Icelandair Boosts Winter Tourism with Increased Flights to Popular Destinations


Icelandair, the national carrier of Iceland, has announced that it will be adding more flights to popular destinations this winter in response to growing demand from travelers. The airline, which has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is taking steps to increase capacity and attract more tourists to Iceland during the winter months. In this article, we explore the destinations that Icelandair is adding flights to and what this means for travelers.

Destinations with Increased Flights

Icelandair is increasing flights to several popular destinations, including New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. The airline is also adding flights to destinations in Europe, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Frankfurt. The increased flights are expected to provide more options for travelers and help to boost tourism in Iceland during the winter season.

Winter Tourism in Iceland

While Iceland is known for its stunning natural beauty, winter tourism has been slower than summer tourism in recent years. However, with the increasing popularity of winter activities such as Northern Lights viewing and skiing, Iceland is becoming an attractive destination for winter tourism. The increased flights by Icelandair are expected to help facilitate this growing demand and provide more options for travelers looking to experience Iceland’s winter wonders.

Safety Protocols for Travelers

As with all travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, safety protocols are a top priority for Icelandair. The airline has implemented several measures to ensure the safety of travelers, including enhanced cleaning procedures, mandatory face mask requirements, and social distancing measures. Additionally, Iceland has implemented its own health and safety protocols, including mandatory testing and quarantine requirements for incoming travelers.


Icelandair’s decision to add more flights to popular destinations this winter is a positive sign for both the airline and the tourism industry in Iceland. With the increasing popularity of winter tourism and the easing of travel restrictions, Iceland is poised to attract more travelers in the coming months. As always, safety protocols will be a top priority for the airline and the country as a whole, ensuring that travelers can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience in Iceland.

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