Top 7 Chinese Street Foods You Should Try at Least Once

street foods in china

Chinese cuisine has gained immense popularity with people across the globe. The most interesting part is that this cuisine is extremely flexible and the variations have been adapted well in different parts of the world. However, authentic Chinese cuisine has a taste and flavor of its own, which cannot be obtained anywhere.

If you are a tourist visiting China for the first time, you will have many things going on in your mind. Once you fill up the China visa application form for obtaining China visa, you can start preparing for the journey. And the best way to start preparations is by reading about the place. Right from making a checklist of the important places to visit, you must also check out the different places of accommodation as per your budget and similar things. Also you must make a list of local dishes that are must try in the country.

Now that you have got your visa for China, head to the awesome country. Mentioned below are some amazing street foods of China that are a must try in the country:

  • Snake meat
snake meat

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Usually the first impression on hearing about this food is not so pleasant. But, believe it or not, it is one of the most popular dishes particularly in the Guilin area. If you want to have an idea about the taste of the dish, it tastes like grilled fish almost. So if not told, you might think that you are enjoying grilled fish freshly caught from the Li River. Deep fried veggies usually accompany this dish.

  • Chicken and duck feet
street food in china

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Suppose you are looking for some food that you can conveniently pack and take on your train journey. Chicken and duck feet are probably the most convenient and yummy dish that you can pack for the ride. This dish is very spicy and delicious. If taken at an eatery, you can enjoy this food with chilled beer. The dish is deep fried followed by steaming and then finally stewed.

  • Baked sweet potatoes
street foods in china

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Now that you have become bored of chicken and pork and fish and shrimps, it is time to taste some vegetarian dish. Baked sweet potatoes are a very popular street food in China and loved by locals as well as by tourists. These are baked in large barrels by the street side and served. They are dry but extremely soft and tasty. Enjoy these as snacks with tea or soy milk.

  • Baozi
street foods in china

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If you want to taste the best dumplings of the world, you have to eat it from roadside eateries in China. Popularly known as Baozi, these are actually traditional Chinese dumplings. They are available in steamed form as well as in fried form as per the demand of the customer. The filling of the dumpling is what is most interesting. Generous amounts of meat (chicken, beef or pork) and vegetables (sweet corn, chives, chopped carrot, steamed peas etc) are used in the filling, making it really tasty as well as filling. While serving, Baozi is served with sesame oil, soy-based sauce, vinegar and chili.

  • Snails with beer
street foods in china

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When you are looking for the most popular dishes of Guilin, you are sure to find snails in the same. The snails are served in the shell, making a unique presentation. Talking of the taste, snails taste like minced beef. Beer is the main ingredient in which the snails are cooked. Also this dish goes best with a bottle of chilled beer. If you are not much into spicy food, this dish will be a difficult one for you.

  • Youtiao
street foods in china

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Breakfast in China is also quite unique with dishes like youtiao. Bread sticks made from dough are quite common food globally. These breadsticks are deep fried in China and known as youtiao and are a favorite for breakfast. They are served hot with soy milk or rice congee.

  • Fried rice or noodles

You would probably create a sin if you visit China and do not taste the fried rice or fried noodles on the roadside eateries. Local people in the country are expert in making fried rice and noodles with bean curd and vegetables. The rice is usually served in a bowl with vegetables and meat as toppings. Adding of bean curd makes the dish yummier. The same applies for noodles as well.

All these street foods are prepared in hygienic manner and you can eat them without any hesitation. They are fresh and taste and smell great. They are so delicious that they will leave you craving for more surely! While international travel is still restricted, you can satisfy your Chinese food cravings by dining in or ordering a takeout from your local Asian restaurant.

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