Exploring Coron, Palawan: Practical Travel Guide to Coron


Coron is part of the beautiful province of Palawan, Philippines. It has many sub islands which are known for its amazing diving and snorkeling areas. Unlike other areas you won’t find any rubbish surrounding the islands.

coron palawan

How to get to Coron, Palawan?

You got several options depends where you are coming from. If you are coming from Manila, you can go either by plane or by ferry.

: Manila Ninoy Aquino airport to Busuanga, Coron. I found a great deal in Cebu Pacific Airlines and this local company has a lot of better deals. The prices going to Coron starts at Php3,500. If you want to get a cheaper flight, you need to book five to eight months before your actual flight. But most of the time, Cebu Pacific has a lot of random great deal offer even for just a month or two before your flight date.

From the airport, it’s quite a long distance to town proper and it will cost you around PHP250 to get there.

Ferry: I personally recommend going to Coron via ferry. With 2Go you can book a ferry for only PHP1,600. It’s a lot cheaper and it will save you one night sleeping in a hostel. And the port is much closer to the town and hostel that will cost you PHP25 only. But always remember that the ferry goes twice a week only. Also, you can take a ferry going to El Nido for PHP1,400 and unlike the ferry going to Coron, the ferry going to El Nido has a schedule everyday.

Where to stay?

You got several options but it depends on your budget. In my case, I stayed in The Kimberly resort. For PHP400 only, you’ll get a nice room and free breakfast. The Wi-fi here is one of the fastest connections I had in the Philippines.

coron palawan

One of the options is The Backpacker Guesthouse Resort, this house is built entirely over the water like all the rest of the fishermen’s houses to get the vibe right. But I couldn’t help it because I find it too touristic.

For those people who want to go for an unforgettable experience, you need to try living here..

coron palawan

Sagrada, an organic farm. Even the name sounds amazing.

The rental fee is a bit expensive compared to the usual houses. But the experience is priceless because you got to know the true lifestyle of a Filipino. In this oasis of peace and rest, you can bind your inner self with the nature. Everything here is made out of bamboo and in the traditional way. No roads, no motorcycles, and only the family of the farmer lives here.

This place is located near the forest side. I noticed that there’s a farm where they still grow weeds in a traditional way. Also, if you don’t want to stay overnight, you can still experience a nice meal and relax on the river.
coron palawan

Yes, it has a swing also! (Here comes the child in me!).

coron palawan

A delicious meal to reinforce the travelers.

coron palawan

Our meal cooked in a traditional way.

coron palawan

How do I get here?

Well, it’s a little bit tricky, like I said it’s a little bit away from the town. But everything is all worth it!
You need to drive on the Coron-Busuanga road which is 40KM away from the town proper. Also,you can visit the Concepcion waterfalls first. This is a nice place and well-known to all locals and tourists.

coron palawan

Conception falls!
One the way to Sagrada, you’ll find this awesome place on the second exit which is about 300m away.

coron palawan

Coron is well-known for all great diving spots but there is so much more to see!

The mount Tapyas:

If you walk from town proper and follow the Tapyas road, you need to take the 742 steps to reach the top and enjoy the stunning view of Coron.

coron palawan
Once you’re on the top, you can see this jaw-dropping view. The locals call this as “Pagtulatao”. If you look good you’ll notice the silhouette of a man lying down. Can you see it?
And behind the first mountains you will see the Dimanglet Island.
Jungle View Resort

If you’re looking for a swimming pool to cool you down, this place is perfect for you. This Jungle View Resort is well-known to the locals and you won’t see a lot of foreigners here.

coron palawan

coron palawan
Aside from swimming activity, you have an options also to sing in karaoke, bond over volleyball and billiard games or just like what I did – relaxed in the hammock.

coron palawan

The admission fee is PHP100 (2 euro) and you’re free to use the BBQ Grilling bar. You can also bring your own food and drinks.

Maquinit Hot Spring

Unlike The Jungle View resort, Maquinit Hot Spring is well-known to all tourists so expect that a lot of people are visiting this place. For 200 pesos you’ll definitely enjoy this pool and will surely relax your sore muscles and helps you unwind especially during night time when the temperature really goes down.

coron palawan

If you love to hike, you should visit Acacia Avenue.  This nature park is so beautiful. And if you’re lucky,  you can even spot this big fella!

coron palawan

While we were enjoying the beach, the crew cooked us a delicious meal.

coron palawan

coron palawan

And last but not the least, go for an island hopping! Coron has the most beautiful Island around the world. You can do a lot of activities like snorkeling, hiking, swimming, diving and many more.

coron palawan

coron palawan

coron palawan

Coron is one of the last pristine islands in the world.

A guest post article from Balder Deliaert – a solo traveler from Belgium.

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