Greenland Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Eskimos’ Land


The beautiful country of Greenland, located in the northernmost point of the Arctic Ocean is most commonly known for the amazing natural light display -the Northern Lights. Although it’s called “Greenland”, a majority of the country is actually covered in ice. With a relatively small population living mostly in its capital city, traveling to Greenland can be quite an adventure for anyone looking to explore something new.Although it may seem daunting to travel to Greenland because of its location on the world map, don’t let that stop you! Just grab this Greenland travel guide and enjoy all that this magical country has in store for you. From natural phenomena to rare animals, there’s something for everyone in Greenland.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Greenland?

It’s tough to choose when to go to Greenland since the country is open for a wide range of sports and activities on every kind of weather and season. Because the nation is generally frozen all year, the temperature stays low on the thermometer. However, during May through August, when there is plenty of sunshine, individuals may witness a Midnight Sun. Hiking trips are ideal at this time. Winters are bitterly cold and there is rarely any sunshine for the majority of the days. The days are short and dark, but they compensate by providing a spectacular Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) display in the sky. When it’s cold enough, you can see the Northern Lights anytime between September and October, when the temperature ranges from 1° to 5°C with some solar radiation left over.The spring season is also rather brief, but it’s the ideal time to go dog sledding and see animals.

The Best Ways to Get to Greenland

Air is the most convenient transportation to reach Greenland. In terms of air transportation, Greenland has two main airports that may be accessed from Denmark or Iceland. Taking a flight to Copenhagen and boarding an Air Greenland or Air Iceland flight to Greenland is the greatest way to visit the country. From India, you can fly directly to Denmark’s capital city on most major airlines. Cruises departing from Iceland, Canada, or Europe are the next choices for traveling to Greenland.

Here are the top things to do in Greenland.

Aside from seeing the unique phenomenon of the Northern Lights lighting up the night sky in Greenland, there are a number of activities to do in Greenland.

1. Kayaking along the Blue River

The Petermann Glacier is a beautiful site in Greenland that becomes even more spectacular during the summer months when the ice starts to thaw and form crystal blue waters. The Blue River, which forms a valley in the Northern Hemisphere, is definitely one of the best places to visit in Greenland The river’s most special characteristic is that its path transformation because of the yearlyshift in water current. From August to September, many kayaking tours offer individuals the opportunity to not only see iceberg glaciers but also take pleasure in being enveloped by the quiet untouched landscapes.

2. Hiking

The most pleasurable summer activity is hiking around the Arctic Circle. When not encrusted in snow, Greenland’s numerous rocky mountains and valleys are a wonderful climb. The mountainside is abundant with diverse flowers, uneven rocks, and glaciers – every adventurer’s dream. With a minimal population surrounding the area, hikers need to be mindful of bringing enough food and medicine when hiking in Greenland.

3. Enjoy the hot springs

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity during your time in Greenland, consider taking a dip in one of the country’s many hot springs. One of the most popular hot springs is Uunartoq, which can be easily reached by boat from Ilulissat. The water temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius – perfect for a summertime date with a loved one.

4. Explore Qaqortoq

Aside from its capital Nuuk, Greenland also has a lovely little town called Qaqortoq in its embrace. It’s a fantastic place to take a stroll, viewing the architectural marvels, museums, and only existing fountain in Greenland. The settlement is quite colorful and known for its indigenous cuisine. To try the local dish Suaasat with seafood or a steaming cup of Greenlandic coffee is one of the greatest reasons to visit Greenland.

Where Should I Stay in Greenland?

There are a few decent lodgings in Greenland where you may stay. Here are two well-known ones to mention. They have everything necessary for an enjoyable stay in Greenland, including:

1. Hotel Arctic Ilulissat

With a breathtaking view of the UNESCO site Ice Fjord, Hotel Arctic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greenland. The hotel offers luxurious accommodations, delicious food, and transportation to various sightseeing locations. Guests can enjoy a ferry ride to the hot springs or relax in their comfortable rooms with an incomparable view.

2. Hotel Nuuk Seamen’s Home

Hotel Seamen’s Home is a bed and breakfast located in the capital city of Nuuk, which provides comfy rooms and excellent cuisine. The hotel has purportedly expanded its facilities in recent years with more rooms and a full day dinner hotel. It is closer to many of the city’s sights, making transportation to view the Northern Lights easier.

Before you visit Greenland, Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Greenland may be considered a part of Denmark, but it actually has autonomous rule.
  • Though it is the largest island in the world, today it is one of the least populated. This land is also believed to be where Homo Sapiens first inhabited.
  • Although English is widely spoken in the country, Danish and Greenlandic are its official languages, so communication difficulties with people from Denmark or Greenland may occur.
  • Although Greenland is a Scandinavian nation, arriving with a Denmark visa is not allowed. In Greenland, there is an individual Visa system in place.
  • The Danish krone is a currency used in Greenland, like Denmark.
  • If you’re planning a trip to Greenland, make sure you factor in the time zone difference.

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