A Handy Little Guide to Thailand With Useful Suggestions and Information


In the beginning, you’ll notice that Thailand is the most easy-to-visit country in all of Southeast Asia. Everything has been set up for tourists, and we frequently say that when tourists appear to be little parcels who arrive at their destination without putting much work into it in Thailand. As a result, if you’ve never been to Southeast Asia before, Thailand is an excellent opportunity to start learning about it.

Vaccines and medicine in Thailand

In Thailand, there are several areas with a high risk of dengue infection. Even in the nation’s capital, the number of people struck is quite significant. A good mosquito repellent (minimum 50% DEET) is required, particularly during sunset and sunrise, when dengue mosquitoes are most active.There is no need to have a vaccine to visit Thailand. However, certain vaccines are recommended, and the best you can do is inquire about it in your country’s travel clinic, where physicians will give you all of the pertinent information.

Travel insurance in Thailand

In Thailand, like elsewhere in Southeast Asia, having a reputable travel insurance is essential since Western visitors are not as well protected against the risks of contracting illnesses while visiting a tropical country such as Thailand.

Visa for Thailand

In general, visitors to Thailand do not require a visa if they stay less than thirty days. You only need a passport that is valid for six months and completes the immigration form distributed on the plane, after which your passport will be stamped at the airport upon arrival. There is no charge for this stamp. If you arrive into Thailand by air, this stamp allows you to stay in Thailand for 30 days; whereas if you enter via land, it permits you to stay for only 15 days.If you want to extend your stay, you have 3 different options: leave and enter the country again (this is free), get a visa before visiting Thailand


Thai is the official language of Thailand, but in Thailand, you will not encounter many people who speak English, especially in more touristic areas.


The Bath is the official currency of Thailand (THB). You may check the latest exchange rate on xe.com.


In most of Thailand’s hotels, you will have no trouble finding a Wi-Fi connection.


Thailand is a very safe destination, much like the rest of Southeast Asia. All you need is some basic sense and to avoid leaving your most valuable belongings unguarded. Pickpockets are prevalent in Bangkok and other big cities, especially during peak hours.

Where to sleep in Thailand

You can travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai without having booked any accommodation beforehand. There is usually a large choice of excellent accommodations in most areas, and there’s usually room for negotiation in most situations.It is highly recommended to reserve a hotel in Bangkok ahead of time, especially if you arrive late at night. Khao San Road is the most popular among backpackers since it has inexpensive lodgings near to tourist attractions. However, the area is rather noisy, making it an unsuitable choice for a long stay if someone pretends to sleep. We liked Silom and Sukhumvit neighborhoods, although hostels are more common there


There’s a reasonable transportation system in Thailand, which is excellent for traveling throughout the country since trains move at a snail’s pace and stop everywhere. There are two major lines from Bangkok, one heading north and another heading south. During holidays, trains may get extremely crowded; in that case, you should purchase your tickets ahead of time.


Buses and private minivans are the most common ways to get around in Thailand. In certain situations, taking a private minivan service run by one of the country’s agencies may be cheaper than using local transport in Thailand. Even when you’re staying at a hotel/hostel, they’ll be able to give you all of the information you need, and they may even book your transportation for you directly, which will come to pick you up at the hotel.

Tuk tuk

When you arrive at a bus or train station, taking a tuk tuk is the best option. Because in every location there are dozens of tuk tuk drivers vying to be your driver, you may easily negotiate the rate. When traveling to Bangkok, we advise that you be wary of tuk tuk drivers since they may frequently go instead of taking you to your goal but rather take you to an artifact shop where they get some commission for doing so.

Where to eat in Thailand

We ate at food stalls on the street, where you can get a delectable meal (Pad Thai, etc.) for about 1 euro, like we did in any other part of Southeast Asia. In the local markets and restaurants, you may eat fantastic cuisine without spending much. The 7eleven stores are tiny supermarkets that sell a wide range of items, including sandwiches, fruit or ice cream.In Bangkok, for example, or in major towns or areas frequented by tourists in Thailand, you will find American fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King.

Budget for your travel to Thailand

We spent approximately 15,000 Euros a day in Thailand, including lodging, food, transportation, and other activities. However, we occasionally sought for the most cost-effective accommodation without air conditioning; we ate mostly in street restaurants or markets; and we almost never took a taxi but instead traveled by train or bus.

Other useful tips

It’s also important to remember that there are many ways to express gratitude. If you wear your shoes indoors, remove them and cover your shoulder when entering Buddhist temples. It’s a very serious offense. For that, you can even go to jail. If you’re on vacation in Thailand, you’ll almost certainly end up buying a lot of things, so make sure your luggage has enough storage for it. In every situation, bargain but not disrespectfully. Street food and Thai massages should be eaten with no reservations. Avoid consuming salads or beverages with ice if possible.

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