Coordinating the Color of Your Natural Area Rug with the Color of Your Floor

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When you add an area rug, such as vintage rugs, to a space, you can completely transform the entire look of it.  The color of your floor and the color of the area rug you will place on it need to work cohesively, and considering the resin flooring UK cost, to control the overall focus of the space effectively.

Best bamboo rugs will either become the primary focal point of the room or they will be understated enough to give the other items in the space a chance to shine. If you’re in search for pieces like Large rugs in order to increase the aesthetics of a room, there are tons of shops online for you to explore until you find the best one.

Here is a quick look at how you can choose the right color of the area rug to go with the color of your flooring so that the entire space gets a brand new look, see an expert explanation here on how to choose the perfect rugs for your flooring.

Highlight Other Areas of the Space

When you have a floor and an area rug that have similar colors and are able to blend together, the attention of anyone entering the space will be drawn to the other pieces in that room.  If your design layout goal is to actually highlight a part of your space that isn’t the floor, such as a fantastic piece of art on the wall or designer furniture, you will want an area rug that will not tear away the view of the occupants in the space.  If you have tile or wood flooring that is light in color, think about going with kilim rugs that have a similar color…such as khaki or tan or even beige.  If you have dark flooring, think about going with an area rug that is ebony, black or other colors that are similar.  This will allow for people to notice the other aspects of the space first. A great idea is to get a very stylish and modern rug as they add so much style to any modern room, we just love them.

Make the Floor and the Area Rug Stand Out

If you are the type of person who would like the area rug to be the focal point of the space as opposed to other pieces standing out, you might want to opt for a color for the area rug that contrasts with the color of your flooring.  Having contrasting colors for the flooring and the area rug will immediately draw the eyes of anyone entering the room to the floor…and specifically, to the area rug.  If there is any sort of detailing in the flooring, this will also stand out.  This allows for the grain work of wood flooring or a pattern in the tiling on the floor to have that additional little pop that it deserves. Should you decide to replace your flooring, there are Custom Screed Mixes and Applications that can help ensure that the new flooring is installed properly.

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