The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

Germany is a unique country located in western Europe. Berlin, the capital, is definitely worth visiting, but don’t miss Bavaria in the south and the north of the country too. The whole country is gorgeous and there’s so much to see and do. You could easily spend 90 days here without even leaving Germany, let alone venturing into another European country!

The average person spends one week in Germany, but we like to take our time and explore all the country has to offer. We’ve been here several times for a total of two months, and we always find new things to see and do. One of the best parts is renting a car when we get here and driving along the Romantic Road.


Germany has an abundance of activities to do while you’re visiting, so much so that your main problem will be finding enough time to fit them all in.

Before finalizing your plans, look at our city guides for ideas on what amazing things each locale has to offer.

LEARN ABOUT PIRATES IN HAMBURG:  Hamburg is a city with a rich history, dating back to its days as one of the most important seaports in Germany. In those days, Hamburg was the center of merchant trade and received large ships on a daily basis – making it a prime target for pirates. Some of the most famous pirate names in history have graced the shores of Hamburg at one time or another, and there are no shortage of stories about their visits.

FOLLOW THE WWII HISTORY IN BERLIN: A trip to Berlin is emotionally and historically enriching, as the city takes you through WWII in Germany. Check out relics from the Berlin Wall and explore Checkpoint Charlie.

GO TO ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER: The most basic Bavarian town is Rothenberg, which is located along the Romantic Road and serves as a trip back to medieval Germany. Get lost in the narrow lanes of Rothenberg and absorb everything around you; do not forget about the medieval torture museum.

VISIT THE PRUSSIAN PALACES IN POTSDAM: A one-day excursion from Berlin is conceivable, but a longer stay will undoubtedly improve your experience. Visiting the Prussian Palaces in Potsdam is an unforgettable experience that will blow your mind. The design is not only magnificent, but it’s also instructive and fascinating. This was where German royalty began their illustrious reign.

SEE THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL IN NUREMBERG: Germany is renowned for hosting the best Christmas markets in Europe, with Nuremberg pridefully boasting the oldest market. At the beginning of December and until Christmas Day, The fabled Christmas angel appears in Main Square Market at random intervals – a real treat for everyone including young children!

TAKE A CYCLE TRIP: Cycling is a popular sport all across Europe, but only in Germany does it include the Elbe River Valley trail. This bike route is most popular in Germany and travels the Elbe River from the German-Czech Republic border to the North Sea shore. Along the route, you’ll see parts of Saxon Switzerland National Park.

GO HIKING IN THE BLACK FOREST: Situated on the edge of the Alps, Germany has many excellent hiking trails. If you’re looking for a great hike, look no further than Westwego Trail. The trail will take you through woods and moorland before descending into the River Murg Valley and then leading you right into the heart of Black Forest.

GO CASTLE HUNTING: If you’re looking for a fairy-tale vacation, Germany is the perfect place to explore. With hundreds of castles dotting the country, you’ll be spoilt for choice on which ones to visit. Of course, there are some classics that you shouldn’t miss (Neuschwanstein anyone?), but part of the fun is in discovering some of the lesser known -but often equally spectacular- castles too. So get planning your trip and see how many of these beauties you can check off your list!

VISIT DRESDEN: We were astonished by this city, as it was entirely ruined during WWII but has now been fully restored to its original state. Being full of German history and culture, the city is fascinating for anyone interested in learning more about the country.


BRATWURST: There’s no denying that Germans love their sausages, and Bratwurst is definitely one of the must-try options when you’re in the country. These pork sausages can be served either in buns or as a main dish, often accompanied by sides such as potatoes.

CURRYWURST: If you thought apple pie was the only food dish beloved by Germans, then you haven’t had Currywurst. It is sausage with chips and curry-flavored ketchup sauce, a simple yet delicious fast food meal.

SCHNITZEL: Schnitzel is a dish made by deep frying chicken, pork, or veal in a breadcrumb batter. It’s meaty and delicious.


OKTOBERFEST:Germany’s world-famous Oktoberfest is the ultimate beer drinking festival held annually at the end of September through early October. The best place to attend this event and truly experience all that it has to offer is in Munich, Bavaria – where it originated. During these weeks you can expect intense partying, celebrating German culture and cuisine while indulging in copious amounts of delicious beer. Keep in mind that prices will be expensive and availability low if you travel to Germany, specifically Munich, during this time of year. Even though it may be difficult, it’ll definitely be worth your while!

CHRISTMAS MARKETS: Every village, town, and city in Germany has its own Christmas market during the festive season. You may visit a number of wonderful Christmas markets in the major cities of Germany to satisfy your craving for Christmas cheer while purchasing unique souvenirs and treats. In Europe, Germany is home to several of the continent’s biggest and best Christmastime markets, making it an excellent spot to visit in the Winter.

CARNIVAL: Carnival is an exciting German festival that happens annually in February. It’s a time for people to relax and have fun before the onset of Lent and Easter. If you’re looking to experience Carnival, Cologne or Munich are great places to visit since the celebrations there are really spectacular.

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