Best Destinations To Travel With Your Dog In Australia

So you’ve been wondering: Can I travel around Australia with my dog? The answer is “Yes! Absolutely!”

Australia is a beautiful, dreamy place for both humans and dogs to visit. It has some of the most popular and best dog-friendly travel destinations in the world.
Because Australia is a vast country, you might run out of money and time but never out of choices to visit. In this article, we have listed some of the top picks for you to make traveling Australia and discovering its jewels fun and easy.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley lies in Australia’s New South Wales region. It has extensive vineyards, wineries, and historic coal mines. You can also locate some of the best racehorses in the country in Hunter Valley.

Being the 6th most visited place in Australia, plenty of events and cruises are organized at the valley on Sundays to keep the tourists and their pets entertained. The weather in Hunter Valley is mostly hot and tropical, so wear light and breezy clothes. Ensure you take extra bottles of water to keep your dogs hydrated.

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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is known for a lot of things—vivid culture, scenic topography, and natural landscapes being some of them. It stretches over 150 miles along the Southwest Coast of Victoria and accounts for one of the most exquisite coastal drives in the world.

If you want to go on an elaborate car drive with your dog, this road has plenty to offer. Explore the historic Twelve Apostles, go fishing at Torquay, or watch the sunset at Gibson Steps. Road trips can be daunting for your pets, so we suggest you travel through the road only if you have the calmest dog breeds with you.

Para Wirra Recreation Park

Which national parks in Australia allow dogs? Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in any national park in Australia. However, a great dog-friendly alternative to national parks is the Para Wirra Recreation Park. From hiking to planning a picnic with your family, the park accommodates it all.

Para Wirra Recreation Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. You can immerse yourself in the beautiful natural landscapes of the park while your little friend socializes with different native animals and diverse birds like emus and magpies that come their way.

The Southern Highlands

If you want a closer look at Australia’s rich history while having your dog next to you, The Southern Highlands can be a great pick.
With quaint, little English villages set in the country’s natural landscapes, The Southern Highlands seem straight out of a storybook.
When you visit The Southern Highlands, we recommend you do not return without visiting the Berrima Township. This is the older village in the Highlands that has old facades made out of sandstones on one side and enchanting, colorful, and unique gardens on the other.

Gold Coast

A trip to Australia without visiting the Gold Coast would be incomplete. It has some of the best beaches in the world that are welcoming to dogs. The Surfers Paradise is the most-visited beach on the Coast, surrounded by plenty of food shacks, cafes, shopping stalls, and more.

There are plenty of dog-friendly parks across Gold Coast like the Botanic Gardens, Kamholtz Park, Schusters Park, and Cabana Park, where you can leave your dogs leash-free and let them frolic. Certainly one of the best dog-friendly travel destinations in Australia.

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Gippsland loves our furry friends just as much as we do, and this is why this rural area in the southeastern part of Victoria has plenty of dog-friendly places around. Gippsland is known for its beaches, mountains, parks, and diverse wildlife that can all be enjoyed along with your pet.

There are plenty of cafes, inexpensive accommodations, parks, and other recreational spots that you can visit with your pet.

Robin Falls

Can you take dogs to Robin Falls? Yes, you can. And this is one of the principal reasons people love to hang out at Robin Falls. The locality encompasses a magnificent waterfall, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Northern Territory of Australia.

There are only as few as 13 people living inside the locality of Robin Falls, so it is one of the calmest and serene spots to hang out with your dogs.

This one definitely makes it to our list of best dog-friendly travel destinations.

This article helped me figure out where I can travel with my dog. I hope it helped you too. Australia offers a beautiful amalgamation of history and culture and showcases the perfect balance between modern and antiquated lifestyles. Even on a shoestring budget, there are amazing pet-friendly options for you to visit, and you and your pet are bound to have the time of your life.

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