England Travel Guide for Visitors

This England Travel Guide is designed to help you with simple, stress-free travel planning ideas and inspiration for a trip to England. On this frequently updated page, you’ll discover links to helpful posts on The Trusted Traveller, low-cost information, information regarding types of accommodation available, and more useful links to internet resources.


England, a country in Europe, is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is west of Scotland and Wales. The sea surrounds England except where it borders with France to the south. No place in England is more than 120 km from water. Most of the landscape consists of flat farm land, rolling hills, and lower mountains near northern border


Unfortunately, England’s reputation for being wet is well-deserved – it rains here a lot! Summers are mild and often rainy, while winters are cool and also fairly wet. The weather can vary greatly from day to day, so always be prepared with clothing suitable for hot or cold weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit

Because the weather can vary significantly from season to season, there is no such thing as the ideal time of year to visit England. April to September, on the other hand, will offer you better chances of having milder and drier weather, which makes it ideal for sightseeing in London and the country’s other lovely cities as well as trekking and outdoor activities.


Whenever you travel, it is a good idea to bring both cash and one or more debit/credit cards. Most places in England, including small towns and cities, will have ATM machines where you can withdraw cash. Credit cards are also widely accepted here, although some smaller businesses (such as hotels and shops) may only take cash payments.

Getting There

Buses and trains connect England to the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as other countries around the world. The Rail Europe and BusBud websites can tell you more about rail travel in Europe, including purchasing tickets, and bus travel in the UK. Flights from Rome take around two hours and forty-five minutes, while flights from New York City may take up to seven hours.


Trains are an excellent, affordable way to travel between most cities in England. The majority of large cities have direct train access to one another, and smaller areas generally have connections to at least a few major routes.

On English trains, there are two classes: 1st class and 2nd class. The primary difference between the sections is that 1st-class offers more legroom than 2nd class does.

Trains might be boarded without advance booking for most routes, but certain (mostly high-speed intercity) trains necessitate seat reservations to be made in advance.


If you’re looking to travel around the country, National Express is a great option with regular services departing. I personally use and recommend BusBud when comparing and booking buses all over the world.


England’s size makes driving relatively simple and easy to navigate. You can pick up a rental car from most large airports or cities, with many businesses allowing you to drop off the vehicle in a different location than where you picked it up. This is ideal if you’re planning on road trip-ing around England!

Because the roads in England are well maintained and clearly signposted, they are ideal for traveling. Remember that weather conditions can alter rapidly during the winter months and during inclement weather. Always follow all signs and drive cautiously in hazardous road conditions.

Where to Stay

When it comes to housing, the British Isles has something for everyone. Here is a list of the various lodgings you’ll discover:

  • Camping/Cabins – England is a nation that loves the outdoors, so there are many campgrounds with tent sites and basic cabins at low rates. You’ll also find huge camping areas on the outskirts of major cities like London where you can stay for cheap and commute into town every day to sightsee.
  • Hostels – In most other areas, you’ll discover hostels in abundance, including some in the major cities of England.
  • B&B’s/Pensions – Small, family-run accommodation options like B&Bs or pensions are popular all throughout the country in both big cities and small towns alike. Though these places may be simple, they’re comfortable and usually come with hospitable hosts that will prepare a home cooked breakfast for you each morning.
  • Hotels/Apartments – To help make your stay more comfortable, many cities offer chain and independent hotel/apartments. The good thing about staying in these accommodations is that you usually know what to expect: a clean room with modern facilities, located on the property. If you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time, luxury apartments in Piccadilly are great because they offer more space and the option to cook your own meals.
  • Luxury Hotels & Resorts – England has a plethora of 5-star accommodations like the Carlisle Station Hotel which often get recognition on global lists of top hotels. At these properties, you can expect amazing service as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding area.


No matter your budget or taste, you will find something to eat in England that suits you. The country is home to a diverse population, so you can find all sorts of cuisines as well as traditional English food just about anywhere.

  • Supermarkets/Markets – To save some money on your trip, buy snacks and picnic lunch items at the supermarket or local market. You can even get ingredients to make a meal back in your self-catering accommodations.
  • Fast Food / Take-away – In every major city and along highways, you’ll find chain fast food restaurants. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but delicious meal on the go, look to where the locals are eating – usually from food trucks or stands by the side of the road.
  • Cafes – You can find cafes on just about every corner. They offer coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches that are perfect for a quick bite or takeaway.
  • Restaurants – In the UK, big chain restaurants abound, and their food is generally of high quality and at a reasonable price. In addition to that, you’ll discover small independent restaurants in almost every cuisine imaginable, particularly in London.
  • Fine Dining – If you’re looking for the best fine dining experiences in England, then you’ve come to the right place.

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