Ultimate Travel Guide: Tips on New Zealand Travel

Do you need Wi-Fi in New Zealand?

Even if you’re not taking a trip abroad, you may want to stay connected with friends and family during your travels. A cell phone connection or public Wi-Fi will ensure that you can still stay on top of things.

Wi-Fi is commonly a part of modern life for many people. However, it can be hard to find in city environments where there are many people crowded together like at cafes or libraries. As long as you stay in the cities that have places like these locations, you’ll enjoy wireless connectivity at the comfort of your hotel or accommodation.

We all have our favorite travel apps. For me, they are the ones that can provide useful information without access to the internet. Lisa gives us her top picks and some quick tips on how they can help when traveling.

Top New Zealand Travel Tip

Remember to download anything that you need before you leave places with Wi-Fi.

This tip is particularly helpful when it comes to using offline maps. Traveling without an internet connection is a lot easier if you have everything you need, such as travel apps, downloaded and stored in advance. Yes, sometimes it really pays to be organized when you’re traveling!

What type of power adapter do I need for New Zealand?

Many travelers struggle to use electronic devices on international flights unless they are aware of the difference between power sockets. Luckily, New Zealand also has an angled two- or three-pin plug, so there is no need for an adaptor. Furthermore, a portable charger would be a great item to bring along with you if you’re planning on taking a road trip or living out your “van life” dreams.

What is the currency in New Zealand?

One of the currencies used in New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar. Check to make sure you’re bringing the amounts needed. With no restrictions on taking out or carrying money, you may need a Border Cash Report once you’ve entered the country. Find out more about what to expect when coming to New Zealand before your visit.

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards because they can be used in New Zealand. You can withdraw money from your account through an ATM on almost every street corner, but be sure to tell your bank about any travel plans. Banks have a policy for fraud prevention and will freeze your account if it is being used overseas, so let them know of your travel plans and don’t get caught out.

Top New Zealand Travel Tip

It’s always good to have a couple ways of accessing your money if something goes wrong. It’s an easy way to not only keep track of your expenses, but also to ensure you have enough money in case something happens. If you’re traveling with a travel currency card, the issuer might supply you with two cards as a backup; keep them in different places so they can’t be stolen or lost.

What’s the weather like in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s North Island experiences a moderate climate due to its subtropical climate. The warmest period of the year is in January and February, when temperatures are generally in the mid-twenties. The South Island has a warmer climate than the North and therefore has less snowfall. However, both islands experience snowfall in winters with temperatures as cold as 10°C (14°F).

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Different parts of New Zealand can experience quick shifts in the daily weather. For example, on a clear and sunny day, it may be warm, but can quickly turn cold as the day goes on. Always pack warm layers for your hikes or outdoor activities. If you want to find great New Zealand holiday ideas across the different seasons, here’s Bailey from Destinationless Travel with her summer and winter favorites.

Would you like to explore the sights in New Zealand with a group?

One of the best ways to see New Zealand is by going on a tour. A tour can be the perfect way for you to spend some time in this country without having to worry about finding places to stay or doing any planning yourself. This eliminates any stress and helps you get out there and experience everything, while meeting new people along the way! There are many tour operators who offer different tours that can suit your interests, age group, and budget. Try looking for tours with people aged 18-31, or try looking into group tours that incorporate fun nights out.

Is it safe for someone to travel solo in New Zealand?

Solo travel can be a great way to escape the stress of life and enjoy the natural surroundings. Even though New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world, it also provides you with plenty of independence to give yourself a honeymoon from your busy schedule.

New Zealand

Traveling to New Zealand as a solo traveler? As a first-time visitor, there are some different considerations that you’ll want to know about. The bus network is extensive and quality hostels are found in most major towns. Don’t forget to check the Australian government’s smartraveller.gov.au for recent NZ travel advice for Australian travelers, to familiarize yourself with local laws and key contacts, and to understand why they recommend travel insurance cover. For Cover More, you can get an online quote now.

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