Guest Post: Dorm Room Bedding Styles

Just graduated high school? Well, you better get ready because your life is now going to take a huge turn and you’re going to enter college. Being a college freshman has a lot of perks associated with it. The excellent dorm life gives you immense freedom: there are no parents to tell you what to do, when to study or when to sleep. Everything has some perks and downside. You cannot have it all.

Another thing you have full freedom of is to how to set up your dorm room. You no longer have your mom to criticize your décor or your dad to disapprove your posters or anything. But you have to be very creative while doing this as your dorm room gives a view of more than half your personality, so you better want to go for something classy and unique. You do not want people to judge you on the very first day for your taste now do you?

Following are some ideas that might help you do that:

The Dreamy Retreat

bedding styles bedding styles

To create this dreamy environment, you need good lighting, a lot of pictures, and a unique designing. You should add pictures and frames. Small pictures can be attached to the wall.  Nowadays decorating your dorm with photo frames or even random pictures are very popular. All you need is to be a little creative.

Just add a little color to your pictures using bright colors or if you like wooden frames go for that. If you think frames are too much, simply ditch them. You can always post it directly or even use tape which will make your picture more sophisticated. You can always make your wall photo mural. If pigeons are nesting around your house, visit 24h Pest Pros website for more info on how you can get rid of them effectively.

Some neighbors also emphasized Drake Lawn & Pest Control can deliver great pest control results so that the bugs won’t return to your home.

LIGHTS, Camera action!

bedding styles bedding styles

To make our dorm stand out one must never forget good classy lightening. It highlights every single detail correctly. Personally, I love choosing the best LED downlights at Simple Lighting. I think it just makes the room stand out in a good way. Fairy lights also have the ability to create attractive designs. You can also use lamps which give out the perfect warm lumens that create the atmosphere you’re rooting for.

If you want to put an extra effort to your room, just visit Brighten your photographs by hanging them along glimmer lights.


bedding styles

Add wallpaper to your dorm to make it trendy; whether you like floral or classic or scenery styles. At times, even simple one color wallpaper can do wonders.  Not only it makes your room cleaner but also gives a better finish to your dorm.

When choosing wallpaper you have a variety of options to choose from. Even some wallpaper can be decorated, letting you put certain touch in the room while still adding your chosen paint color.


bedding styles

Are you crazy about superheroes? Well, you can always post their posters around the room. With so many technologies and advancement in the Hollywood, one can find so many beautiful and creative posters. You can also use floor pillows to enhance your room.

Good luck with implementing your creative ideas!

If you have any dorm room bedding styles in mind, do share!

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