Best Santorini Beaches You Should Visit


Santorini’s beaches are very unique. For example, the sand is made up of colorful lava rocks and pebbles, which gives them a more natural and intimate look than other Greek islands’ sands. The waters, too, are turquoise and clear with many options along the way in terms of diversions from calm family-friendly beaches to popular beach resorts that offer challenging activities like adventure seekers out of this world.

One of the most famous beaches that has received a Blue Flag award, is Kamari Beach. Packed with all kinds of facilities, shops and watersports, this beach is family-friendly and great for relaxing any time of the day. Another hot beach, with plenty of facilities and many outlets that provide leisurely activities, is Perissa Beach. The Blue Flag award symbolizes its sparkling clean water that has earned a 3 star rating from the National Tourism Organization (NTO). With two magnificent beaches that make up a city, this bay attracts a lively crowd and offers those who want to party in huge style.

Vlychada Beach is an undeniable sight to see. Its lovely pine-covered cliffs create natural vistas that look like moonscapes and lunar landscapes. While it can get busy with tourists, you can always find a place to relax. There are even plenty of free spaces for those who seek peace and tranquility, a perfect combination in this large sandy beach. Monolithos Beach may be quieter, but it’s still a great choice for families because of its shallow waters, the nicest sand you’ll find on Santorini, a playground and many more facilities and restaurants/taverns in the area. Last but not least is Red Beach. Known for its bright cliffside red color scheme, pristine crystalline blue waters at the shoreline and stunning red pebbly sand beneath your feet when walking down to the water’s edge; it’s an unforgettable setting with stunning views of every kind, including turquoise water below you where snorkeling can be done. But if solitude aren’t your thing and crowds don’t bother you – that’s just fine too! It can get crowded during summer high season due to its accessibility problem; however, luckily they offer boat rental or a steep path winding down the cliffside.


One thing that you won’t learn in your guidebook is how to spend a day doing activities you probably wouldn’t have otherwise known to do. You’ll find wall climbing and kayaking, as well as traditional walking and cycling routes. Diving excursions abound, as does the chance to go on horseback for a ride through the rolling hills of Santorini.

Santorini boasts amazing beaches on its 350 square kilometre-size island, with activities spanning the water. There’s a huge variety of water sports facilities to choose from, including sea kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, wind surfing, sailing and canoeing. Scuba diving and wall-diving in the world’s largest underwater caldera is an unforgettable experience while waters boast an impressive seabed with intriguing submarine caves, volcanic reefs and ancient shipwrecks.

The abundance of natural beauty on Santorini is undeniable. Every corner offers something lovely and the island tours offer unforgettable opportunities to fully enjoy the island and the wonderful locations. If you’re looking for a romantic walk to remember, horseback riding would be an excellent choice. The photo-tours allow you to take your favorites with you, capturing them for eternity.

Travelling is exciting and out of the ordinary. The places you’ll visit will be unique, and your experiences will be different because they’re unique to you.

Which boat tour should I choose?

If you want to see the impressive caldera and the picturesque villages on top of it from the sea, then a boat tour is the perfect choice. You’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of popular beaches, like Red Beach and White Beach, and in the therapeutic waters of volcano’s hot springs as well. Some itineraries even offer barbeque meals on board and unlimited local wine and beers, or even custom cocktails – whatever you’re looking for! Finally, there are sunset options for those who want to admire Santorini’s beautiful sights whilst having a drink. Whether you are on a honeymoon with your other half or a large group looking for something unique or a family wanting to celebrate a milestone birthday onboard, then private island hopping is definitely the best option for you.

With the best tour operators from Santorini View selected by local experts, you’re sure to find a worthy experience here. Reserving now will give you the best chance of getting your desired tour for a worthwhile journey that will accompany you for a lifetime.

There’s a boat tour for every preference – from sunset cruises to volcano hikes. However, you’ll have to choose the one that works best for your needs!

Santorini is made up of lots of different islands and each has its own unique features. While some of the most popular boat tours are the Volcano Tours, other popular choices include booking a Catamaran Cruise, which allows you to visit some amazing beaches on the island while also swimming in hot springs. Every tour has all-you-can-drink wine and beer, delicious food options including a generous buffet menu and an enjoyable meal on board. It’s definitely the best tour experience on Santorini.

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