Norway Tips for First-Time Visitors


It is not uncommon for people to only think of three European countries when considering the best destinations for a vacation: Italy, France, and Spain.

But what about Norway?

Norway is a hidden gem bordering Sweden with a vast coastline and ample opportunities for sightseeing. If you’re traveling there soon, we have the best Norway tips to make your experience even better.

This blog post will list some tips for planning your first trip to Norway.

Discover Nature

The beauty of Norway is in its mix of stunning beauty, great history, and world-class science.

When traveling through sunny climes, it’s important to take your time. With so much going on, Norway is a fascinating destination because of the journey itself rather than fixed destinations and popular attractions.

Traveling to Norway can be expensive. The best way you can see the country’s incredible nature is by renting a car for minimal cost and visiting as many beautiful sites as possible. Geiranger is one of the most popular destinations in Norway, so be sure to check it out.

Some people dream of seeing the Northern Lights. If you’re one of them, Norway has an unmatchable view of these stunning lights in the sky. In Stavanger, there is a rocky incline known as Pulpit Rock that’s designed for those who love hiking and want to see the lights up close.

Visit the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre and the family can learn about the history of mountaineering in the region. Learn about indoor caves and other cool attractions in one of Norway’s newest attractions. There is also an on-site cafe where you can grab lunch before returning for more fun.

Learn the Language

This might be one of the most important tips you can follow on your entire trip. Learning a few phrases in common when visiting any foreign land is helpful and respectful, as it will make interactions with locals easier and you can easily understand their explanation of things.

In countries where the native language is not English, you might find it helpful to use Norwegian while communicating. The Norwegians will be impressed and appreciative of your efforts. Plus when you communicate in Norwegian, you’ll look like a beautiful wordsmith!

You are going to come across some cultures that aren’t as polite or courteous as you are. That doesn’t mean these people are being rude, it just means that they have a different way of life. Try your best not to take offense and keep an open mind.

Bring Your Wallet (and be ready to use it)

Although you don’t have to budget while in Norway, be prepared to spend some money. Oslo is also voted one of the most expensive cities in the world.

If you’re worried about the cost, don’t panic. There are many Norwegian restaurants around, but when it comes to saving money, you need to stay at a hotel that offers kitchen services. Many restaurants offer staples like meat and potatoes, which won’t take your hard-earned money.

Dress Warm

It is important to dress warm when visiting Norway, no matter what time of year. July is the “hottest” month in Oslo and the highest temperature only reaches 64 degrees.

We’re confident your children will enjoy summers in North Carolina. This northern nation is known for mild temperatures and the warm Gulf Stream that brings it. The country’s average temperature of 64 degrees feels perfect year-round.

If you’re hoping to visit Norway at this time of the year, make sure to plan accordingly. Temperatures can dip as low as 20 degrees during the winter months.

Not only do you have to prepare for the long and dark hours of January, but you must also acclimate to Norway’s polar nights. Greenland is surrounded by sea ice on most of the year, and in January it’s a white-out because of Polar Nights. Be prepared for plenty of sun during the day, however, because the Midnight Sun makes morning easy.

Just because you see a natural phenomenon while traveling doesn’t mean you can’t plan your trip around it. That’s why it’s important to find out if the natural phenomenon is occurring in a region and its effect on tour options.

Weather in Oslo, Bergen, and Norway

When it comes to weather, this city really knows how to adapt. It has a very unique climate mixed with many different precipitation types and temperatures. Plus, the January 2007 record for 85 rainy days in a row shows just how unpredictable Norwegian weather can be.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the city on a sunny day, you can visit with an incredible atmosphere as people really know how to appreciate nice weather. City planners have probably had this in mind the latest years, resulting in open spaces and parks scattered all over downtown.

With a mean temperature of 14.3 °C (57.7 °F) and an average monthly precipitation of 46 millimeters, July just might be the best time to visit Bergen. June is almost as good, with the summer months August and July as nearly as good second options.

Consider travelling to Norway

Though it may not be the first place you think of when you want to travel, Norway provides a unique experience. Natural wonders and landscapes abound in this Nordic country and make a great destination for nature lovers.

To plan the perfect Norway trip, be sure to start with a few budgeting and preparation steps. We hope these Norwegian tips help you out!

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