Best Instagrammable Spots in Hong Kong

Are you travelling to Hong this year? Hong Kong is a great place to be visited by photography lovers because in every corner you will get an opportunity to take some amazing clicks. So, here is a list of Instagram-able spots in Hong Kong for you, add few of them to your itinerary and fill up your Instagram feed with jaw-dropping photos! If you’re following someone on Instagram, you can actually know a lot more about them than on the surface by utilizing services which have the knowledge on how to see what people liked on instagram.

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  1. Choi Hung Estate

Choi Hung Estate might not be a familiar place to you by the name, but you may have seen that one housing estate with vibrant colours in Hong Kong all over Instagram. The Choi Hung Estate was built in 1964 to introduce the concept of affordable living by using as little space as possible. It was painted in rainbow colours and was named Choi Hung because it translated to “rainbow” in Cantonese. Try taking some photos in the abandoned basketball court too! The residents of the estate are not very fond of the crowds taking photographs so please be respectful to them. Maintain peace and look out for the kids and elderly passing by you when taking that insta-perfect click.

  1. Graham Street Wall Art

Graham Street Wall Art, which is also popular as the ‘Instagram Wall’ came out only recently, in 2016 as a must-visit photographic spot in Hong Kong, after the Korean actor Ji Chang-Wook did a photo-shoot here. This wall art is located in between the Graham Street and Hollywood Road, a highly narrow path that is unsuitable for such crowds posing for photos. Nevertheless, every day hundreds of people gather here to take a photo with the old-looking mural that displays a series of Hong Kong buildings. This was done by a local graffiti artist named Alex Croft, and today it is the most famous graffiti in Hong Kong attracting thousands of people from all over the world. You may also want to have a peak at these amazing quality and prices for canvas prints in Canada here.

  1. Instagram Pier

The Instagram Pier, which is locally known as the Western District Public Cargo Working Area is another spot to take instagrammable photos. You might not like the sound of it, but this place provides breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour and you will also see one of the most beautiful sunsets you have seen here! Sit in the pier and let someone take a photo of you looking at the harbour and its small boats. Or else, you can pose near the dusty looking cargo containers, colourful oil drums, bamboo poles or with the graffiti in the nearby walls.

  1. Lai Tak Tsuen

Lai Tak Tsuen is another housing estate in Hong Kong, located about 20 minutes away from the Tai Hang neighbourhood. Visiting here is a little bit risky because it is not a tourist attraction like the Choi Hung Estate. The security guard of the housing estate will kick you out if he sees you wandering in the area. But what makes it worth the risk is its unique cylindrical architecture, with a mixture of blue and pink and if you get a photo at one of the top floors it will create an illusion of being in a pink spiralling tunnel.

  1. Monster Building

Yik Cheong Building and Montane Mansion are residential complexes in the King’s road of Quarry Bay, and they are popular on Instagram for the incredible photographic opportunities in Hong Kong. It is also known as the ‘Monster Building’ by travellers visiting from all over the world because of its gigantic nature. The Monster Building is a combination of five buildings that were built in the 1960s to house the low-income locals in Hong Kong. A suggestion would be to visit the Monster Building at night when it is illuminated. You can only see a U shape if you look up while standing on the ground as three buildings are connected to each other. Altogether, it makes an E shape when looking from an aerial view. Make sure to be respectable and always get permission from the residents in the buildings when taking photographs. This place was also featured in the movie, Transformers: The Age of Extinction. 

  1. Wai Yip Street Pedestrian Bridge

Wai Yip Street Pedestrian Bridge is another instagrammable spot in Hong Kong and it attracted photographers from all over the world after it was featured in the film Love in a Puff. It is also known as the “Chi Ming bridge”, after the male protagonist of the film, Love in a Puff. You can easily reach this pedestrian bridge with a 5-minute walk from MTR Ngau Tau Kok Station, once you get here you will see it is a train like a bridge with a blue and cream hue that is perfect for your evening click!

  1. West Kowloon Art Park

West Kowloon Art Park’s location near the waterfront promenade and the Victoria Harbour makes it the perfect place to get some instagrammable photos. You can easily access the park through the public transport, take the MTR Kowloon Station Exit E4 and walk for about 15 minutes to West Kowloon Cultural District. A suggestion would be to visit in the evening to capture an incredible sunset on your camera! Or else, you can head to the Pavilion at the waterfront promenade to take one of kind photos under the moonlight.

  1. Green Time Tunnel

Green Time Tunnel is a pedestrian subway tunnel you can walk through in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. The Green Time Tunnel connects Yuen Long city’s centre to the Tai Kei Leng Village. It gets its name because when you are there you will get a feeling of travelling in time due to the different shades of green in the tunnel wall. It is made of metal and the bright yellow coloured ceiling with dimmed lights adds to the appearance. So, make sure to take that perfect click at the entrance of the tunnel to make your Instagram followers jealous of the trip!

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