Jordan travel advice

Jordan has a range of incredible features, which is varied by both location and preference. You can chose to see as much or as little as you like with our warm and friendly service

Ideal looping itineraries for Petra can be as short as a long weekend or as long as two weeks. RSCN reserves are great for hiking, and the Dead Sea and Red Sea coasts offer peace and quiet.

Drivers and drivers

We use private drivers and guides for your trip, so you’ll get local help at every site throughout the trip.

Jordan combined with Egypt

Some of our clients choose to take the cheaper option and travel from Jordan to Egypt, giving them a chance to visit both the pyramids and Petra in one trip.

Linguistic Language

Arabic, the official language of Jordan, is a member of the Semitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Although it deviates from most other dialects of Arabic, Jordanian Arabic remains quite close to Egyptian Arabic, which is the dialect most widely understood in Jordan. Most other Jordanians will be able to communicate effectively in English — with the exception of some Bedouins living in areas like Wadi Rum.

Food & Drink

Jordanian food is famous for its strong Arab and Lebanese influence and also includes some traditional local dishes. Common dishes start with mezze, which are a variety of starters that often do not include meat. A hot dish follows, after which the meal concludes with fresh bread, garlic sauce and shawarma. Shawarma is a doner kebab thinly sliced into squares that are then wrapped in flatbread for easy eating.

As well as traditional Arabic coffee, tea, and fruit juice, Jordan also produces their own wines. They have a wide selection of the best ones. With two beers under license, the most common being Amstel. The local spirit is called araq which has been distilled three times with anise flavoring.


Will you tip in Jordan? Yes. Tipping is a part of life here. Drivers, guides, and personnel who provide services for you or your trip deserve a tip for providing good service. There is not a set amount for how much to tip at each turn that you encounter during your trip. The amount to tip will vary with the type of establishment — it’s usually 10% in upscale restaurants, but anything between 500 fils (JOD 1) and JD 1 is likely appropriate in other types of restaurants. Ultimately, tipping is something that can only be done if they’re accustomed to being tipped, but even then it becomes discretionary because the person receiving the tip can choose whether or not to accept the money offered.


Jordan’s currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JD). It has an informal denomination of a piastre, which is 10 fils. Credit cards are widely accepted in urban areas but might be unavailable in rural or desert locations. There are ATMs and acceptances all over the country, making cash transactions easy!


Jordan is often called a “secular Muslim country, due to its history of tolerating religious diversity. And it’s still important for people to respect Muslim social customs when visiting this country. As a general rule, you should dress more conservatively in the cities and towns than during your sightseeing trips away from urban centers. For these days, both sexes can wear shorts and t-shirts (weather permitting!), as long as the shoulders are covered.

When taking photos in public spaces, please ensure that they don’t contain anything to do with the military or government buildings. Also ask people before photographing them.

During Ramadan, where fasting takes place, one should refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public.

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