Folk Festivals in the South Caucasus

Today we’d like to tell you about the interesting customs and traditions of the ancient South Caucasus region. We are convinced that one of the best ways to plunge into the national atmosphere is to visit Caucasian folk festivals. Our overview will lead from Armenia to Georgia then to Azerbaijan.

Interesting festivals in Armenia

All year round, cultural and national festivals are held in Armenia. The events are accompanied with folk dances and songs, and degustation of national products. Visit such events is the best way to get in touch with the traditions and history of the country. Below are the most interesting ones:

International Jazz Festival
Date – April 30
Location – Cascade, Yerevan

The festival takes place in the cultural center of the capital, on the steps of the Cascade, where all jazz lovers gather. International artists and musicians are invited to the capital for the festival. The Armenian state jazz orchestra and popular jazz bands also perform during the event.

The Mulberry Festival
Date – July 7
Location – Goris

In the Syunik region, mulberry is used in so many ways. The locals make sweet mulberry jam, fresh juice, and fruit vodka. The mulberry festival is a true paradise where you can try a lot of mulberry and mulberry products.

The most exciting moment of the festival is the process of distilling vodka. Mulberry vodka is a very strong drink with a characteristic smell and taste. Locals use it for medical purposes, and for a feast, it is the favorite vodka of Armenian men.

Khorovats Festival
Date – August 18, 19
Location – Akhtala village


The most delicious holiday of the year is Khorovats festival (barbeque festival). Every year the festival takes place in the village of Akhtala, Lori region. During the fest, you will enjoy national dances, songs, treats, homemade vodka and wine, sweets, and, of course, try the tastiest Armenian Khorovats. There are more than 40 types of Khorovats presented during the event, each of which is worth to try. And if you’re looking for the best recipe in making barbecue, you may want to see this bbq to go post here for more info!

Areni Wine Fest
Date – 6 October
Location – Areni village


The festival of wine is the most favorite holiday for both locals and the lovers of Armenian wine. The festival is held on the first Saturday of October, the day of harvest. The venue of the event remains unchanged – the village of Areni, where more than 15 wine producing companies are located. During the festival, local producers treat the guests with their homemade wine and sweets. You will enjoy dances and songs performed on staged provided staging services during the whole day. The key moment of the festival is a crush of grapes in the center of the village.

Interesting festivals in Georgia

Let’s move on to sunny Georgia.

Cheese Festival
Date – July 23
Location – Tbilisi


The National Festival of Georgian cheese has already become international with the participants from neighboring countries. The cheese festival is a real paradise for gourmets. Here you can try a huge assortment of different kinds of cheese like cheese in wine, in honey, in beer, cheese with spices, nuts, and other varieties.

In addition to degustation, there are held master classes on cheese production. You should definitely visit the festival on an empty stomach because you’d like to try every single variety.

Tbilisi Jazz Festival
Date – April 28-30
Location – Tbilisi


Tbilisi Jazz Fest is one of the largest musical events not only in Georgia but also in the entire region. Since 2000, the festival has been held annually in the capital, and every year it is gaining more popularity.

Opening and closing gala concerts, as well as the most important performances, take place in the Great Concert Hall. The other concerts take place at the Event Hall and at the Tbilisi Concert Hall.

GEM fest
Date – August
Location – Anaklia


Georgian Electronic Music Festival has become a tradition in the country. Despite the fact that it is only a few years old, the music festival has already become a favorite place for young people both for beach holidays and for a crazy night of electronic music.

The festival takes place in August, on the island of Anaklia. This year the festival was called Echowaves, part of one of the popular “Exit” festivals in Europe. This year the most demanded modern DJ, Solomun, performed on the stage.

Interesting Festivals in Azerbaijan

The culture of festivals has begun in the country just recently. There are several interesting events worth visiting in Azerbaijan.

Baku Street Food Fest
Location – Baku
Date – June 1-15


The largest festival Baku Summer Food Fest takes place in the first half of June, in Old Baku Icheri Sheher. Within the framework of the festival, the best street food cafes represent the national cuisine and local interpretations of famous European dishes. All 15 days the streets are full of youth enjoying tasty food and the music of DJs. The purpose of the festival is to show street food in a different light.

Tomato Festival
Date – June 24
Location – Baku

We do love tomato festival in Spain, but the tomato festival in Baku is something new we never heard of. For the first time, Tomato Fest was held in 2017. It is hard to tell now whether the festival will become an annual holiday or no, but if you want to take part in a crazy battle with tomatoes, and you cannot afford a trip to Spain, Baku Tomato Fest can also be an option.

Tea Festival
Date – November 15-18
Location – Baku


Despite the fact that Azerbaijan is a big country, all events are held in the capital. Tea Festival is the most national and pure Azerbaijani holiday. Participants and visitors of the festival will learn the history and traditions of tea, as well as taste traditional sweets that are served with tea.

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