Camping with Family: Six Reasons to Go Camping With Kids


“Time camping is not spent, it is invested” -Author Unknown.

As an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, you may have thought of taking your kids with you to camp.

The prospect of getting little hands to assist you in doing camping activities may seem exciting, but you may be a little doubtful. Spending time outdoors can allow them to disconnect and take their eyes away from screens, but what else? Well, for starters, camping can be a learning opportunity in a myriad of ways. More importantly, if you already have your basic gear, camping is an incredibly affordable vacation for families. It does not matter what your camp style is—whether you are a car camper, tent, or cabin camper, your kids will have fun spending time outdoors with you.

But before you sift through a Campsite Directory in the Philippines or look for campsites near manila or campsites in Tanay, below are just some of the excellent reasons why you should take your little tots with you camping:

a.) It shows them that not all trips and vacations are expensive

Unless you buy an expensive camping tent paired with the latest Decathlon camping gear or a Thor storage box, going camping is inexpensive. In fact, you do not even have to buy your own gear if you know someone who can lend you theirs for your trip. For a minimal fee, you can already rent a campsite that has running water and a common bathroom. Compare that to a hotel room, and you will notice a marked difference between the prices of the two. As a result, your kids will learn that not every getaway has to be luxurious and that with even just the basics, they can already have a good time.

b.) It teaches them basic survival skills

While your kids will never need to learn how to forage for food, camping teaches them basic survival skills, such as starting a campfire. Apart from that, they will also learn to determine which plants are poisonous, safety in the woods, campfire safety, and several other survival skills that will keep them from harm’s way. Teaching these survival skills to your kids excites them and can be a great bonding activity. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you to teach them how to cook outdoors. That said, your kids will then learn that entertainment does not always have to come from their screens and that dirt and mud never hurt anyone.

c.) It encourages their creativity

Immersing yourself in nature is one way to stimulate your creativity; the same can be said with kids. Beyond that, however, the act of camping encourages you to actually use this skill. There will be several scenarios at camp that will compel you and your kids to think outside the box, which will definitely be a good learning opportunity.

d.) It teaches them to respect nature around them

Camping is a way to teach children how to respect nature around them. It also allows them to slow down and appreciate their surroundings better. Going on camping excursions with your children can teach them how to enjoy trails, explore nature, collect pieces of nature off the ground, and identify which items can be touched and which ones should be left alone and undisturbed. As a result, your kids will know that nature can be beautiful but also dangerous. With this realization, they will be ready to take on other adventures and keep them in mind whether in their own backyard or the great outdoors.

e.) It gives them confidence and makes them less afraid

For some kids, sleeping away from home and out of the comforts of their bedroom can be scary. However, if you regularly go on camping escapades with them, they will become less afraid of sleeping outdoors over time. Soon, they will build enough confidence that they will no longer feel afraid of the sounds they hear at night or even spend the night in the woods. Some kids may even find this relaxing and puts them more at ease, making them solid sleepers at camp.

f.) It encourages learning that less can be more

Camping is all about simplicity and living with the basics. If you expose your kids to camping early, they will learn it and likely thrive on it too. Camping is an excellent activity that provides them stimulation and entertainment instead of being constantly glued to their meals. When you camp, fast food meals give way to home-cooked meals on a travel stove or open fire, their tablets are replaced by games they can play outdoors, and the time spent gathered around the campfire replaces time spent in front of the television. All of these are great bonding activities that will give them lasting memories they will surely cherish. Camping may not offer much in terms of stuff, but it offers a wealth of experiences that your kids will undoubtedly enjoy more.

Author: Vinz

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