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Did you know that Vietnam sees over 15 million international tourists each year? If you’ve never been to Asia before and live in a Western nation, you may be unfamiliar with what to anticipate because the cultures might be so distinct. The good news is that a little research can go a long way toward lending you the confidence you need to have a wonderful time. Are you looking for suggestions on what to wear in Vietnam? Continue reading for eight must-know Vietnamese fashion tips

Vietnamese Clothing Is a Conservative Niche


Despite the fact that contemporary Vietnamese attire is more laid-back than in the past, the nation is still modest. In big cities, you may dress more freely since western cultures have had a great deal of influence in urban areas. If your shoulders and knees are covered and your textiles aren’t too thin, you should be able to fit in just fine.

A lovely hamlet must be part of every trip to Vietnam. People in rural areas are far more conservative, so you’ll want to dress more modest to be polite. A huge scarf is a fantastic choice since it may always be used to cover your shoulders or turn into a long skirt.

Wear Light, Breathable Fabrics


Vietnamese clothing is often conservative, but the weather in Vietnam can be very hot and humid. It’s critical to find breathable materials that can dry quickly if you perspire while covering up and remaining cool during your trip. Denim is a popular fabric among Vietnamese people who live in cities, yet following this trend may make sightseeing unpleasant since it is so heavy.

Flip Flops and Comfortable Sneakers Are a Must

 Flip flops are not only stylish, but they can be used for a variety of purposes while in Vietnam. Flip flops are easy to remove and put on, and they keep you cool. It’s customary to take off your shoes before visiting religious sites or Vietnamese homes.

For people who will be walking a lot, supportive sneakers are crucial. To avoid painful feet, pick shoes with good arch support and cushioning. If appearances matter to you, check out this article on how to select comfortable and attractive travel shoes.

A Rain Jacket and Hat Can Protect You from the Elements


Packing some waterproof gadgets can help you stay dry and cool in Vietnam, which has a hot and humid climate. A huge hat is ideal for protecting your scalp and face from the sun’s powerful rays. Sunglasses are another item that may improve your travels. You can find £6 glasses on https://6poundglasses.co.uk so make sure to check out their products. However, for a fashionable eyeglass frame style, you can choose from the Specs Direct shop.

Although it may rain at any time in Vietnam, certain months are known for being wet. The monsoon season extends from April to September, with a peak during June and July. Northern Vietnam can be cold throughout the winter, so you could encounter dense fog and chilly rain anytime between December and January.

When you visit temples and other significant locations,


If you go to a temple or other place of worship in Vietnam, you must dress modestly and cover your shoulders and knees. Although you don’t have to wear full-length skirts or pants, you should still try to conceal at least 3 inches below your knees. Carrying a big scarf might be useful for this as well.

Bathing Suits that are Modest will Allow You to Enjoy the Beaches More Easily.


Wearing revealing swimsuits, going topless, or even going naked is quite common among western cultures. Although you are permitted to take off your clothing at the beach, make sure you have a modest swimming suit on underneath. Women may wear complete-coverage bikinis, while men will look fine in loose swimming trunks. If you want to go for a long walk along the water, pack a coverup in case it rains.

Pack a Discreet Bag to Avoid Pickpocketing


In a country as safe as Vietnam, tourists must be cautious about pickpocketing at all times. Bringing a tiny bag to store your personal belongings can assist you avoid unwanted attention. Wearing a bag that can be wrapped or clipped around your body might deter people from snatching it.

A good travel idea is to keep a few napkins or wet wipes in your luggage since they may be tough to come by while you’re on the road. Wiping away your perspiration and feeling clean while traveling can be made easier with these items on hand.

Make moving easier and safer by trying to pack lightly.


If you’re under a lot of pressure to choose the ideal Vietnam clothing, you might pack too much. You may only need a few different pieces of clothing that you can mix and match based on how long your trip is. When traveling to a new country can be an overwhelming experience, having less clothes to carry around makes things much easier.

Another advantage of packing light is that it will allow you to bring home some beautiful Vietnamese clothing. Because Vietnam is recognized for its inexpensive bespoke clothes, you’ll have a lot of fun shopping for a few new outfits.

Keep an eye on your valuables.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your valuables while traveling. However, in Vietnam, you should pay close attention to your belongings when out and about. We’ve seen tourists standing beside the road with a camera in one hand while looking down at their phone far too many times. It isn’t uncommon for bike thieves to ride past on a scooter and attempt to snatch your valuables from your hands. Your most valued possessions might be gone in no time.

Be mindful of the weather

The weather might have an impact on your Vietnam vacation. Before making a booking, be cautious about the weather and location you want to visit. If you’re going away to chase the sun, for example, avoid northern Vietnam from December through March because temperatures dip as low as 10°C. Avoid traveling to beaches in southern Vietnam during the rainy season, which generally lasts from May to November.

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