars, and restaurants. This exciting location isn’t only a transportation center but also the primary commercial and entertainment center. Expats as well as locals living in the many high-rise Condominiums and side street Soi’s call this area home.

Siam: Siam is the primary metropolis in Thailand and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Bangkok’s commercial core is anchored on Phra Sumen Bridge, which links Siam with Ratchaprarop Road. The city of angels gets its name from Siam Square, a combination of contrasting elements, vibrant art, and hip hangouts. A place of contrasts that features eclectic architecture and bustling business activity.

Sathorn/Silom: A vibrant area with a lot of energy and activities to participate in. Sathorn is best known as Thailand’s financial center because it is perched on the edge of Silom park, which covers the south side of Lumpini Park. Chinatown – Bangkok’s oldest sector, noted for its mixing of Thai and Chinese cultures. Its bright colors, ancient temples, delectable street food, and treks that make you feel like you’re really exploring Bangkok’s soul make it a favorite destination among tourists.


Bangkok is always very hot and humid, regardless of the season. A tropical “year-round” climate implies you’ll seldom need a coat, but a Poncho may be necessary at times.

The cooler, less humid season is from November to March. Although that’s the case, temperatures can still rise as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, especially during the days approaching April’s hottest month, April. Bangkok is vulnerable to drizzling rain throughout the year and under rainy season thunderous storms will have you ducking for cover. Throughout the year, you may anticipate up to ten hours of daylight, with the sun setting between 6 and 7 p.m.

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