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What vaccinations do I need for Greenland?

Before travelling to Greenland, always speak with your physician and make sure you’re up-to-date on any vaccinations needed. As a guide, receiving a tetanus vaccine is generally recommended. Although medical services are free of charge, having medical insurance is still advisable in case you need dental work done–which does come at a cost. Since Greenland is so remote, it’s best to bring all medications you might need as they may not be easily accessible once in the country. That said, over-the-counter drugs like painkillers and antihistamines are carried by most grocery stores.”

EU citizens who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to free emergency treatment at public hospitals in Denmark (including Greenland). Holders of an EHIC card may visit a doctor or dentist for consultations, as long as the physician or dentist is registered with the public health service in Denmark. If any fees are paid to a medical professional, they will be reimbursed through the EHIC. Dental expenses are partially compensated.

What is the food like in Greenland?

The Greenland diet seafood, meat, and fish. The climate is so rainy there that it’s difficult to grow crops, so most of the fruit and vegetables come from Europe. If you eat in Greenland, don’t be surprised if you see whale on the menu. This is due to the fact that Inuit, as indigenous people, are entitled by the International Whaling Commission to hunt a restricted number of whale species in order to sustain their way of life. Many local restaurants take advantage of this and buy Inuit food themselves.

Suaasat is the national dish of Greenland, a hearty soup consisting of reindeer, seal, whale or seabird meat with onions and potatoes. It’s typically prepared from reindeer, seal, whale or seabird meat with onions and potatoes. It’s simply seasoned with salt and pepper before serving to keep things simple. Some Greenlanders prefer to thicken the broth by adding rice or barley.

Because of its location and climate, Greenland generally has fewer vegetarian and vegan-friendly options compared to other places.

Restaurants in Greenland usually provide a blend of international and traditional dishes, but when it comes to dining options in the little communities of Greenland, there are few alternatives. Hotels generally have their own restaurant, as well as a cafe and snack bar in town. In the summer, it is quite common for Greenlanders to dine al fresco and enjoy the Arctic sun.

Is it standard to tip in Greenland?

Although there’s no pressure to tip in Greenland, workers will be grateful if you do leave a little something extra for outstanding service. Most taxis, hotels, and restaurants include the cost of services in their prices, but it’s always nice to show your appreciation with a tangible gesture.

Can you drink Greenland’s tap water?

The seas of Greenland are some of the cleanest on Earth, and they’re no exception to this rule. The water is completely safe to consume, and you may even drink straight from the lakes and streams because it is so pure. You may add freshly chipped iceberg to your cup for a traditional glass of water in Greenland!

What is the currency in Greenland?

The primary currency used in Greenland is the Danish krone, which is written as DKK. The available denominations of notes are 1000 kr, 500 kr, 200 kr, 100 kr and 50kr. There are also coins in denominations of 20kr, 10kr, 5kr ,2kr and 1kror50øreand25 øre. To give some perspective,,100 øreequals1 Danishkrone.

In Greenland, credit cards are mostly used in more populated areas and most hotels. Payment via ATM is also an option in some of the bigger towns, like Ilulissat. However, converting traveler’s cheques to local currency can often be difficult, so it is best to bring Danish krone instead.

Although you can import and export any amount of local or foreign currency, anything over €10,000 (or the equivalent) needs to be declared when traveling in or out of the European Union.

What do things cost in Greenland?

Greenland’s goods are pricey compared to those of Europe, Australia, and North America. Given the fact that it is remote and lacks industry, this is hardly surprising. A beer in a bar costs between USD5.50 and USD15.00, depending on the market, while a bottle of wine costs between USD13 and $85 in a supermarket. Meals at inexpensive eateries might cost anything from 100 to 250DKK ($15 to $37.50), whereas a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant would set you back anything from 175 to 600DKK ($25 to $85).

On our Greenland tours, we give you plenty of free time to explore the beautiful scenery and do optional activities that interest you. Although these awesome experiences cost extra money, they’re worth it because they make Greenland such a special destination—so budget for them!

What sort of plugs are suitable for Greenland, and what is the voltage?

Greenland’s voltage is 230 and the frequency is 50Hz. The types of plugs that are used there are C, E, F and K. If you need more information on these plug types, check out World Standards. It’s also a good idea to bring along a universal travel adaptor just in case.

Is WiFi available in Greenland?

Yes, WiFi is available in Greenland. 93 percent of the population has access to internet either at home or at public hotspots in some of the country’s major cities. If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure it offers WiFi. However, bear in mind that the connection won’t be particularly quick. It’s ideal for browsing, social media and emails, but not so much for downloading or uploading large data files.

What time zone is Greenland on?

The majority of Greenland, which includes Narsarsuaq, Ilulissat, and Kangerlussuaq, is on the West Greenland Time Zone. The remainder of the country varies between Atlantic Time Zone (GMT -4) in the north west, Eastern Greenland Time Zone (GMT -1), and Western European Time Zone (GMT).

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