The Importance of Christian Fellowship

Fellowship is a relationship of a group of people which all have the same beliefs and coincide in within a purpose or a goal. It is essentially a partnership or a mutual agreement per se that have benefits for those who are involved.

A Christian fellowship is an understanding and a solidified relationship of Christians that God has allowed through Him. The Evangelical Church in Dubai believes that those who are united in His teaching and in His Spirit are privileged on the humbling relationship that is provided in a Christian fellowship.

We can all agree that we have been asked or we are the one who asked the question – What is the importance of a Christian fellowship? If we think about it, really think about it I mean, someone with a good mind and a good heart can give you a lot of answers to that question. But all you really need to know are these ones specifically.

It brings us closer to God

One of the Christian fellowship’s importance is that it brings us closer to God and most of all it give us a picture of His presence.  A Christian fellowship will help you understand the teachings and purpose while also showing us every aspect of how God is with us, in our lives, every single day. If you want your kids, if you have any, to have an invaluable relationship with God, you can encourage them to attend activities like Kids Church Classes.

It makes us stronger with our Faith

Naturally, being surrounded by people with strong beliefs and mindset in life as well as being in an uplifting environment can really make our own personality grow, it also strengthens our own beliefs and our faith in God. The people in the Christian fellowship are more than willing to offer support which strengthens our resolve to do better and to be better.

It helps us find encouragement

We all have those days where we feel like everything is a mess and most time we can’t pull ourselves back up. Being in a Christian fellowship can be helpful because it can be surprising to find that members of the group may also experience the same problems as you. This is where you both can mutually benefit with each other because you can support and understand one another through the difficult times.

It Reminds you that you are never alone

A fellowship can more than provide you with a connection to other people, it also provides you with a strong connection to God. And when you have those two strong connection, it reminds you that you will never be alone and that you are not the only one going through a tough event in your life. Together with your fellowship, you will face those hardships and struggles head on with God also being with you, which is what makes this fellowship important because God wants us to come together through His lessons as our guidance so that we are never truly alone with ourselves. We may be living as individuals but do realize that when you take all His lessons to heart He is always with you every step of the way.

It will help us grow as a whole

This is a great opportunity to have; being in a Christian fellowship can aid you in becoming a better person and coming together with good people with you is one way of growing personally as well as spiritually because being in a fellowship, other people will give you advice and teach you God’s lessons. Along the way, you will also take up on the responsibility in sharing your experiences and what you have learned along the way, imparting those you have acquired to other people who are still looking and have yet to find their purpose and goal in life.

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