Everything You Need To Know When Visiting Australia for the First Time

The Australian tourism season will hit its peak with millions of holidaymakers streaming into the country. If you are planning to go to the land down under, you should at least make time for Christmas day lunch in Melbourne.


Here is everything you need to know when visiting Australia for the first time.

Time Zones

Australia is vast, covering roughly seven and a half million square miles. The country has three different time zones known as Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, and Western Standard Time.

Sydney and Melbourne, two of the biggest cities in Australia, are in the same time zone, and this will ease your travel arrangements between the two cities. Despite its size, Australia has one of the lowest population densities in the world, with only 3.1 people per kilometer. This means that most of it is untouched and offers a chance to reconnect with nature.

Getting Around

Australia is pretty expansive, and with most people living along the coastal regions, you might have to travel the country without seeing towns and amenities. It is therefore recommended that you take a flight between your destinations to save on time and resources. A 100gb sim Australia is the right amount of data you’ll need for your trip here.

For instance, a flight from Perth on the west coast to Brisbane on the east coast takes five and a half hours, and a road trip would take even longer. A road trip from Brisbane to Cairns takes roughly three days, and that is when it is rushed. A trip from Melbourne to Sydney takes at least 9 hours. If you have any questions that isn’t answered on this article, you can visit the askmelbourne website.

If you want to have a magical and unique Australian experience, give yourself lots of time to explore the country’s urban centers and the sprawling backcountry.


Australia can be expensive, and it is recommended that you budget at least between $100 and $200 for accommodation, transport, activities, and dining. Transportation takes a huge chunk of the budget, and here are some travel tips to keep your budget low:

  • Fly with budget airlines
  • Visit hybrid caravan manufacturers and find a nice vehicle to travel around
  • Buy hop on and hop off bus tickets when traveling overland
  • Consider Airbnb when you are in the semi-urban areas
  • Cook your food

This way, you will be able to keep your costs low, leaving you more money to buy souvenirs as keepsakes of your Australian travels.

Learn the Local Language

Fortunately, a majority of Aussies speak English, but there are a few differences and slangs in Australian English and US English. To help you integrate with the locals you meet, you could pick up an Australian to American English dictionary at the airport.

For example, if you are watching a sport, do not ask the locals who they are rooting for since rooting means having sex in Australia. The central business district (CBD) is the Aussie equivalent of downtown in the US.

Your name will also be shortened to a slang that ends with ‘y,’ ‘z,’ or ‘ie.’ For example, Robert becomes Robbie, and Mark becomes Marky, to name a few.

There is more to Australia than Koalas and Kangaroos

Australia is renowned for its native and spellbinding wildlife with kangaroos and koalas being the most popular. You can spot them in the wild, but you do not have to go very far inland or to a national park to see them.


You are sure to see them on suburban golf courses, or you can head off to Kangaroo Island south of Adelaide. Kangaroos and koalas are hardy found in densely populated areas, but you are sure to find several native wildlife. This includes plenty of spiders, lizards, possums, birds, snakes, bats, and more.


In countries like the US, tipping is common practice after dining in a restaurant or café. However, tipping is not a common practice in Australia. The price you pay for services are high enough, and so tipping could set you back a pretty penny, besides very few service providers expect it.

Australian’s enjoy some of the best wages at $18.29 an hour, which allows them to live a decent life. You could save that money to indulge in various activities in Australia.

Be Mindful of the Sun

The sun in Australia can get hot very quickly, and to avert the risk of sunburns, ensure to pack visor hats and an extra bottle of sunscreen. It is not like they have a different sun, but due to the position and environmental reasons; the sun has a stronger effect on the skin and everything under it.

For instance, South Eastern Queensland has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Half an hour in the sun will give you a tan and a burning sensation on your skin. It is, therefore, necessary that you try and balance your time in the sun and shade, cover-up, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated to avoid overheating.


Australia is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It offers everything from tranquil beaches with turquoise waters, culture, fantastic food, mountains, the red rock, and so much more. With the above tips, you will be able to plan your trip with a lot more ease. And if you have plans to live and and work in Australia permanently, you can see if you’re qualified by checking their skilled occupation list australia.

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