Back to School: College Tips I Learned

When I started going to college, I was just like any other normal student. My only real concerns were my classes; everything else I did was for fun. I learned to value the education when I started out working in the corporate world.

After 6 years, I had the opportunity to go back to school and continue my studies with the help of But this time it’s a different me, with a different perspective, as I learned a lot of things from my journey being a normal student to corporate worker and now as a working student. Here’s a collection of college tips and bits of info that helped me a lot.

1. Get involved in organizations – This will benefit you because it will expand your circle of influence, you get to meet other friends and this will enhance the talents and gifts you have. Even though it will cost you time and effort, what matters is you learn and experience how to interact with others.

2. Be Friends with your Professors – If you are a freshmen student you probably need this the most but as an entry level student, this is hard from the start. What specific strategies you can do is try to become active in his/her class. Raise your hand if you have questions and in that simple way your professor will notice you that you are interested in his/her class. By the end of every class, if you have some questions, let the entire class and ask your professor in the lessons that everyone does not understand well.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Asking question is not an idiotic thing, it is better to ask questions than forever hold on to that unclear thought in your mind.

4. Never rely on your classmates – This tip is applicable most especially during examinations. Students who do not study are most likely the students who will cheat during the examination. Trust yourself alone and study your lessons well so when examinations come, you are prepared and confident to pass. It is better to do right than compromise.

5. Find a partner when studying – We are all familiar with the saying, “Two is better than one”. Try to pair up with one or two persons from your class but advisably choose your close friend and study or review your lessons together. This is very helpful because you may have ideas that others don’t know and vice versa. You can then collaborate and compare each other’s thoughts and produce the best answer. Group study is advisable as well.

6. Get involved in extra-curriculum activities – Learning is fun and limitless. Never underestimate the activities that the school is providing because you will definitely learn something new in every activity, even without you noticing it. It may come in a tangible and intangible form.

7. Get enough sleep – Our day starts at night! So don’t just sleep early but get enough sleep especially with the help of products like a mattress heating pad. In every lesson, you should have an active and present mind but you cannot attain this if your mind and body is weak because of lack of sleep.

Most of us experienced sleepiness during “siesta time”. When it comes to student living, taking a power nap is very important as well, since most students have one hour breaks during their lunch, try to balance your time, you can either eat for thirty minutes: fifteen minutes to chatting with friends, and fifteen minutes for power nap.

8. Make friends with Security guards and Utility men – Make time to talk with these men even just 5 to 10 minutes a day. Ask them about some school policies or even personal questions. Bring them extra food or simple tokens once a week. Try to do all of these because you never know when you need them. If you have already built a relationship with them, it is easy to ask favors from them.

9. Never miss the class – Attend every class because you never know when the professor will give a surprise online quiz as they usually use online exam monitoring software. College is far different than high school because in College, even the attendance has a specific value in the grading system.

10. Get your professor’s email address and contact info – Make a list of persons with high positions in your School and get their details. You can use this for future references.

11. Discover your gifts, and talents – When we are in prep, middle school and high school, some of us have already discovered the talents we possess. College is the perfect avenue to discover your God given talents and gifts. This is the perfect age for you to develop and discover your gifts and talents. Some examples of those gifts and talents are organizing, speaking, administrating, academic skills, writing etc. Try to answer this questions to discover your gift.

12. Give yourself a break – After every “Finals Week” there’s no other thing that you could think of, but to relax. Give yourself time to have fun. Go out and hang out with your fellow classmates. This is the perfect time for you to build camaraderie while relaxing your mind.

13. Aim for the best – Think big, Aim Big! It doesn’t matter how small you are, how limited your mind is, and how capable and effective you are. What matter is – what God can do. Don’t get satisfied with just being a normal student. Be pro-active just like Bobb, Dr. Kamau, aim for an honorary place in class and make this desire as your motivation to push for what is the best.

College life is extremely wonderful and fun. You just have to learn how to go with the flow or move the other way round if needed. Maximize your college life because this is a preparation for your next big journey.  You need arm yourself with swords so that you are prepared for your next real battle.

Author: Vinz

Vinz is a part-time travel blogger, part-time digital marketing specialist, and full-time dreamer. He loves the photographic medium for expressing what he loves about life. He always finds himself lost during travel. But he loves unfamiliar territories and finding his way around. Aside from his taste for adventure, he loves two things while traveling - meeting new friends and food.

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