6 Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church

It is a constant struggle in our daily lives to keep the faith high and unblemished and in today’s time it does seem more difficult to uphold on the everyday teachings of the church. But do not let this thinking be a constant routine, and do not let those thoughts consume you. People these days find it easier to carry on without believing in a higher purpose and a higher being, which is a sad life. Those who have chosen to leave their faith and, most of all, their church, ask yourself first if there is a good reason why you are leaving it all behind. A humble Christian church in Dubai strongly believes that each individual should present a good reason to leave their Church but keeping all the teachings of their previous Church to heart. Let us not be mediocre and one of those people who have gotten themselves lost without a purpose.

With that said, here are some bad reasons for leaving your church that all of us should be aware of and they are not something to poke fun of. This has been a continuous struggle on our own beliefs, our faith, and our way of life.

  1. You don’t have enough time.

We have all been pretty the past couple of weeks and time does not wait for anyone. So if your church has been demanding all of your time, you need to re-evaluate your schedule. Set some of the things that are important and learn how you can prioritize smartly without sacrificing a lot of time. If you think you have been attending and making too much commitment to you church, ask yourself if it troubles you or blesses your life. We always make time for what gives us a higher importance and in turn what is important to us.

  1. Not getting the most out of it.

If you say the reason being, “my needs are not being met”, then you have a very different belief that your Church’s only purpose is to serve your needs. We need to be faced with the reality that the Church is not about us, it is about Jesus, the Lord and his teaching and how we can apply them to our everyday lives to reach a sense of completeness and serenity.

  1. Faith is challenging.

The battle between you own doubts and fears versus your faith is hard and you feel that you have exhausted yourself too much from thinking. But if you see things in a different way, faith it something that gives us hope on every little thing that cannot be explained through a set of words. Faith is felt and can be very difficult for us to grasp the concept of it. But when the fears creep in, faith and hope are things that we hold on to and carry us on. And one way to uphold that belief is through attending Bible Certification Classes.

  1. Doubting one’s self.

Like we’ve mentioned, there are doubts that we are constantly fighting against, and the feeling of being not good enough has always been a regular insecurity for most people. The feeling of being unworthy is one of the reasons why we also feel that we are undeserving of love from Him and from His Church. But do not let this consume you because all of us are deserving of His love. Do not think for a second that you aren’t.

  1. Still having problems.

You have to see that the Church is a very big family and that you will find that you have a lot in common with other people than you think. And having a lot of unresolved issues and problems is just one of those. Not everybody is quick to overcome them, you also have to be patient which they will teach you in your Church. You can find a new set of family in your Church that will be more than happy to help you in conquering your problems one by one, one step at a time.

  1. The church members are not very helpful.

We all are just humans and all of us are not perfect. Us, most of all, have our own things to improve on and get better. This is why the Church is a place where you can set aside all your insecurities and will help you get better not just as a person but a relatively new perspective as well because all of us try to improve ourselves and become something much more than we were before. We should all lift our spirits up together as a family.

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