How to Have an Amazing Time in Bahrain


1. When booking a hotel in Bahrain, be sure to research local hotels and read reviews. This is particularly important because the country is a favorite destination for Saudi Arabian tourists. Most hotels focus on entertainment events such as parties, weddings, and other noisy gatherings. Loud music and other noise can cause discomfort at night. Single female tourists should be EXTREMELY careful as they may attract unwanted attention in these types of establishments.

2. An important factor to keep in mind is that prices in Bahrain are generally inflated. This goes for excursions, activities, and especially alcohol. If you’re set on vacationing here, be prepared to open your wallet a bit wider than usual. However, if you like to bargain or haggle for better prices, this is definitely the place to do it. You can often find souvenirs at a discount if you know how to negotiate properly. Just beware that bargaining in large stores or restaurants may be considered rude or ignorant by locals.

3. Although many restaurants include tips for staff in their prices, you should still be prepared to spend extra money on tipping. For example, doormen and porters usually expect 100 Fils per bag they carry, while taxi drivers typically expect 10% of the trip’s total cost. To avoid any miscommunications or disagreements later on, it is best to agree on the full price of the trip with your driver before departing.

Bahrain is a country located in the Persian Gulf, halfway between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran on one side, and Qatar on the other. It has dozens of ancient sites that have been preserved for your enjoyment, as well as modern buildings with panoramic views of its picturesque coastline. The area also boasts unrivaled vistas across miles of desert sands to skyscrapers built over hundreds of years.

4. There are also a few things you should keep in mind while in Bahrain. The most important is that photography is restricted inside of most mosques and the Emir’s home. If you want to take someone’s photograph, be sure to ask for permission first. Unlike other countries nearby, alcohol sales are permitted in Bahrain; however, it illegal transport booze without being properly packaged.Several bans on the sale of alcohol have been introduced in Bahrain recently, so you should be aware that drinking it openly in public is prohibited. These restaurants are located near mosques, schools, and other residential areas.

5. Even in comparison to other countries, Bahrain is a safe country with a low crime rate. Street theft is rare in Bahrain. Immigrants from Central Asian nations are more likely to be the victims of crime. The police will violently brake down even the most minor infractions, especially those that occurred against foreign visitors.

6. You must acquire a visa to Bahrain upon arrival. It is paid in cash and requires no documents or visas. As a result, having money on you is critical. You should be prepared for the fact that foreign currency rates are higher in such locations. Furthermore, you might come into contact with border officials who will try to deceive you. As a result, if you want to go to Bahrain, purchase your visa ahead of time online. It’s far safer and more affordable this way.

7. Bahrain is largely made up of deserts, so the climate is tropical and dry. There are also areas with underground springs that you can visit. The best time to come is during the high season from October to April. Keep in mind though that summer can be extremely hot here.

8. In Bahrain, you should try the local Arab cuisine. It will certainly capture your interest. You can easily discover European caf├ęs and restaurants in Bahrain if you want something traditional.

9. The locals are welcoming, so it’s impolite to turn down coffee when offered. You shouldn’t enter someone’s home without an invitation, and if you refuse the coffee, you will offend the person who offered it. It is polite to drink 2-3 cups of coffee before starting a conversation.

10. Visit Bahrain to explore some of the most stunning places in the world, including Barbar Temple, Siyadi House, and “Royal Graves”. Also, spend time marveling at wild nature and encountering a variety of animals.

11. In Bahrain, you can communicate in English. Despite the fact that Arabic is their native tongue, locals speak English well. Some residents may also be heard speaking Farsi and Urdu.

Bahrain is an Islamic Kingdom. The city of Manama in Bahrain has a British atmosphere, which makes it stand out among other cities, and slightly different holidays are celebrated here. A knowledgeable person would be able to notice all these smaller details.

12. Islam is the primary religion in Bahrain. More than 80% of local people are Muslim. Other religions practiced in the rest of the country include Christianity and Buddhism.

13. Despite Bahrain’s more liberal stance, tourists should still dress modestly to adhere to the dress code. This means covering shoulders and legs for women, and avoiding shorts and tank tops for men. Headscarves are not required but may be viewed more favorably than uncovered heads, especially when visiting mosques. Loose fitting clothing is best in hotter weather.

14. When you go into a mosque or someone’s home, it is customary to take your shoes off. Utilizing your left hand to eat or shake hands is considered unclean because that hand is normally used for ritual cleansing before going to the mosque. When talking with somebody, you shouldn’t point your feet at them, touch them excessively, or make big gestures.

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