A City Guide for San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is still a city known for its tolerance and bohemian spirit, despite being the epicenter of the hippie movement in the late 1960s. This is also a city with several must-do activities, including walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alcatraz, taking a cable car ride and, of course, dropping by Haight-Ashbury. San Francisco also contains eclectic bookshops, a lovely Golden Gate Park and numerous other attractions. We’ve gathered the best tips from our travel experts and compiled a list of top recommendations for things to do, when is the best time to visit, where to stay in San Francisco, how to get around, and more.

Strategies for visiting San Francisco

The city is so vibrant that the greatest San Francisco travel advice is to make sure you plan ahead of time. You’ll hopefully be able to tick off all of your must-do items on your to-do list this way! Preparation is crucial, and it’s likewise true for any trip to the United States. It’s critical to stay informed about any safety concerns and events taking place in the United States during the weeks leading up to and throughout your holiday in San Francisco.


As a short-term visitor to San Francisco, you may be eligible for visa-free entry under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for up to 90 days. If you want to stay longer than three months in San Francisco (who wouldn’t?), you’ll need a visa.


The US Dollar is the primary currency in San Francisco (USD). The breakdown of the note and coin is somewhat different to what we’re used to in Australia, with cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollar coins, and values of $1 or more as banknotes. Check online for the latest AUD/USD exchange rate.

San Francisco Foods

The diverse culinary culture of San Francisco is reflected in the city’s cuisine. Mexican, Chinese, and local seafood are the most popular and widespread dinner choices. If you have dietary restrictions, simply inform your server and the restaurant will almost certainly be willing to accommodate you. Gluten-free and vegan food are readily available in a city as progressive as San Francisco.

Tipping in San Francisco

Tipping is a common practice in San Francisco and across the United States. Waiters and other service personnel rely on receiving gratuities of around 15-20% of each tab becauseospitality salaries are low. Taxi drivers in San Francisco should be tipped proportionally.

Electrical outlets and voltage

The kind of outlets that the United States uses are horizontal-pronged 110v outlets, unlike our diagonal-pronged 240v electrical outlets. To charge your phone or use your laptop while visiting San Francisco, you’ll need an adaptor. If you forget to get one before your trip, you can buy one in San Francisco; however, if you don’t forget it and want to go somewhere else after seeing all of its attractions, it will be difficult.

In San Francisco, you will encounter a lot of different languages

English is the official language in San Francisco, as it is across the United States. The Bay Area includes a variety of secondary dialects, including Chinese dialects such as Taishanese and Cantonese. San Francisco also has a vibrant culture of local jargon, which to English-speaking visitors will be easy enough to comprehend when spoken.

San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the main commercial airport for San Francisco, situated about 20 kilometers south of the city center. SFO also serves flights to major US metropolitan areas. The Transportation Security Administration manages a number of security and immigration checkpoints and screening stations at the airport.

What to Do in San Francisco

There’s no shortage of things to do in San Francisco, as it is one of the most important trade cities on Earth. Discover fresh fish vendors along the bay’s piers, organic farmers from the mountainsides, and tiny companies scattered throughout the city’s maze of charming neighborhoods. Every single one of them is preserving the market tradition alive and well. The cuisine is wonderfully diverse and delectable. Across all areas, arts and culture are valued and celebrated, while museums and galleries abound.

Golden Gate Bridge

At the top of every visitor’s itinerary is the Golden Gate Bridge – and for good reason! One of the most iconic structures in the United States, today’s Golden Gate Bridge was dubbed “the bridge that couldn’t be built” when it opened in 1937. Visit an elegant former Presidio barracks to get a cup of coffee after your stroll across the bridge.

Best time to travel

San Francisco is not a swimming destination, despite its name. The air, on the other hand, is cold and crisp, making a stroll through the city or one of its peaceful parks all the more pleasurable. San Francisco’s weather can be challenging to predict because it is surrounded on almost all sides by water and bay. Rain and fog are common in the early morning sky. In contrast to home, however, the seasons are inverted in the Bay Area.

Where to shop in San Francisco

Prepare yourself, shoaholics – the shopping scene in San Francisco is a sensory and intellectual journey. Luxury brands, high fashion, and key department stores are all located in the city centre. Vibrant local neighborhood areas are home to quirky boutiques, antique shops, and locally made fashion that you won’t find anywhere else. Meanwhile, outdoor flea markets are a fantastic location to get some unique retail therapy while taking in the contagious Bay Area atmosphere. The rich variety of merchants will have you captivated, and wise consumers will undoubtedly find something to suit any budget. Discover your own style while browsing in San Francisco, whether you’re hippy-chic or urban sophisticate.

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