5 Best Tips For Traveling With Friends


‘In life, it is not where you go; it is who you travel with – Charles Schulz’

Traveling is more than incredible, and when you get to travel with your friends, there is no better feeling.

Your friends can both become the best company and contribute to your trip in the most epic way, or they can merely ruin the trip, leaving you irritated and making you think you would have gone with family or even alone.

I am a frequent traveler, and I have tried various trips, ranging from a few days to weeks, and I would like to believe that I have become slightly better at it. So yes, I have had some amazing adventures so far!

Here I have compiled a list of some fabulous travel hacks that you should keep in mind when traveling with friends. Read on to discover more about it:

  • Take Care of Everyone’s Choice

This is the first and foremost thing before you begin to plan any further. At first, you all need to decide your travel destination and mutually agree on one.

Once you are done deciding the location, it does not mean just because you have chosen a location with mutual consent that you all want to try the same activities or do similar things for fun. For example, if you agree on France so the first thing that comes in mind is the southern beaches and the second thing is old architecture. You may think of it as beaches for six days and one day for the sightseeing (including old architecture and everything.) Well, it is possible that your friend does not agree with you, s/he may be thinking entirely opposite, and this is where the conflict comes.

It happened to me when I went to Greece with my friends. We decided to try a lot of stuff together, but once we got there, my friends wanted nothing but party. They used to party all night and sleep all day. I, on the other hand, wanted to explore the city including its beaches as well as ruins.

Take the time to discuss the activities you and your friends want to do and then compromise. For instance, if your friends want to book Tournament of Roses Parade Packages, finds the details online and look for other activities or tourist spots near the parade.

  • You Can Plan Separate Activities

It is not necessary that you plan everything together as a group activity; you can plan your favorite activities separately as well. This is a mistake that I have made several times. I had this in mind that just because we are traveling together, we need to do everything together as one. This is where I was wrong. For example, you can all go on Grand Canyon tours but you may also try separate activities before or after the tour.

Everyone has different choices and taste, and not everyone likes what you like; therefore, it is always a good idea to plan a few things separately. For instance, if you go to Cairo and everyone else wants to party and you want some sightseeing or shopping, you can take your hoverboard or scooter and hit the nearby places.

Your adventurous friends may want to try a zip line or bungee jumping while some may prefer a relaxing day at the spa or explore the Old West Trains.

You must be thinking if a hoverboard can explode? So no, it cannot. It is safe to use and is something quite easy to carry around wherever you go.

  • Always Be Flexible

As any relationship goes, you will get to see a lot of ups and downs. When you are traveling with your friends, you get to experience a lot of highs and lows as well. So the best way to make everything work is COMPROMISE. Learn to be flexible and stick to it.

The main issue with friends is that you don’t compromise much or not as much as you do with your partner. When traveling and living with a group of friends, you will observe some of them to be fussy eaters, some of them would be extra cautious about where they live/stay, some worried about their personal belongings like money or credit cards, so there are a lot of things you need to compromise on.

Be flexible, compromise if you can and simply go with the flow, it will make the entire trip more comfortable and fun for you. It was the most significant change for me years before, and I think it is the only change that has made my traveling with friends easier. Just because I travel very frequently, it is great to be this way.

  • Take Some ‘Me Time’

Personal space is very important for everyone, not just you but your friends as well. Thus, when traveling, try and give each other some personal space so that you all can relax and rejuvenate yourselves. Is also good to find tips on How to Plan a Road Trip in case that is something you are considering to do with your friends.

A friend of mine recommended me this several years ago when we were traveling together. Despite everything, I find this a great advice to follow. Consider ‘me time’ a therapy; it is the best time especially for those that are introverts and prefer to spend time with themselves rather with others around.

When you begin to enjoy some ‘me time’ it does not mean you are anti-social. Remember that there are times when you need to charge all the batteries in order to keep them running.

  • Stop Counting Money All the Time

You can observe that money is the reason behind most arguments when traveling with friends. If you are going to fixate yourself on pennies now and then, chances are it can turn into a big fight and if that happened, it would not just ruin your trip, but everyone else’s as well.

Until you know someone is cheating on you and others but wait, why would you travel with someone like that in the first place? Just ditch whoever you think is not trustworthy. After all, traveling is meant to be fun, so you would not want to waste your time in such activities.

All these hacks mentioned above are easy breezy to follow, and they can definitely make your trip with friends awesome, even better than you have imagined. Just make sure not to sweat the small stuff, and you are good to go!

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