The Ultimate Backpacking Checklist for Travelling

If you’re planning on to take up a travelling journey soon, the time is right to think about what and how to pack according to your trip and destination. Travelling in its own way is an experience filled with new encounters, fun times and exhaustion altogether. To ensure your upcoming travelling expedition goes hassle free, one must always do some prior research on what to pack and let the preparations be smooth before hitting the road.

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  • Travel Documents Organizer

Wherever you plan or travelling, be it International or within the city; one has to carry a few basic documents to assure easy access to your destination. These include passports, Tickets, Licenses, Health certificates, Permits etc. This normally is a small zipper bag, with few slots and compartments to organize your important items.

backpacking checklist asia

  • Important Clothes

Whether you’re travelling for a Leisure trip or work trip one must pack the basic set of clothes, which suits the weather requirements and your trip needs.

Pack according to the number of days you’re travelling, with more amount of Tops, nice and comfy graphic hoodies, and a few Jeans or Bottoms which can easily be mixed and matched for the daily wear. 

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  • Footwear

Keep a limited amount of foot wear, one basic flip flops, one formal shoes and one comfortable sneakers such as those yeezy boost 500 releases. One must always keep one good quality and secure pair of shoe.
backpacking checklist asia

  • Toiletry Essentials

The most important items to keep you fresh and hygienically clean are the basic toiletries required on a daily basis. These include toothbrush, Soaps, napkins, Moisturizing creams, makeup wipes, Deodorants and fragrances. All these must be carried in small sizes which are properly sealed to avoid any dripping. All these items must be packed in a specific toiletry bag to keep it away from other essentials.

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  • Tech- Electronics

In today’ time of technological advancement where our lives are all synced with the basic use of Technological items such Mobile phones, chargers and adapters. While one travels, to stay connected with the world with Internet, GPS, Navigation and helpful Apps to keep one updated to the world while you’re in some other parts of the world or busy travelling.

Laptops and other portable devices such as smart phones along with spare batteries and chargers and the two-three pin plugs are essential for daily Use.

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  • Camera Kit for Perfect Photography

Capturing moments while you’re travelling is one of the basic look out to make the most of your special travelling moments. Every new place, new destination has its own set of scenic beauty, historical places and unique places that always need to be captured. With the help of professionals, such as the Best family photographers in London, you’ll be able to capture those moments with perfection. If you’re a diving enthusiast, an underwater photography expert can accompany you to take beautiful photos of you and the marine ecosystem.

From a basic camera bag that includes your digital camerasDSLR cameras, different portable cameras, led panel lights, portable light and lenses, memory card, data cables and Tripod Stand to allow ease of capturing photo’s on the go.

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  • Aid- Essential Kit

To keep your health on track and to avoid any unforeseen events, one must always carry the basic Aid essentials on the go. These include basic medicines, bandages and swabs, Mosquito repellent and wipes to fix any unexpected circumstances.

If you happen to take a medicine that might have caused you a great ordeal of suffering, then calling on a drug injury attorney can be incredibly beneficial for you. 

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  • Nutrition based items

One must always carry small packs of nutrient based food items, in limited proportion. These include snacks, Granola bars and basic snacks. If you don’t what to eat or bring yet, you can always check out a healthy eating guide online.backpacking asia

  • Comfort Gear

Travelling itself gets one exhausted. To keep yourself energetic basic relaxing tools to give you a quick relief is a must have. These include Eye masks, ear plugs, sleeping bags, and neck pillows to allow to take your power naps any time anywhere.

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  • Entertainment Kit

Whether you’re on a plane or travelling via train or the road, one has to keep itself occupied with different sorts of leisure stuff that involves around fun and entertainment. This includes reading novels, listening to songs through your iPod or smartphone, carrying board games, playing free bingo games, Notebook/Pens, skimming through your favorite magazines and headphones to get your music involved wherever you go. You can also download mp3 to be able to listen to music even when you’re offline.

backpacking asia

There you go! Do you have your own backpacking checklist items that you think must be included on this list? Share your thoughts below. Happy Traveling! 

All photos are from Marc Henderson of Daraz

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