How to Spend 5 Days in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon has a rich inspiring history. It was hit by the worst earthquake in 1755 but it has since ascended up the ladder of glory to its current status. Its present architectural designs and many ample parks will give any traveler a comfort of its own kind. The large city squares are enough proof of the city’s charm. The city remains one of the major iconic places to pay a visit to in the contemporary Portugal. While most buildings are characterized by modern designs, some sections are reserved to take you back to the city’s many years history. A 5 days’ vacation will give you ample time to explore the Lisbon City. You should consider getting an NIF in Portugal as soon as you land if you’re planning to open a business or become a freelancer there. Here is a guide to make your five days in Lisbon fulfilling.

Day One


After checking into your hotel room the previous night, your five days tour starts here. Your first day should be dedicated to exploring the city’s Baixa district. Located at the center of Lisbon, Baixa was given a new face after the 1755 earthquake. It is the best place to experience Portugal’s 18th-century royalty. Have some time at Santa Justa Lift which dates back to the early 20th century. Your next standing point should be the many centuries meeting venue of Rossio Square. The magnificent square is characterized by several cafes and restaurants whose history extends to as early as 18th century. The cultural landmark Commercial Square will make your trip more exciting. The exotic seafront offers breathtaking scenery and is well connected to Lisbon by good transport to give visitors easy time. Complete your day by visiting art Deco Eden Theatre and the Comercio Plaza which used to be Portugal’s trading center.

Day two

alfama lisbon

Plan to spend the second day of your vacation visiting various places in Alfama district. The district shares the charm of Portugal’s history. It was once regarded as a home to Lisbon’s poor and forgotten population but things have changed over the years. Its narrow streets lined with ancient structures provide a stunning sight. Let your starting point be Lisbon Castle whose panoramic view will quench your desire to view Baixa district at a glance. Once you have had enough, head to the monumental Santo Antonio church to experience the religious history of Portugal. Take your fun experience a notch higher by riding on the quaint yellow tram through the narrow attractive streets. Complete your day by going to Miradouro de Santa Luzia where you will be treated to a breathtaking sight of Tagus River and Lisbon. If you had fun on taking in the religious history of Portugal, then you might be also interested in Israel’s history. Check out Immanuel-Tours and the likes to book an evangelical tour.

Day three


Consider exploring the western part of Lisbon especially Belem district on the third day of your tour. Situated along the banks of Tagus River, Belem is large and has several monuments and parks that will crown your adventurous experience. You can access the district through traveling on a tram. Begin with the over 150 years old Jeronimos Monastery. The monastery that took almost a century to be completed presents a blend of architectural designs and styles that will enrich your photo taking experience. Spare several minutes to look at the modern art displayed at Berardo Museum. The wide collection of fine arts artifacts that date back to the 20th century is a rich source of the Portuguese culture. Your next stop at Padrao dos Descobrimentos will enable you to explore further the Portuguese history. The iconic structure also referred to as Discovery Monument takes visitors back to a time of Portugal’s 15th and 16th century age of discovery. If you love excursion, visit the amazing Basilica da Estrela. End your 3rd day tour by spending an evening at Alto district to enjoy its little funky bars.

Day four

oceanarium lisbon

Spend the fourth day of your tour visiting various sites around the city and north Lisbon. Parque das Nacoes has undergone tremendous transformation since hosting Expo 98. It is the contemporary center of fashion and trends in Lisbon. Enjoy the attractive Lisbon Oceanarium, Europe’s best aquarium site located in the park. Get an opportunity of traveling in the cable car along the 15 kilometers long Vasco da Gama Bridge. The park offers varieties of aquatic related features and is ideal for family activities. If you are an aging visitor who fancies clubs and casinos, the parks have more than enough for you. The Campo Pequeno whose architectural design draws inspirations from North Africa is another attractive point to visit in the northern Lisbon. Spend the fourth evening of your tour at Park of Nations to enjoy its restaurants that offer ample places of socialization. You will make the most out of it during a weekend especially with the unique special activities that the clubs organize at night.

Day Five

palace sintra lisbon

The final day of your tour has a number of choices to complete your vacation in style. Start your day by going for an excursion in Sintra Serra de Sintra hills. Pass through the town to see the ruins and the 9th-century architectural structures. Walking around the serene narrow streets of Sintra will enable you to explore the posh state-owned houses that were built in the 19th century. You can also opt to visit iconic places in the town like Pena Palace, National Palace and Moorish ruins situated on the highest hills. Connect your way back to Lisbon using the cheap and readily available rail transport. In the afternoon take a train and, spend time at the beaches near Lisbon as you learn more about Cascais town and its rich fishing history. You will also get a chance to interact with the rich and famous residents that live in Cascais. Cascais has free museums and other stately owned properties that act as attractive sites.

If you are a first-time traveler to Lisbon, you need a travel itinerary among other things to make your tour fruitful. Equip yourself with more information about various places in the city and the culture of the residents. Learn more about hotel bookings in terms of food and accommodation. Note the days when museums are free and plan to visit them on such days to save the ticket fee.

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