Where to Go in Montana and Wyoming?

Montana, also called Big Sky Country, is one of the spectacular destinations for all the people desiring outdoor beauty. The state is loaded with natural parks, wildlife, and mesmerizing scenery. Along with this, there are a lot of cities with cowboy culture. If you plan to visit Montana, here are some not to miss places.

  • Great Falls

In the center of Montana- there is Great Falls. This destination is also referred to as the Electric City. Keep in consideration that Great Falls is also considered a stopping point while driving across Montana. However, the city also offers a lot for tourists. You can spend your day visiting the Ryan Dam boasting miles of hiking trails. Walk along the Missouri River and have information regarding American history at State Park and Clark National Interpretive Center.

  • Missoula

Missoula is the second largest of Montana’s cities and home to the sub-campus of the University of Montana. The place is the hub of rail travel, and you’ll admire the preserved and historic railway stations. If you are a history lover, visit Missoula Art Museum, Caras Park Carousel, and the most demanding Roxy Theater.

Through the center of Missoula, the Clark Fork River flows with the hub of recreational activities. Stroll around the waterfront trail and try rafting down the river for a remarkable experience. You can also head downtown to excellent eateries, breweries, and outlets for snagging attractive souvenirs.

  • Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park is Montana’s most impressive and oldest park. It is located outside of Three Forks providing multiple things to do for all ages. The caverns of the gardens are made up of limestone representing beautiful columns, stalagmites, and stalactites.

A guided tour can go over a massive ground and take you down 600 steps; notice the cool air for first-time visitors. Along with the caverns themselves, Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park are open throughout the year. You can enjoy hiking, spot wildlife, enjoy a scenic picnic and go canoeing to bring memories that last long.

Where to go in Wyoming?

Half of Wyoming is significantly designated as public land. However, the Cowboy State is one of the best destinations for people looking to explore the natural beauty of the American West. If you are thinking, what should I know before moving to Wyoming? Remember that all the best places to visit in Wyoming come with spectacular landscapes for remarkable experiences.

  • Fossil Butte National Monument

Thousands of years ago, three lakes of southwest Wyoming were covered and converted into a massive desert. The fossils of the lake proved that there were a wide variety of species of plants, fishes, and animals. Fossil Butte National Monument, located 15 miles west of the city is, featuring a butte rising 300 meters above the lake bed. You’ll find the fossils all over the butte. Moreover, the visitors can also join the paleontologists for digging in the summers.

  • Whitefish

A city- gateway to Glacier National Park is a fantastic resort destination of Whitefish, just north of Kalispell. Whitefish is located in Flathead Valley, and it was created by glacier activity. The best thing about Whitefish is that the freshwater is in abundance and dotted with stunning streams and lakes.

A lot of attractions in Whitefish are naturally providing the best outdoor opportunity. You can have fishing at Whitefish lake, kayak along the Flathead River, and ski at the mountain resort. Moreover, the area provides the best local golf courses.

  • Cody

A visit to Wyoming is uncompleted without exploring the cowboy heritage. The city of Cody is an ideal place to dig into the past. The town is located near Yellowstone, and it was founded in 1887 by Buffalo Bill Cody. In the center of Cody, there are five Western-themed museums enriched with engaging exhibits and artifacts of William F. Cody’s colorful life. One must-see attraction is the Old Trail Town featuring over 25 restored Western buildings. Furthermore, Cody is also known as the Rodeo Capital of the World, holding rodeos every night during the summer season.

  • Jackson Hole

The upscale Jackson Hole resort is located near Wyoming’s border with Idaho. It’s an outpost for trappers by the region’s fur-bearing animals. If you are there, don’t miss visiting a river basin at the Teton Range, attracting visitors every season. In summer, Rafting in the Snake River is quite popular. However, in winter, with over 500 inches of snow, the place is a favorite skiing destination for all.

Moreover, the City of Jackson is not just the incorporated town in the valley. There are many homes, resorts, and communities surrounded all over the valley. You must stay a night here and dine with delicious dishes ranging from barbeque cookouts to cuisines such as elk chops, wild salmon, and buffalo burgers.

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