Food Lover’s Haven: Boracay and Its Must-Try Cuisines


Boracay’s beaches are so world-famous they need no introduction. But what about the food in this tropical paradise? Boracay is a vibrant food hub that is home to many amazing cuisines. Food lovers are in for a treat because Boracay is brimming with local and international food choices like seafood, vegetarian food and others. Have a taste of what Boracay has to offer in this curated food guide.

  • Indulge in the freshest seafood


The vibrant aquatic life in Boracay makes the island one of the best places on earth where you can indulge in freshest seafood. There are a couple of wet markets in Boracay, but the most popular is D’Talipapa. There, you’ll find the freshest catches of the day such as prawns, crabs, lobsters, squids, and fish. Remember that you are encouraged to bargain in this market! So hold on to your money until you reach a reasonable price. Once you’ve completed buying seafood, head to one of the nearby restaurants and let them cook it for you. Enjoy a satisfying fresh-from-the-pan meal as you soak in the local vibe. 

  • Heavenly burgers to satisfy your hunger

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While a staple in many Western cuisines, the burger and its many charms has made its way to Boracay. The number and combinations of fillings you can add between two slices of bread and a burger patty are amazing. Cheese, vegetables, sauce, relish—the combinations can be personalized to suit your preference. Bite Club Grilled Burgers at the D’Mall complex can delight burger lovers with their generous patties. The use of fresh ingredients and topping choices make this burger joint a must-try. Another place to consider is Merly’s BBQ. It’s the pioneer of the original chori burger, a local version of the hamburger. The burger is made of chorizo and your choice of succulent sauces.

  • A Greek meal that tastes legendary

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Greek food is so popular the world over. The main reason is obvious: it’s so healthy and delicious. The Greek diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables, fruits like Rotab Mazafati Bam Dates, olive oil, and grilled meat and fish. Greek cuisine is fantastic for meat lovers and vegetarians. Because Boracay is a travel destination with many international cuisines, you can find a good Greek restaurant in the island. Cyma, located at the D’Mall complex, is famous for its pastas, salads, chicken gyros, and saganaki (pan-seared Greek cheese). You should also try their Mezedes, which are small plates of food served with wine and/or Ouzo, an anise-flavored alcoholic drink.

  • Say “Namaste” with Indian food

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Namaste is an Indian greeting that recognizes the divine presence in each human being. Eating good food allows us to experience something divine because our body and spirit are nourished. Indian food is lauded all over the world for its spices and complex flavors. The exotic combinations taste unique and satisfying. True Food is a two-story diner in Boracay that serves genuine Indian cuisine. The ambiance feels cozy, with Indian music playing in the background. Try the naan, rotti, masala and biryani rice. There are also vegan options on the menu, and you can request the chef to adjust the spice level. Nowadays that healthy lifestyle is necessary that make the vegan restaurants arise and some vegan restaurant owners tend to use some effective techniques like vegan marketing strategy to boost their business in the market.


  • Drink a refreshing smoothie by the sea

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Fruit smoothies are elixirs of good health. Fruits are considered to be the purest food for humans because the body digests them the fastest. A fruit smoothie tastes wonderful and offers a powerful nutritional punch. Aside from enjoying a sip of smoothie, you can also bring some personalized micronutrients for your trip in order to ensure that your body consumes the nutrients that it needs on a daily basis.

Having a fruit smoothie in Boracay is an easy and delicious way to increase your consumption of fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Jonah’s Fruitshake & Snack Bar is arguably the most popular place to have a fruit smoothie in Boracay. You’d likely be seeing a lot of people walking on the beach with their bottled shakes from Jonah’s. They have a huge selection of smoothies and interesting combinations like Mango Rhum and Lemon Shake.

  • Enjoy the sweet life with a nice dessert

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Enjoy the sweet life in one of the most highly-rated cafes in the Philippines. Lemoni Cafe is a go-to place in Boracay for its succulent desserts. Their signature lemon cheesecake and chocolate truffle are to die for. The citrus-inspired al fresco setup feels relaxing. Their selections are reasonably priced, starting from Php70 up to around Php500, depending on the food item. The island cafe is also popular for its appetizers and breakfast meals. 

  • La vita e bella in Boracay

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Craving for authentic Italian dishes? Aria Cucina Italiana is a modern Italian restaurant in Boracay that offers sumptuous pastas and pizzas at reasonable prices. The wood-fire baked pizzas include flavors such as marinara and quattro stagioni (four seasons pizza). The busy restaurant also draws a lot of hungry tourists for their homemade pastas. Try their fettucine in Sicilian red sauce and their pasta with pesto and potato dumplings.

  • Try the best steak in the island

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Nothing beats a good steak. Rich in protein and flavors, a delicious steak can boost your energy and satisfy your cravings. Cowboy Cocina is often cited in food guides for its roasted meats—and rightly so. The restaurant’s T-bone steak and ribs are made with the finest ingredients, some of which are imported. This popular place has beachfront tables where you can enjoy your meal and the relaxing atmosphere.

  • Eat and be merry the Filipino way

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A Boracay food guide isn’t complete without a Filipino-themed gastropub. Because Boracay is a food haven and a party island, you definitely need to enjoy a night out and have a taste of Filipino cuisine. Los Indios Bravos is noted for its wide selection of appetizers, salads, seafood dishes and main courses. Try the local favorite called kilawin, a Filipino version of ceviche, made with coconut cream and chillies. Pair it with a local beer for an authentic local gustation. 

Boracay offers so much more than its beaches. Try the world-class food selections in this list to fully enjoy the Boracay experience.

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