4 Stunning Shrines and Spirit Houses in Thailand That You Shouldn’t Miss

Thailand’s diverse culture and contrasting landscapes make it an extremely interesting tourist destination. Apart from skyscrapers and swanky malls, the country is also home to sacred shrines and spirit houses.

To save travel time, look at booking a hotel around the Ratchaprasong intersection in Bangkok, as most of the popular shrines are in this neighborhood. Here are four remarkable shrines and spirit houses that you must pay a visit to during your stay in Thailand.

Erawan Shrine

erawan shrine

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 Located on one of Bangkok’s busiest roads, Erawan Shrine attracts tourists and locals. It houses the statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma. Despite having an “unfortunate” history; this shrine is still visited by thousands every day. If you are lucky, you may also get to witness the traditional Thai dance and music around the shrine. It is a good idea to visit this place during early morning to avoid large crowds.

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Ganesha Shrine


While there are many Ganesha statues across Thailand, the most famous one is in Ganesha Shrine. A Hindu deity, Lord Ganesha (or the Elephant God) is believed to be the god of wisdom and wealth. Also known as the god of creativity, Ganesha is popular with artistic people, which is why his image has been incorporated into the logo of Thailand’s Department of Fine Arts as well. Tuesdays and Thursdays are believed to be the best days to visit Ganesha Shrine.

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Phallic Shrine

phallic shrine


One of the unique shrines in the world, Bangkok’s Phallic Shrine is a sight to behold. Tucked away in a forest behind a hotel, this shrine honors Chao Mae Tuptim, the female fertility goddess. On entering, one is greeted with pottery figurines of children, which then leads to a multitude of phalluses. This shrine is frequented by women who wish to conceive, and rumor has it that the success rate is incredibly high!

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Mae Nak Shrine

Mae Nak Shrine


Contrary to other shrines, this one is dedicated to the ghost Mae Nak, who died in childbirth while her husband was away at war. Refusing to leave the house, Nak waited for her husband to return. The day he realized he was living with his wife’s ghost, he fled to a temple leaving Mae Nak furious. She went on a rampage until a “ghost doctor” captured her spirit in a bottle.

This shrine in Wat Maha But is her burial ground where people visit to seek guidance and blessings. The shrine resembles a home and visitors leave behind garlands, colorful costumes, toys, milk bottles, and even diapers as offerings to both her and her child.

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Make sure you find time for a quick visit to these holy shrines and spirit houses as they form a large part of Thailand’s culture. Whatever be your reason, whether it’s wishing for prosperity, wisdom, health, or luck, or just because of curiosity, Thailand’s shrines are worth a visit, and they surely won’t leave you disappointed!


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