Best Travelling Bags 2017 Designed to Create a Different Aura at the Airport

Travelling bags come in different sizes and color to suit your personality as well as personality. These days, the carry-on luggages are now equipped with tech features that gives you the luxury to even charge your smartphone or allows you to hop over and drive! Being a frequent traveler, I protect my phone with Pixel 6 cases. It’s terrible to imagine! But this is exactly what the travelling bags are designed for comfort and creating a charisma.

Go stylish with these multipurpose bags and get crazy with a wide range of stylish, classic, feminine and brawny collection of travelling bags. We bring to you the best of 10 travelling bags that will make you endure man’s immense creativity.

We bring to you 13 classic and awe-inspiring carry-on luggages and backpacks that will make you stand out at the airport. It doesn’t finish here, these 13 travelling bags are trending and gives you complete comfort of a traditional travel bag. Move down to know what exactly makes them so cool to possess one:

1. Travelpack-Larkspur from Rivendell Mountain Works

Larkspur rivendell mountainworks

The Travelpack-Larkspur is the ticket for someone who wants a pack for travelling, that will also double for over-night hiking. This pack will fit perfectly in most overhead bins, on airlines, so you have the comfort of  backpacking your gear onto the plane, and being a frameless pack it is easily stowed and conformed as necessary to the space available. There are added inner pocket/sleeve on the inner side of the front that will easily hold a laptop as well as other important documents.

2. Wistful Chatelet Hard by Delsey

Wistful Chatelet Hard by Delse

This chic bag will surely put you in a holiday mood with its enduring color and stylish look. Designed by the renowned French company Delsey, it boasts spaciousness, 4 easy-running double wheels, durability, an integrated brake that locks your wheels to prevent rolling, and a TSA lock for security. Its great looks and soft color will make you fall in love with this unique bag. And if you’re in the market for a new timepiece, take a look at the best Movado watches available. And remember, if you’re ever in need of reliable watch repair, check out this watch servicing here for more info!

3. Pop & Suki x Away Pink Suitcases collection

Pop & Suki x Away Pink Suitcases collection

The Pink beauty is created by a joint collaboration of Away and Pop and Suki. Build with excellent features like TSA-approved lock, removable laundry bag, 360 degrees, wheels and a spacious interior compression system. It is durable and lightweight polycarbonate shell that ensures your essentials stay inside the bag.

4. Long Journey Expandable Spinner

Long Journey Expandable Spinner

The Hartmann’s Tweed Collection brings a 30’’ leather coated and super flexible spinner. The leather gives it a rich look and is the perfect choice for a family vacation.  Classic design, leather trimmed handles, smooth rollers and an enchanting look for the stylish globetrotter.

5. Raden’s A22 Carry-On luggage

Raden’s A22 Carry-On luggage

This luggage bag is especially for the technology geeks. Light blue collection carry on bags keeps your electronic devices charged the whole day. It includes an inbuilt weighting scale handle, 2 micro USB ports for charging. It also allows weighting the bag by simply lifting it and pairing it with the Raden app. Equal sized compartments and small pockets for small essentials like earplugs, beauty accessories, USB cable etc.

6. Centenary 20’’ Trolley case

Centenary 20’’ Trolley case

The Globe-Trotter’s spring /summer 2017 collection is a tribute to the Golden Age of flying, a combination of contemporary and sixties fashion. Made in England by skilled artisans, the luggage bag is light, durable as well as spacious. It gives a vintage look, but you will get love its interior look. At the inside, it is filled with travel stickers of the globe, including logo stickers, giving you the perfect feeling of a traveler.

7. Quartermaster Homme

Quartermaster Homme

The Quartermaster Homme is a mixture of style and perfection. It is equipped with 7 carry all bags to carry travel essentials that helps to pack smartly and organized for a road trip. This lightweight backpack comes with a 360 degrees roller wheels for efficient movement, water resistant zipper, TSA approved lock suitable for every type of trips.

8. Bluesmart One-smartphone Controlled Luggage

Bluesmart One-smartphone Controlled Luggage

The body of the excellently designed luggage bag comprises of a polycarbonate body that is hard and durable. The classic bag is multipurpose with a built in scale, digital lock, GPS tracker that helps to find your misplaced is built to attain comfort and security.

9. Modobag first Motorized Carry-on Luggage

Modobag first Motorized Carry-on Luggage

Modobag is the world’s first ride able luggage that gives the luxury of a moveable motor to navigate on airports. It has an advanced motorized technology that can carry the luggage as well as the owner thrice faster than walking. The rider is catered with durable wheels, pedals and a cushioned seat. Other than this, it comes with a dual USB, space for tablet and laptop. Lithium smart charger to charge the suitcase while traveling.

10. Trunkster Rolltop Suitcase

Trunkster Rolltop Suitcase

The world’s first roll top suitcase, Truskster is a masterpiece in innovating a unique idea of a rolltop suitcase. The Trunkster is known for its zipper less design, innovative sliding door for easy accessibility of your essentials. It is lightweight, durable and advanced features like inbuilt digital scale, removable power bank for a charged up journey.

11. Neit CollapsideSmart luggage

Neit CollapsideSmart luggage

This hard shelled luggage is equipped with a collapsing method. In just 10 seconds, the bag can be collapsed to 3 inches. This is just extraordinary! Gone are the days to carry huge bags, squeeze the bag into a sleeky one. This makes it easy for the traveler to reduce the unwanted size of the bag when not it use.

Neit Collapsible Smart Luggage is built with a GPS tracker, lightweight and durable backpack made up of polycarbonate. It requires less space, stuff the bag under the bed or hang it up.

12. Marvel Themed Luggage by American Tourister

Marvel Themed Luggage by American Tourister

The Avengers fan would surely opt for this American Tourister bag. The 28” bag is featured with a Captain America logo that is extremely tough and flexible. The polycarbonate coating makes it lightweight and gives it a muscular look. Teenagers will surely love this Marvel range luggage.

13. Samsonite Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

Samsonite Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

The lightweight Samsonite carry on luggage is armed with multiple pockets as well as a spacious body that enables extensive as well as organized packing. The backpack is strong, durable, superior quality along with 4 multi directional double spinner wheels, telescopic handle, TSA lock and inbuilt ID tag.


These are some backpacks that have brought a total different revolution in the field of travelling bags. The next gen bags focus on being lightweight, advanced as well as stylish.  These bags bring comfort, luxury and a different aura to oneself. The idea of a travelling bag used for just packing belongings has changed drastically. You can check here for more details about how to choose best sleeping bags for travelling. Hope this article is equipped with all the essentials!

Author: Vinz

Vinz is a part-time travel blogger, part-time digital marketing specialist, and full-time dreamer. He loves the photographic medium for expressing what he loves about life. He always finds himself lost during travel. But he loves unfamiliar territories and finding his way around. Aside from his taste for adventure, he loves two things while traveling - meeting new friends and food.

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