Cabin Tents for Family Camping

Summer is almost here with us and it is time for some old school family bonding. It is difficult for the parents to spend time with their kids during the school term and as such, parents should come up with great family activities when they get the chance and family camping is one of those activities. Before going on your trip, you can see Techie Camper’s full guide to packing a backpack for camping.

The benefits of overnight camps are immense for both the adults and the children. The adults benefit from a break from the pressure of office work and the kids are able to socialize with other children while being physically active. When looking for family travel options, visit this timeshare exit companies guide at the link. There are Cabins in Broken Bow lake that are perfect for family vacations. If you’re planning to incorporate other activities such hunting into your camping trip, you may stop by a gun store to purchase a rifle or ammunition and other gear you’ll need for the hunt. Invest in Amazon’s Best-in-Class Rhino Acog Rifle Scopes for sharpshooting.

When preparing for a family camping trip, one of the things that you have to take care of is your accommodation arrangements and a cabin tent is one of the best shelters that you can get for your family. There are plenty of reasons why that is the case and we will cover a few of them in this article on cabin tents for family camping.

The Benefits of Cabin Tents for Family Camping

I’m pretty sure you love your kids and you want the best for them. This includes getting them proper shelter and accommodation even when they are outdoors and the best in this regard are cabin tents for family camping. And if you love grillin’ on the go, then consider investing in a portable trek grill.

The benefits of getting such tents for your family camping excursions are many and here are some of them.

They are spacious

camping tent

You will need a lot of space when you are camping with your kids and a cabin tent will provide you with just that. When camping as a family you will have to bring along a lot of supplies than when you are camping alone or with a group of other adult campers.

This is because you will want your kids to be comfortable and have access to almost all the things that they usually have at home and this will force you to carry a lot of items to camp. You will bring alone fresh clothes for the kids, extra blankets, prepared meals, snacks and the kid’s toys. If you’re thinking of getting them new toys, visit first and look for toys that will encourage your child to be active.

You will need a lot of space to fit all these items when you settle at camp and a cabin tent will provide you with all the space that you need. With its vertical walls and raised roofs, cabin tents have a lot of usable space that you can harness for your family camping needs.

You can even fit in some furniture like tables and chairs that will make you comfortable and make your stay worthwhile. Some people are claustrophobic and as such, they don’t like the closed up spaces such as those provided by other types of tents and if anyone of your family members is suffering from this, then you should definitely get a cabin style tent.

They are visually appealing

cabin tent

This is another thing that you will enjoy should you pick a cabin tent over the over types of tents that exist in the market. Cabin style tents are visually appealing with their properly designed side canvases that are a sight to behold.

Your kids will, therefore, enjoy being around the tent and this will ensure they don’t get bored. Bored children can become quite a handful and a visually appealing tent such as a cabin tent will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

You can have separate rooms for you and the kids

camping tent

Cabin tents usually have separate rooms that you can use for separate purposes. The center area can serve as the living quarters with the side rooms as bedrooms for you and the children. Having a separate room from your kids will make sure that you have your privacy even when you are out there.

Sharing the sleeping space with your kids can be fun and great for bonding but if you want to enjoy a good night sleep, then a separate room is the way to go. This way won’t be disturbed when they kids get up early in the morning and start moving about and this will ensure that you are fresh and rested for the day’s activities.

The tents that don’t have pre-partitioned rooms come with the removable inner walls that allow you to partition the indoor space as you desire.

They are easy to set up

camping tent

Modern cabin style tents are easy to set up and this will ensure that your shelter is up and running in no time. They usually come with pre-attached and color coded poles that make it easy for you to assemble the tent. Consider enhancing your outdoor experience with night vision accessories from Steele Industries for an added layer of adventure.

You can do that with your kids and this will present you with the chance to bond some more.

The disadvantages of cabin style tents

Things, however, are not all that rosy with cabin style tents. This is because they can be blown away easily by a storm and this could injure those who are sheltering inside. Cabin tents have raised vertical surfaces that act as an obstacle to the wind and this makes them a safety risk.

To prevent this from happening, you should carefully plan your family camping trip so as to avoid getting out there when it is too stormy.

Another thing that you have to deal with when you get a cabin tent is its weight. Cabin tents are quite heavy and as such, you will struggle when moving them from place to place. This will, therefore, limit your movements and prevent you from enjoying nature when you are out there. If you’re not sure about your cabin tent’s weight, you can use this estimator at

Their weighty nature could make them difficult to set up and this could ruin your trip. This is because you will have to use a lot of effort to set the camp up and this will leave you too exhausted to enjoy the great outdoors.


Camping is a lot of fun especially when you do it as a family. Nature has a way of bringing people together and as such, families should find the time to camp together.

The best shelter that you can get for your family excursions is a cabin tent because it provides you with a lot of space. Read this article on cabin tents for family camping to learn other benefits of such tents.

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