Dubai Travel Tips – Tips for Your Upcoming Trip to Dubai

Dubai has a unique choice for everyone. From awe-inspiring skylines, to majestic shopping malls, luxurious resorts and sunny beaches, Dubai is the oasis for travelers who are craving adventure, relaxation, and indulgence. This city also offers a rich cultural history that’s linked to its history as an important trading port in the Middle East. Much of it is intangible; its ever-developing culture being passed down through storytelling, poetry, song and dance. Haggling for gold and spices in the City of Gold’s busy and bustling souks still rings true today while the tradition of falconry is enjoyed while birds are even allowed to fly in passenger seats aboard Emirates Airlines. Going on desert safaris from atop a camel, smoking sheesha (waterpipe), enjoying plates of hummus from an outdoor cafe with bright red chairs, sightseeing from the deck of an antique-style wooden dhow boat with a sunset view of Downtown Dubai all makes for unique experiences waiting for you at Dubai airport or in city. Yet this rich cultural heritage can also be seen through centuries-old Islamic customs, laws and regulations that dictate how this emirate functions – so it’s important to be aware prior to visiting. We’ve put together

Misinformed Travel Preparation and Planning Tips

Dubai International Airport is a large travel hub that sees millions of people pass through its gates. The busiest times of year for visitors are during the winter and spring months when the emirate offers sunny days and warm temperatures that many travelers use to escape the cold doldrums elsewhere in the world. Visitors to Dubai can be more expensive from November to March, however, as beach season takes place. The sweltering heat of the summer though, from June through September, does little to turn away tourists who can take solace in a wealth of air-conditioned attractions to escape the warmth. With so much traffic at Dubai International Airport and all the major hotels, attractions and activities such as At The Top or even a safari visit to the desert, is wise as these can fill up or sell out quickly.

Observance of Dubai Laws and Customs

Dubai is not a “tighter” place than other places in the world, but the local laws and rules need to be taken into account before your visit. If you rely on any regular medications before you go, it’s best to check beforehand rather than risk getting banned from the country. No matter what nationality you are, taking anything with codeine or opiates is illegal. Alcohol is only served at certain venues, so it’s best to do some research on which bars go hand-in-hand with your culture if that’s something that’s important to you. Electronic cigarettes are also illegal in Dubai, so please make sure to leave yours at home by legalizing your vape if you’ll be visiting. Most importantly: keep your manners. In Dubai, outrageous gestures are frowned upon and should be avoided like the plague

Being smart about your travel:

One of the best ways to ensure travelers have a good experience while visiting Dubai is to research their options prior to getting there. There are multiple forms of transportation in the emirate, including taxis that charge by distance and an extensive public bus network. With taxis, note that drivers might try offering fixed prices, so it’s important to note whether they switch on the meter during your journey. Most don’t accept credit cards. For locals, the best option is riding on one of the Dubai Metro rail cars which have air conditioning and glass panels providing views of all major attractions and landmarks in the city. If you’re looking for a way to get around or visit all corners of Dubai in a single day, Big Bus Dubai can offer you that with one complete loop through at top attractions. It’s not ideal if your sole aim is using this as your main vehicle for travel, but it can still be fun. We do, however, have comprehensive information about how to get around Dubai for tourists who might want to utilize just this mode of transport exclusively.

Travel Safe

Dubai is a safe destination for visitors. Although there are differences with other countries in the region and because of that, it’s important to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. Lock valuables up when you leave them in hotel rooms, don’t show personal information, be aware of your surroundings even when using ATMs or banking services, and keep children close as you travel. It’s also important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and using sunscreen when traveling here. In Dubai during the hot summer months, increased water intake is required. There are also important safety considerations for travelers coming from different parts of the world who don’t have appropriate sun protection supplies to protect against burns during prolonged outdoor activities.

The Wrap Dress

Dubai has a strict dress code that is becoming more conservative. In most areas of the city, you are expected to dress appropriately to observe the culture and tradition. This can include traditional clothing as well as modest attire. Women should be careful not to wear clothes that are overly revealing, regardless of where they’re going or what their company is like. They have a few guidelines for women: no tank tops, no shorts, and covered shoulders and below-the-knee length skirts. For business, it’s more relaxed or not enforced so long as your outfit isn’t above the knee. Men might find it easier wearing sneakers instead of sandals as shoes in some areas outside of hotels and public beaches. There’s a general non-enforcement for swimwear at resorts except at places such as public beaches which require both men and women to cover up before entering.

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