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Slovakia is a beautiful country, and despite the fact that it doesn’t have the same level of household recognition as its Czechoslovakian counterparts, it should not be overlooked when planning Central European excursions. Slovakia is one of few nations in the region with low levels of tourist visits; once one considers the variety of activities available to visitors, this is an unexpected truth.

With this Slovakia travel guide, start planning your dream trip to one of Central Europe’s most picturesque and underrated destinations. With its woodsy hiking trails through the magnificent High Tatras and medieval towns with castles dotting the countryside, you’ll fall in love with all that this country has to offer.

When to visit Slovakia

In Slovakia, the seasons are divided into four distinct climates. Summers are scorching and moist, while winters are chilly.Spring and autumn fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

The best time to visit Slovakia is in the spring on average, and more specifically during May or June. The weather tends to be warm with less rain than the hot & humid summer season. Another plus are the flowers in full bloom at this time of year- it creates a picturesque scene for anyone lucky enough to witness it!

The peak tourism season in Slovakia occurs during the summer months of July and August (as it does throughout Europe). Despite how hot it is, the crowds tend to be bigger at this time. For individuals without a lot of advance notice, finding a place to stay might be difficult at times. The occasional heatwave can push temperatures in Slovakia’s summer beyond 30 degrees Celsius for days on end.

In addition to spring, autumn is an excellent season to visit Slovakia. Late September and October tend to have many lovely days that are perfect for hiking or enjoying nature in general. If you get the opportunity to visit Slovakia’s countryside during this time of year, you will be able to appreciate the stunning fall colors of the leaves on the trees.

Although it may be cold, wintertime can offer some great opportunities for travel. For example, the ski resort towns in Eastern Slovakia are excellent destinations during this season. Or, if you’re looking to escape to a city rather than a resort, areas like Bratislava look beautiful with its soft blanket of snow covering the quiet streets.

Where to go in Slovakia: The best places to visit and the top destinations


I was pleasantly surprised by Bratislava. It’s not uncommon to hear negative feedback about the Slovakian capital in comparison to other European destinations like Prague, Budapest, Vienna, or Krakow within the Central European backpacker scene. Even though it’s true that Bratislava isn’t as   mesmerizing as some of these other well-known cities, that doesn’t justify crossing it off your travel bucket list.

Bratislava is an excellent, yet underrated, European city to visit that has a long and unique history. Situated among other “second-tier” capitals, it was at the crossroads of East and West centuries ago. As you walk through its streets, you can see different architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque to Renaissance juxtaposed against brutalist socialist buildings on opposite sides of the river Danube.

Most travellers just glide through on a day trip, but taking it slow and enjoying Bratislava will introduce you to its more underrated attractions. If you take the time to get coffee or explore the cobblestoned streets, you’ll find that Bratislava is surprisingly full of life.

Bratislava might not be at the top of your European travel list, but it makes for the perfect city to use as a base for trips into Slovakia’s stunning countryside. There, you’ll find some of Europe’s most underrated outdoor adventures.

Slovakia’s transportation system

Getting there

The main air gateway to Slovakia is Bratislava M. R. Štefánik Airport (BTS). Ryanair, AirExplore, Go2Sky, and Smartwings Slovakia are a few of the airlines that operate out of BTS. Vienna International Airport (VIE), which is only 57 kilometers west of Bratislava, receives many visitors from throughout Europe.

Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city, is conveniently located near many major cities in neighboring countries via train.

Getting around

The best way to travel throughout Slovakia is by train because it will allow you to see the most sights and be the most comfortable.

If you plan on visiting any Slovakian towns, then your best mode of transportation would be the bus. The bus network throughout Slovakia is very wide-spread and will get to you wherever you need to go. Although buses tend to cost less than trains normally do, they also take longer trips and are considerably less comfortable than if one were to travel by train.

Country Travel Advice and Advisories

It is vital to have current travel information no matter your destination. Here at Goway, we make sure our clients are aware of the latest changes or new procedures when putting together their itinerary. Most nations supply travel information and advice on their citizens’ websites. The governments of Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom offer official information and advise on situations that might impact your safety and well-being while traveling abroad, as well as other critical travel concerns such as security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, and health.

What to Pack

If you plan to visit Slovakia during the summer, remember that the temperatures can rise quite high. It’s best to pack clothing made from natural fabrics that will help you keep cool. And don’t forget sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. If your trip takes place in winter, make sure you have enough warmer clothes with you, as it can be very cold then. Bear in mind too that it rains frequently year-round, so always have a raincoat handy regardless of when you visit.

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