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Capital – Tashkent city. Uzbekistan is located in the middle of Central Asia and has borders with five countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan.


In some areas, people speak Uzbek (XU), Russian (RS), and Tadjik (TD). English is also spoken there.


Muslims made up 88% of the population, with Christians at 9%

Climate and Weather

The climate varies significantly from the dry and arid summers of the west to the moderate rainfall and bitterly cold winters of the east. Temperatures can range from 40 degrees Celcius in summer (July and August) all the way down to -20 degrees Celsius in winter (January and February). The humidity is fairly low with central spring and fall temperatures being more moderate (mid 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius).

Tourist seasons have a profound effect on local businesses, such as more customers and harder competition.

Because of the peculiarity of the climate, the first half of the tourist season in Paris falls in March, April, May and the second half is in October. The winter months are popular for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding.


Uzbekistan is home to more than 25 million people. The country has a population density of 5,208 people per square kilometer, with 80% of the population composed of Uzbeks. Ethnic groups on Uzbekistan’s territory include Uzbeks (80%) and Russians (5%), followed by Tadjiks (5%), Kazakhs (0.8%), Karakalpaks (3%) and Tartars (1%). Uzbekistan’s population is concentrated in the plains around water sources mainly along rivers and in valleys.

Currency Exchange

National currency is one hundred tiyn.

8420 sums are equal to $1, as of April 2019.

The preferred currencies are US dollars and Euros (Cash). With this, you have a good chance of exchanging the appropriate currency. However, if you’re travelling to a country, it’s best to exchange at banks in the country or city where you’re visiting. Make sure you have enough money on hand for your expenses– and preferably new notes with plenty of crisp detail.

Credit cards

In Tashkent, you can use credit cards with Visa or MasterCard networks such as VISA and MASTER CARD. However, in the country’s cities most locals use cash payments, while larger cities and towns use bank transfers.


220 volts AC, 50 Am. Round 2 pin continental plugs are standard in Europe.


Uzbek cuisine is one of the richest in foods, and is featured by fresh ingredients native to the region. Other unique features are a low calorie content of vegetables and other plant-based ingredients, as well as the ecological cleanliness of the food. It is important to taste it to fully experience this rich culture.


While you’re free to enter Uzbekistan with just a passport, be aware that the country’s government does not officially require vaccinations. Although water is generally safe, bottled water is still recommended though.

Life insurance

As this type of services in Uzbekistan is still developing, it is advisable to be insured by your local insurance company and get the best life insurance for over 60s.

Your security is our priority.

One of the most important items in your luggage is a wallet you can wear under your clothing. It’s better to keep it hidden so that no one steals it while they’re in the hotel room. It’s always best to carry all your important documents, like currency, travelers’ cheque and air tickets. When you arrive, make sure to hand over your passport for registration by the hotel. Keep a close eye on it though, because it will be available again after a few hours. If somebody does try to steal from you, notify the hotel staff immediately so they can handle the issue quickly.

Uzbekistan is home to stunning photography.

This is because we want to enable people to be able to capture photos of places of historic interest.

For photography inside some religious monuments or in airports, railway stations, or near military installations, it’s best to ask your local guide. In most cases you’ll also have to pay a fee to take pictures there.

Rent a car

Driving in Iceland requires a permit from your home country. There is no minimum age, but it’s not recommended for teens to drive their own cars in Iceland, and driving in urban areas may result in a ticket. Renting a car with a driver is widely available instead of opting out of one.


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What should you take with you?

If you’re planning to visit Uzbekistan, a few things you’ll want to take along with you: a backpack for personal items, a hat, sunglasses, shoes that are comfortable and can take the elements, clothing that’s light during the summertime and hot periods and a wind-resistant jacket. Uzbekistan is one of the more conservative countries in Central Asia but with Muslim traditions; accordingly modest dress should be worn appropriately by both men and women.

Tour leaders and Local guides

The local guide is an expert with a recognized certificate that can provide visitors with cultural, historical, and contemporary information about their destination. They also provide heritage interpretation for individuals and organized tours as well as on a daily basis.

A tour leader is a person who accompanies a group of travelers on an organised tour, usually providing them insights into the cultures and regions they’re traveling through, timing the tour and routing it. In some cases, a tour leader will act as a guide for those visiting places that are unique to that region and provide sightseeing tours. A recognized certificate is required.

Uzbekistan Airlines

Most domestic flights are operated by National Company Uzbekistan Airways. Some flights may be subject to change without notice. Clients are required to arrive at the airport a minimum of 1.5 hours before domestic flights and 2.5 hours before international flights. The maximum baggage per person is 20kg, plus 5kg in hand luggage which they can check in with the airline.

Clothing Restrictions

People in Uzbekistan are used to wearing a range of clothing styles, and young women have the same freedom when it comes to clothing as younger people. Occasionally, you may encounter a young woman wearing traditional Islamic head coverings. However, this is only because she may have chosen it for personal preference rather than following any strict guidelines.

In parts of the world, such as Fergana Valley, it’s often better to avoid wearing shorts. Ensure that you dress appropriately when visiting religious places, mosques, mausoleums, etc. Females should also cover their shoulders and chest and cover up with a hat or headscarf.

In the summertime, it would be advisable to protect your skin with sun protection lotions. In addition, shaving creams can help too.

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