Top 13 Tips for House Relocation in Dubai

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Moving to a new house can never be easy where ever you are located, but if its Dubai you should be prepared for some hurdles and issues.

There are many factors involved in moving in Dubai such as internet provider help in repairing the damage of old or new house and doing closing of Dewa bill.

The following guide will help you in stress-free and tension free by moving to a new house. For more real estate guidance and information visit Reali.

Inform the landlord first for your move out

In Dubai, there is a law that a tenant should inform the landlord at least 90 days before that they are moving out and will not be renewing the contract.  If you have got the house through a real estate agent, inform them as well as they can help you a lot in move out.

Hire a moving company

Hire a good moving out the company, they will help you in packing stuff and then open and putting the stuff back in the new house. They are very professional and just one day your new house will be all set. They usually take 2 days for packaging the old stuff.

Your current house should be in original state

In Dubai, if you want your security or deposit back the apartment or villa in which you are living should be returned to the original state. It includes whitewash, filling the holes of walls, fixing the broken door or handles and doing a deep cleaning of the whole house which might need the help of a maid service.  There are some tenants who don’t do any fixing and thus landlord deducts the cost from deposits.

Look for a new house

Talk to your real estate agent about the new house or you can visit to find the best house as per your need. In Dubai, the real estate market is quite fast as houses are added to the list every day so if you are not very picky, you can easily find a house. Watch the video here.

However, Spain also has to be one of the best places in the world to buy property as it’s such an amazing place and there are some incredible bargains to be had. For example, buying Marbella golden mile property for sale on Costa del Sol is just wonderful as the place is amazing, so have a look there for some real treats.

Do the check of the current villa or apartment

You can arrange the visit of a real estate agent, landlord and his power of attorney to come and evaluate the current condition of your house. If there are some problems, you will be asked to correct them or they can do after you leave with the deposit you have submitted before.

Sign the contract, pay a deposit and submit cheques of the new house

If you are done with the search of the new house, first pay the deposits which are 5% of the total rent and some agency fee of 5%. You can work with a first time buyer mortgage broker to help you submit the other documents.

Arrange for the permit

You need moving in/mobbing out a permit for moving or leaving the building. For example, if you are shifting to the springs Emaar will arrange for your moving in/out permit.

Get the NOC from your landlord

Many people forget but this is very important to get the NOC from your landlord so that you can show it to the building management that you have moved out without any problem and issue.

Paying the Dewa bill

On the last day go to Dewa office and pay your final bill.  If you moving to Dubai, you can use the new feature move-in which allows you to use the old deposit or account for the new house.

If you don’t want to transfer the Dewa account and cancel it, then pay the final bill and get the remaining deposit of your account. If you’re investing in real estate, you can work with a real estate holding company to get significant tax benefits.


As per the new law, approved and completed EJARI is very necessary in order to have new DEWA supply in new villa or apartment.  For Dewa, it takes 6 to 10 hours to open an account and one should be prepared for it.

Inspection form

When you move into a new house, you receive an inspection form. Look around and see all the things, you can write the concerns on the inspection form and landlord will fix them before you move in completely.  In Dubai tenant will be given 48 hours to see the things as after 2 days it will be tenant responsibility and he will be accountable for this.

Internet service provider transfer

Check about your internet service provider in the new building, its either Etisalat or du in Dubai. if already have an account with them, they can simply transfer it to a new house. If you don’t have an old account, select the service provider and submit all the details. Need utilities Edmonton for your new home? We can help.


Once everything is fixed, its time to shop. If you have moved to a new house, you definitely need a few things such as white goods and furniture. You can visit IKEA or ACE hardware in Dubai festival for the best shopping. For white goods best is Carrefour and also the mall in emirates have good options for furniture as well.

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