Ten Excellent Snorkeling Spots Around the World

Snorkeling offers a perfect opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the marine life. You don’t need an expensive gear or take a long course to be a snorkeler. It is also cheaper than most tourist activities that you can do in a marine. If you want to go on a snorkeling tour, here are the top 10 excellent snorkeling spots around the world.

1. The Maldives

The Maldives are made of thousands of coral islands. This means that there are several snorkeling spots in this South Asian country. One such place is the Meeru island which is uninhabited and has a single resort. This gives you the freedom to swim alongside fish without any interference. Kuramanthi is another popular snorkeling spot in the Maldives and is known for having fancy resorts.
Some of the marine life that you will encounter here includes reef sharks, eagle ray, surgeonfish, Anemonefish, and parrotfish.

2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the most popular snorkeling spot in Australia. It has a unique marine life that will fascinate any snorkeler. It is the home to the world’s largest coral reef. Water in the Great Barrier Reef is quite clear, and you will enjoy a good view of the marine life that lies beneath it.

3. The Big Island, Hawaii

the big island, hawaii
There are several breathtaking snorkeling spots in the Hawaiian archipelago. However, the most popular one is the Big Island. It covers a larger area than all other places in the archipelago. The spot is decorated with colorful fish and corals. At the Kealakekua Bay, you will have an opportunity to swim with dolphins and turtle. You can also book a molokini snorkel tour for an exciting snorkeling adventure in Maui. Or, if you want to explore the North-west side of Kaua’i, book one of Na Pali Coast Boat Tours and enjoy one of the most beautiful portions of Hawaii.

4. Palawan Philippines

With 7000 islands on its archipelago, the Philippines is definitely among the best snorkeling spots in the world. It boasts of having a variety of unique wildlife that can be only be viewed under the water. Some of the animal’s life includes parrotfish, damselfish, pipefish and many others.

5. Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Island
Koh Phi Phi comprises a group of islands in Thailand. Most of these islands are sparsely populated. This makes them ideal for tourism. There are several snorkeling spots on which are characterized by magnificent marine life. Some of the marine life that you will encounter in this island includes yellow boxfish, barracudas, lionfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, and lobsters.

6. KwaZulu Natal Coast, South Africa

KwaZulu Natal


This snorkeling spot is characterized by warm water and is perfect for visiting at any time of the year. The best snorkeling spot on this coastline is the Sodwana Bay. Several travel websites have rated it among top 10 best snorkeling spots in the world. The bay boasts of having a rich marine life that is made of more than 90 species of coral, crayfish, Potato Bass, sponges among others.

7. Fommir-Rih Bay, Malta

Fommir-Rih Bay


This spot will give you more than just an ordinary snorkeling experience. It will be full of adventure. First, reaching the bay requires some extra effort, and if you are not careful, you may get lost along the way. If you are careful, you will be able to spot a school of cuttlefish.

8. Ilha Grande Brazil

Ilha Grande


Ilha Grande is located between Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The warm water makes it a perfect snorkeling spot through the year. You can dive into the blue waters of the Lagao Azul and have some good time with the seahorses, underwater coves, turtle, angelfish, and ogle. Apart from snorkeling, Ilha Grande has a rich history that you will enjoy learning. It hosts remnants of shipwrecks that tell of the fierce battles between pirates and Portuguese.

9. Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Komodo Island
Forget the giant lizards that this park is known for. Komodo islands have a fascinating marine life. One snorkeling spot that you must visit is the Pink Beach. Here you will enjoy swimming with a school of groupers, and turtles. You will also have some good time touring the undersea garden that is made of more than 260 types of corals. Whales, dolphins, and sharks are also found on the sea which is adjacent to Komodo National Park.

10. Eil Malik Island, Palau

Eil Malik


The Republic of Palau is a little know territory that makes up the Pacific Islands. Eil Malk Island is rated among the best snorkeling spots in the world. Its marine life is characterized by the stingless jellyfish. Since it is not harmful, you can swim along it without any fear.

These snorkeling spots will give you a soothing experience that you need while on holiday. It is also important to note that each spot has its unique characteristics.

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