Guest Post: Homemade Beauty Gifts

If your loved one hates chemicals or is allergic to them, then you make special gifts for them. Did you know that you can make organic and good homemade beauty products? Well, if you are planning on a gift hamper and planning to add perfumes in it, then this recipe will help you out in making an herbal and chemical free perfume, which has amazing fragrance and will not harm the skin at all.


You can assemble all the gifts and add this perfume as a special gesture for them. Make a lovely gift hamper and get your hampers delivered in UK or any other place in just some hours. So start making right away…
The key is to find the oils and ratios that work for the perfume. Adding few drops at a time is a good idea to know how strong or mild the fragrance is. These are the oils to use for each level of scent…

Base oils: 

  • Vanilla (You can use one tsp of vanilla extract)
  • Cederwood (3 to 4 drops)
  • Vetiver (4 drops)
  • Sandalwood (4 to 5 drops)
  • Frankincense (around 8 drops)

Middle Tones:

  • Rose (6 to 7 drops)
  • Lavender (10 drops)
  • Chamomile (3 drops)
  • and Geranium (8 drops)

Top Tones:

  •  Bergamot (5 drops)
  • Neroli (5 drops)
  • Wild orange (3 drops)

This proportion is the basic ones for making a normal perfume, which has great fragrance and is not harmful to the skin; you can change the drops according to your liking or what the person likes. We will give you an example with these proportions. You can always keep a little extra of these oils so that if needed, you can add them later.

You can use this perfume right away or gift it right away, but if you want it to become stronger, wait for a month and store it in a closed bottle so that the flavours can blend in well and trust us, it is worth the wait. So plan a month before you gift these perfumes.

To make the perfume, all you got to do is: –
Mix all the oils together depending on the proportions you like. Try the drop proportions we have given and later you can add the fragrances you like the most like rose or lavender. Use an opaque bottle to create the scene. Let these oils blend well for few days in the bottle.
After some days, add little alcohol and cap it tightly. Using Vodka is recommended. But you can use some other alcohol too. You have to use an average amount of it.
Shake the bottle well and put it in a dark and cool place for at least 2 weeks before you gift it. It is better if you store it in a cool place for about a month without opening the lid of the bottle. You can always revise the fragrance with oils later too. But the mixing of this is important. By storing it for long before use will fade the alcohol fragrance, and it will also let the scents of the oils strengthen and deepen.
Try this at home and make a gorgeous homemade hamper and surprise your loved ones with your efforts.

Author: Vinz

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