Top 7 Best Day Trips You Can Take from Paris

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If you have a few extra days to spare while visiting Paris take a day trip. Keep reading for top 7 best day trips you can take from Paris.


Did you know Paris is the largest Airbnb market in the world? That shows how much the City of Love has to offer to the millions of visitors each year.

From gastronomic extravaganzas and unrivaled cuisines to famous artworks and landmarks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Once you’ve exhausted the must-do sites, however, you might consider venturing further outside the city and discover top day trip spots.

Read on for the top seven best day trips you can take from Paris:

1. Disneyland

Situated about 40 km from Paris, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss a day trip to Disneyland. Hop on a shuttle from Paris and enjoy an amazing 343 rides together with your kids.

Have an awesome time with Mickey and friends on the myriad of roller coasters. Enjoy a show where the real magic happens in the Walt Disney Studio Park.

Disneyland Paris is a perfect day trip option for the entire family, with child-friendly rides and full-on thrill rides for the adults.

The easiest way to get to Disneyland is by taking the RER commuter train. Those who prefer driving themselves can take advantage of the plentiful parking spaces and maintained roads. However if you have had the unfortunate experience of someone hitting your car while it was parked, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. In case you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident that occurred in an intersection, check that article to find out how to get experienced legal representation from a firm that understands the challenges you face because of your injuries, you can always call the experienced accident attorneys at Bengal Law.

Most families prefer visiting during Christmas and Halloween, when the park puts up decorations for the holiday season.

2. Giverny and Monet’s Gardens

The charming village of Giverny is 75km from the city of Paris. The village’s artistic environment is famous for being the source of inspiration to some of the most renowned Impressionist painters.

Stroll between the pictorial pathways and past Hotel Baudy, where Renoir and Manet worked.

Then, visit Monet’s garden, where Claude Monet, one of the most influential painters in history, lived.

It was at this home where Monet poured hours of effort to produce some of his most famous works, such as the renowned water lily paintings.

Currently, Monet’s magical gardens, together with Musée des Impressionnismes, are some of the most visited day trips. They host a whopping half a million visitors every year.

Consider packing a picnic and eating lunch viewing the iconic Japanese bridge replica featured in Monet’s exquisite work.

Once you’re satisfied viewing the gorgeous gardens, you can visit the fascinating American Museum of Art.

You can reach Giverny by train, getting off at Vernon station and taking a 20-minute bus ride.

It’s advisable to visit this adorable place during the summer and spring when the gardens start blooming.

3. Chablis and North Burgundy

France is well-known for its great tasting wine.  There’s no better way to experience this than taking a day trip from Paris by train to the Chablis and Burgundy wineries. This is actually where some of the best-tasting wine comes from. The best italian wine regions can be found here, don’t miss the chance!

Explore beautiful countrysides and stunning chateaus on your way to discovering the rich wine heritage of the region.

Have a chance to learn the winemaking process. You’ll learn the steps, from the harvesting of grapes and the fermentation process. You’ll even see how wineries store wine in cellars and barrels and end the day by sampling some of the best wine in the region. Take a look at these great wine fridges uk for all the wines you’ll buy in France.

The village of Chablis is a 2-hour drive from the French Capital. The various sights you visit will make your day-trip unforgettable.

4. Fontainebleau Palace and Park

Situated an estimated 75km from the South of Paris City, Fontainebleau is the home to the renowned Château de Fontainebleau.

Featuring more than 1500 rooms, it served as a visiting place for the 7 royal dynasties for seven consecutive centuries.

The French monarchs inhabited Fontainebleau’s surround forest beginning from the 13th century onwards.

A tour of this beautiful castle offers an amazing chance to explore the four museums that hold masterpieces from the era. It’ll satisfy both architecture and history buffs.

Nature-lovers will enjoy miles of hiking trails in the ancient park and the palace’s surrounding forest.

Confined in the Fontainebleau forest is the Barbizon, a town famous for producing some of the best painters in history, like Millet.

Consider visiting during the warm season to fully appreciate the gardens and their ornate landscaping.

5. Versailles Palace and Gardens

Formerly the home of King Louis XIV, Versailles is 23km from Paris. Versailles invites you for a dazzling day-trip with its marvelous castle and beautiful gardens.

At the entrance, you’re welcomed by a bronze statue of Louis XIV and the startling beauty of the Chapelle Palatiale.

Consider touring the castle’s most iconic rooms known as the Hall of Mirrors.

It’s in the Hall of Mirrors room where the signing of the Versailles treaty took place, ending World War II.

Make sure you check out the remarkable chapels and the main chateau chambers, the Queen’s Farm, lakes of the gardens, and the Galerie des Carrosses.

To get there, take the commuter line train direct to Versailles. Consider visiting in the early spring and fall, when crowds are smaller. Visit early in the day to avoid the queueing for long.

Plan a day trip today and discover all that Paris and its surrounding areas have to offer.

6. Rouens

Rouens’ half-timbered houses and paved streets are something you don’t want to miss during your day-trip from Paris.

The Norman city of Rouen is also known to have inspired the most renowned famous French artists, such as Monet and Pissarro.

On the way, stop by the gorgeous Seine Valley to make your trip unforgettable.

Stroll through the historical city and marvel at the prestigious Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Rouen.

Check out one of the most celebrated Museum of Fine Arts in the region. Explore hundreds of masterpieces of glorious paintings, sculptures, and intricate drawings from the world’s best-known artists.

7. Mont Saint-Michel

Located a kilometer off the Normandy coast, the rocky island is one of the best Paris day trips.

As a world heritage site, Mont Saint-Michel is a superb island to explore ancient structures, such as the towering abbey and the stunning surrounding bay.

On your way through the French countryside, you’ll get the chance to explore traditional Norman villages. A drive to Mont Saint-Michel will take almost 4 hours but provide you with stunning views along the way.

Discover the Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris is among the most visited destinations worldwide. Exploring all that the city has in store could take days if not weeks.

However, if the hustle and bustle of the French Capital has started wearing you down, don’t worry. The above list of the best day trips from Paris offer you a chance to experience another beautiful side of France.

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