Travel Resources

Below is the collection of all the websites and resources that I use during my travel and some ways on how to sustain a life of travel. I’d like to request if you could bookmark this page and check back before you travel for an up-to-date list of resources that could help you.

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate. This means that if you use them, and purchase or make a booking, I will get a small commission. It does not cost you anything extra when used these affiliate links. I personally use below resources because I believe that they are the best of the best and they extremely help me in all my travels. If you end up using them, thank you! Your support goes a long way, as I’ll be able to keep this website up and running and continue giving helpful tips to all my readers.





My top pick in finding a cheapest possible flight. It’s a free flight search tool that helps me find cheap flights and flight deals with popular airlines around the globe.

Google Flights

google flights logo

try-it-now-buttonSame as Skyscanner, google flights is user-friendly and a great free flight search engine to helps me compare and track airfares on hundreds of airlines to find the best flight deals.


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Most major flight search engines aren’t covered all budget airlines. Whichbudget is my go-to guy in finding a low-cost, charter and traditional airlines.



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Before going to other online booking accommodations, I try to use Booking first. It has the lowest prices and larger worldwide selection. They also have free cancellation, and often no reservation fee needed which is a big bonus especially to those who don’t own a credit card.


agoda logo


Agoda isn’t as complete a booking service as others, but it has the best and lowest prices and a larger selection. They also accept all major credits cards and Paypal, which I like because I don’t own any credit card so it’s easier for me to pay via Paypal.


tripadvisor logocheck-it-out-button

You can find hostels, smaller B&Bs, and guesthouses via Tripadvisor that you can’t find on the bigger sites. However, the review system isn’t accurate but it’s still a great resource, most especially in less popular destinations


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The most popular amongst backpackers, Couchsurfing is a travel community where you can find locals to stay with for free, or host backpackers traveling in your city. It’s also a great avenue to meet other travelers and find or plan events. You can sign up here!


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Airbnb allows you to lease or rent short-term lodging including apartments, homestays, holiday cottages, hostel, and hotel rooms. You can usually ask for a discount if you’re staying for a week of months. If this is your first time to Airbnb, you can get $20 off your first stay by using my referral link.


World Nomads

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World Nomads is the best and only global travel insurance I know of. No hassle in booking and the prices are some of the most competitive in the travel insurance industry. Other travel insurance company doesn’t allow you to book or extend your insurance while you’re on the road – something World Nomads allows. I’d recommend buying travel insurance every time you travel and World Nomads is my top choice.





Globe Trooper is an online portal helping users find tips and information on all things travel related.


wikitravel logo


One of the most exciting parts of traveling is the planning stage. This is also the part where Wikitravel is my top go-to online travel guide. It’s an open source guide with updated information on attractions, what to do, places to visit, hotels, restaurants and travel tips written by travelers from around the globe.


rome2rio logo


The easiest way to get an overview of your journey is to use Rome2rio, simply put the location in the search bar and it will give you all your options. It covers cars, buses, ferry, and plane routes. This is very useful during planning.

Airfare Watchdog



Airfare Watchdog is an airfare deal website on finding cheap flights by tracking prices with their fare watcher alert system. Sign up for their newsletter for free to get latest deals straight to your inbox.

In Your Pocket

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In Your Pocket is a free guide tool that is very helpful and easy to navigate. They list down all the places to stay, eat, things to do, event, etc. They will also list down the results by neighborhood so it’s easy to find things around the area.

Nomad List

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Nomad List is a great tool for budgeting especially for Digital Nomads and Long-term travelers. This tool will help you to know which cities are the best cities to live or work remotely based on cost of living, internet speed, weather, safety and other metrics.


love holidays

Loveholidays is one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the UK. They offer a fantastic range of cheap holidays to short and long haul destinations, from all inclusive getaways to the Canaries to exotic beach breaks in Cuba. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, family or with friends, with 1000s of holidays on offer it’s easy to find a holiday you’ll love



bluehost logo

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Bluehost is where I currently host my travel blog. Since I started blogging, I haven’t got any issues with Bluehost. They have a good customer service to help you with your concern, even on the initial setup of your website. So if you’re not a techy person, you can easily create your own website with Bluehost. I’ve been extremely satisfied with their service, reliability, and support. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending them.

Prices are among the most competitive. They have suitable hosting plans for newbies starting at $2.95 per month. If you’re interested to start your own blog and earn money while traveling, check my free step-by-step tutorial on starting your own blog.



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I used Mailchimp when I started blogging to organize my email list and connect with my website’s subscribers. Mailchimp is extremely useful, easy to navigate with a drag-and-drop feature. Free for up to 2,000 website’s subscribers.


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After my email list grew over 2,000 subscribers, I shifted from Mailchimp to Convertkit. It’s for me the best email marketing and automation solution for professional bloggers. The system is simple yet powerful and features useful segmenting and marketing tools.


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I use Dropbox to backup all my articles, files for presentation, and other important documents. You can install it on your computer and it can automatically sync to your account so you can access it anywhere. It’s fast, easy to integrate, and free. I’d recommend signing up for your account now.


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Hootsuite is my one-stop-shop for all my social media channels. It allows me to schedule all my post using one platform only. It saves me a lot of time, as I don’t need to be on social media 24/7. It’s convenient and free.



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Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for freelancers. It is primarily used to offer services to customers worldwide, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. Most of the jobs involve technical skills such as graphic designing, programming, writing, online marketing, video & animation creation, and many more. I also use Fiverr whenever I need odd jobs done on my website.

Travel Blogging


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This is not easy and it demands a lot of time and effort. You need to be well-informed, inspired and established on social media, as there are many travel websites that do a great job of engaging readers, and breaking into the niche can be a bit difficult. Start your travel blog by getting your own domain name and hosting site. You can also enroll in Nomadicmatt’s Superstar Blogging to become a professional travel blogger.  




Teaching English is one of the most common jobs for foreigners or traveler to sustain their travel. It is an in-demand job in non-English countries, especially Southeast Asian countries. Sign up here to get certified.

Check out my blog post on ways on how to earn money while traveling to Southeast Asia.