Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is located north of 4° and 19° North latitude and 160° and 175° East longitude. The Ratak (sunset) and Ratak (sunrise) chains are separated by an exclusive economic zone of 990,000 square miles, which is one of the world’s largest. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is a sovereign state located in the western Pacific Ocean. With 29 coral atolls and five single coral islands, it has 1, 220 islands. To the south is the Gilbert Islands, while to the west are the Federated States of Micronesia.

Visit The Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is one of the world’s last undiscovered gems. It has lush tropical beauty and untouched natural habitats, and it’s a haven for nature lovers. The outer islands have crystal clear seas and isolated beaches that are ideal for relaxation. You’ll find WWII relics both on land and at sea that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Visiting local handicraft stores is a great way to find beautiful hand-made items. If you enjoy exploring new cultures and learning about their customs, then you will love visiting the Marshall Islands.

Visa and Entry Formalities

Requirements in the United States include a completed application form that must be accompanied by two recent passport photographs, a copy of the passport (valid for at least six months), and supporting documents: letter from applicant stating purpose and duration of visit, flight itinerary, police record dated within the last three months showing no criminal charges or convictions, health clearance dating within the previous three months showing person is free of HIV/AIDS and TB. $100 processing fee AND payment receipt All paperwork and payments must be submitted to the Director of Immigration at the Immigration Division (P.O. Box 890, Majuro MH 96960) to complete the visa process. If you are a citizen of The United States or any territories, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Pacific Islands Forum Countries (including Australia and New Zealand), then you do not need an entry visa. Passport-holders of Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines who intend to stay in Taiwan for no more than 30 days can obtain entry visas upon arrival. Please note that you must possess a roundtrip or onward ticket and a passport valid for at least one year.

What Is the Best Way to Get to the Marshall Islands?

Our airline, United Airlines, provides services by air from Guam and Honolulu on a weekly basis. In addition, we offer service to the ‘south route’ from Nauru and the Kiribati islands.

Where to Stay in the Republic of the Marshall Islands?

Taxis are readily available in Majuro, and a ride around the island costs only $0.75 (most places are within walking distance). There is a bus stop that leaves frequently from Robert Reimers Hotel and costs $2.00 per trip to get to Laura on the other side of the island. Alternatively, you may rent a car and explore the island at your leisure from one of Majuro’s automobile rental companies.

The Marshall Islands has a lot of exciting things to do.

Taking a chance and going into the unknown, and having fantastic experiences is exciting.

The islands are exceptionally wet, which is unusual for that region. Allow us to show you the riches of our islands with the aid of our divers. The waters of Bikini Atoll provide a unique underwater museum. From WWII, explore the only diveable aircraft carriers in the world – and more! Explore the Japanese flagship that spearheaded the Pearl Harbor attack and more.

There’s plenty to do while you’re on Majuro, including cruising the lagoon and visiting the small islets. The sea is an open playground for kayaking and snorkeling, so make sure to take advantage of that! You can also swim with the small fishes and see the underwater garden of thriving and healthy corals at Robert Reimer Hotel’s Eneko island or any of the other small islands in Majuro lagoon.

Take a picnic and check out the west part of Majuro for a day. Stop by Peace Park Memorial, erected by the Japanese government in memory of soldiers who fought and died in the Pacific during World War II while on your journey.

The island of Arno, which is just under an hour drive from Majuro, offers a variety of activities. Stay at Arno’s Bed and Breakfast for a night or two and discover your heart’s delight diving, relaxing on the beach, trekking or cycling into the jungle, or listening to the sound of waves breaking along miles of sandy beach.

Handmade goods, souvenir shopping

Majuro offers the best selection of hand-made, natural and authentic Marshallese handicrafts in Micronesia. You can find local t-shirts, postcards and much more easily in Majuro shops.

If you’re interested in witnessing one of the more popular events on Majuro, visit the Marshalls Billfish Club Tournaments. You’ll see a variety of fish being weighed in as numerous anglers compete for prizes. These fish include blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, mahi-mahi and others.


What to Pack

Travel light. Because the FSM is never cold, you don’t need to bring too much clothing. Attire is relaxed and formal dress is not necessary or useful. When basking in the sun, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are advised.

Crossing private property

The majority of the hikes go across private property, as well as several farmhouses and homes. Even though the authorities at the tourism office have secured permission from landholders for tourist activities, it is always courteous to ask if you may pass through.


Pohnpeian farms are located beneath the canopy of the jungle, which is known as agro-forestry. It’s possible that inexperienced tourists may have a hard time identifying these agricultural regions. Read the suggested references and study the primary food plants so you don’t trample any of these gardens by accident. This is especially true for kava and yam vines, which thrive among other forest plants.

The Marine Environment

The Barrier Reef and Volcanic Islets offer intriguing and beautiful diving, snorkeling, and fishing activities. However, there are certain limitations to keep in mind when visiting the coral reef ecosystem. Remember that coral is a living creature that should not be stepped on or taken as a souvenir. Similar, many of the magnificent shells are inhabited by living things that contribute to this ecosystem’s survival.


Secure your valuables. People should not be able to walk away with them since this would provide them with temptation.

Tour Guide

If you are foreign and want to go hiking, it is recommended that you have a local guide because the trails can be difficult. The same goes for people who want to go diving–you should use a tour operator. You can arrange for these services at either the Municipal Government Offices where the hikes are located or at the State Tourism office.

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